Good Morning Tuesday


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G'day. I'm here to annoy you again with more tales of sun, sea and sand. And a trace of sunburn again. That's the trouble - I lie in the sun, feel like I'm doing OK, no trace of sunburn when I go home and check in the mirror - shower, still feels fine - and by evening, it's developed. It will be brown in the morning (I hope) but in the morning, I have to drive the kids to rehearsal again, and back - in the heat of the day with the sun burning through the car windows.
And the down side - no rain. husband & I bucketed the bathtub out onto the vegetable garden this afternoon, the poor things were gasping. My tomatoes aren't growing properly before they redden up - varieties that are supposed to be sandwich-sized are pea-sized. The corn looks limp and withered. No rain is forecast for the foreseeable future, although plenty of storms are around.
While watering, husband found a dead snake and we got the textbooks out - it was either an Eastern Brown Snake (the variety that killed a teenager over the last few days in Sydney) or an Eastern Tiger Snake (worse). We estimate this one was close to 2 metres long, although there wasn't a lot left of the decomposed corpse. It had got itself tangled in the netting I have to use to keep the vegetables safe from the wildlife. It was a good exercise to teach difficult child 1 how to identify beasties using a key. We had to handle the head carefully - the fangs were exposed and the venom would have crystallised and been very concentrated. It's now carefully wrapped and in the bin. The head, that is. The rest is in the compost heap. So whenever I'm tempting you with the delights of Australia, do remember the flip side. This beast was in the backyard where the kids & I walk around bare-legged and barefoot.

My friend, mother in law & I had coffee together at the local cafe today, something we'd promised ourselves before Christmas. My friend goes back to work on Monday, possibly to be told she's been retrenched. We've only got another two weeks of holiday left, then school goes back for the new year. I've been enjoying the break - even though he works hard, supervising difficult child 3's schooling takes a lot of my time and energy. All the doctors are back in full swing and appointments are also looming. I still need to get a new diary for 2007 and I HATE getting organised while I'm in holiday mode!

I'm thinking of those of you in the snow storm and ice storm affected areas. Nasty stuff. here's hoping your trees and power lines don't snap under the strain.



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Good Morning!

Marg- sorry you have a sunburn, but man i'm jealous!

It is :smile:, here the high on wednesday is 10, oh boy. Well back to work today i have 5 more days with my co teacher then she leaves, got to run!

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Good Morning!

Marguerite-Too scary about the snake! I'm glad you got to enjoy coffee with your mother in law and friend.

Razzle-I hope you enjoy you day! It's cold here too-7 degrees right now (and I have recess duty this morning)but I think we're supposed to get in the teens or even 20.

Back to work today! I shoveled three times yesterday even though officially we only had 4.6 inches of snow. Got a lot done-even made meatballs last night that can sit in the crockpot today but was in a kind of grouchy mood. difficult child was in one of his non-stop talking modes yesterday :wildone:but he did help shovel the sidewalk twice!

Tonight difficult child has wrestling-they get team pictures taken and get to do a small demo at the high school match.

I hope everyone enjoys their day! Hi to anyone who snuck in. :smile:


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Good morning!
Marg- I'm pretty fair so I need to avoid the sun, but the beach does sound delightful! :princess:
Jen- Stay warm! *
Sharon- I'm glad difficult child helped out, but the constant talking is bothersome. :hammer:
Duckie probably has school despite some surrounding districts being closed. I have a doctor's appointment and volunteering.
Have a great day! Hi to anyone that snuck in. :smile:


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Good Tuesday Morning :smile:

Marg, the weather sounds really "beachy". Wonderful that you can enjoy it at the drop of a hat :cool:! Scary about the snake...

Jen, have a great day :grin:

Sharon, wow, shoveling three times! What I would give to just be able to ask the kids to do it once!! :smile: Stay safe.

TM, sounds like you have a busy day :ooo: Have a good one.

Hearing all of you talk about snow and cold temps......we are currently 64 gegrees at 7 am!!!!!! However, that is our high and it's supposed to fall from here :smile:. Not anything like the cold most of you are experiencing (except Marg!), but 40's during the day for the next week or so.

Office this morning then therapist appointment for difficult child this afternoon.

Wishing everyone a safe and warm Tuesday *.


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Good morning friends,

Marg, it's been sunny here though it's now 4 below zero. The beach is sounding pretty good.

Jen, have a good day.

Sharon, what time's dinner???? I haven't made meatballs in the longest time & that sounds wonderful. Hmmmmm.

TM, sounds like a busy day for you.

It's a cold morning but nothing we Minnesotans can't handle.

I'm to attend a staffing for kt this morning; then it's a grocery trip, & home to finish laundry. I accomplished a deep cleaning of my living & dining room yesterday. Today I'm attacking the kitchen & bathroom. May even pull out the appliances. (Seems a little extreme, doesn't it?)

Have a good one all - I plan on it.


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Good Morning friends from the freezing N.Texas area. :smile: No snow but plenty of cold and some ice. * Winter is finally here.

Marguerite, enjoy your summer. I know you enjoy the warmth and the sun. Yikes about the snake. I am not comfortable being barefoot outside with snakes and scorpions and such even though we are in the suburbs. We leave on a creek and have cottonmouth and copperhead snakes. All of us are careful to not be barefoot. Heck our fire ants are scary enough. Enjoy your holiday.

Raz, hope you stay warm.

Wiped out, have fun with the wrestling tonight. Hope difficult child turns down the volume of words out of his mouth.

TM, hope your busy day goes smoothly.

LDM, don't work too hard. Hope you get a bit of cold to ease your heat wave.

Timer, hope your day is productive.

It's an errand running day and catch up with laundry and housework. Hopefully get some time with difficult child. easy child is back at school and play practice. I'll be glad when the play is over. :smile: The kid is exhausted.

Have a good day my friends. Stay warm.

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Good morning everyone!

Marg, the suntanning sounds nice, but I think I'd be petrified to walk around outside without heavy duty waders on! I hate snakes!

Jen - Have a great day!

Sharon, as much as shoveling sounds like a pain, it sure would be nice to have a little snow here!!

TM, have a nice day~

Sharon, we have the cold but no snow! Good luck at the tdocs.

Linda, have a great time cleaning out the rooms. I was so tempted to call sick to work today so I could tear up easy child's room and paint!

Stay warm Fran and I hope you get some time in with difficult child.

difficult child is back at school today, broken hearted (her boyfriend broke up with her again!) but surprisingly in good spirits! easy child calls regularly for her car...we still keep telling her no car at college this year. She understands but is just spoiled.

I'm working today and have to call my DR as I've been getting some sharp pains in my chest (right side) and my right ankle hurts for no apparent reason. I just don't feel right.

Have a great day everyone - keeping my fingers crossed from some snow! :smile: