Good Morning Tuesday

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    G'day, folks.

    Having a fairly quiet time currently. Much-needed.

    Our weather has been unpleasant. Grey days, cool and damp. This afternoon we had a massive thunderstorm. More rain, morecold, is forecast all week. As far as I can tell, the cold/wet weather stops south of the Queensland border, so easy child 2/difficult child 2 & SIL2 should be enjoying pleasant summery weather for their honeymoon.

    I'm still recovering from a bad cold which has now gone to my chest. I went out to the garage yesterday afternoon in between cloudbursts, to find two Rainbow Lorikeets flying down to perch near me. As I moved towards the house, they followed, perching on the clothesline and clearly watching me. From what I could tell they were young ones, less than a year old. They looked hungry so I quickly grabbed my breakfast bowl and put a spoonful of lorikeet mix into it, adding a splash of water. I took it outside and put it on a table. They flew down to the table but ignored the food, so I went back inside and grabbed a slice of bread. Local people often feed bread to these birds, they love it but it's not healthy for them (like feeding a kid pure sugar). I broke off a corner of bread and dropped it into the bowl of lorikeet mix. This lorikeet food is like a specialised baby cereal, it's fortified with protein and vitamins for them.

    With the piece of bread, the birds went for the food and were tasting the cereal mix as well. They ate about half of it then flew off - I think the rest of the flock called them. I was glad to have got some healthy food into them, they looked too thin.

    This afternoon after the thunderstorm, husband called to me. The two birds were back. They were the same ones, I recognised them from their shape and the few orange baby feathers on the back of one of them. But this time, they had flown right to our back door and were peering in, looking for us. We have our large recycling biin at the back door and they were perched on that. So I grabbed my breakfast bowl again and put in a heaped spoonful of lorikeet mix. This time I wasn't getting the bowl rained in! No bread this time, they tucked right in to the gruel mix and emptied it. They waited there while I went back inside for another spoonful of gruel, then they polished that off too. They flew off again, but with a spoonful of food each they should be comfortably full, with a healthy meal.

    We will see if they visit tomorrow.

    They sure learn fast!

    These birds love to play in water, our neighbours have bowls of water they put out for the lorikeets and refill several times a day. When we have rain you can hear these birds getting very excited, calling to one another. Today and yesterday, this pair were dripping wet. Although they like water, theyshouldn't get so wet, their feathers are supposed to be more waterproof. I think this pair are lacking condition. I'm hoping they will let me build them up.

    I'll let you know if they keep visiting.

    Enjoy your Tuesday.

  2. Wiped Out

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    Good Morning!

    Marg-I'm glad the newlyweds are enjoying nicer weather! I love the pics of the birds! How cool that they came back!

    Long day ahead! After work difficult child has an appointment with a specialized therapist about his cpap machine which he rarely will wear anymore. husband is going to take him to that while I wait at school and pick up easy child from her after school stuff.

    Tonight difficult child has drum lessons. I'm hoping to find time to get to the health club as yesterday we ended up skipping. husband wasn't feeling well and I was too lazy to go by myself.

    One thing I'm really looking forward to today is my former student teacher from last year is coming in with her less than a month old baby. I can't wait to see both of them. The kids are going crazy wanting to see her and the baby and find out the baby's name.

    One girl is going to be pleasantly surprised as the baby is named after her. She is a sweet girl and the name is beautiful1

    Wishing everyone a peaceful day:peaceful:
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    Good Morning!

    Marg, what lovely birds! I'm going to tell difficult child about this and show him the pics - he and I are bird lovers. We just discovered this weekend that our female finch has laid eggs in their box. This is a new female for our male - the other female laid several batches of eggs but they never hatched. We are hoping this female hatches her eggs! difficult child checks to make sure one of them is sitting on the eggs all the time. He said that if they are both out and flying around/feeding in the cage, the eggs are bad.....I should look it up. Sorry to hear that cold has gotten it's claws in you - the cool, damp weather doesn't help, I'm sure.

    Sharon, I can't believe the old student teacher would bring a baby, not even a month old, into a school filled with little germ boxes (students!)...especially given the serious colds and flus that are going around - I would be keeping my new baby in the house for a couple months! The kids are getting busy again - you and husband are going, going, going.....

    Office for me this morning, then the grocery store, then home to finish up things that didn't get done yesterday!

    Hope everyone's day is a good one.

  4. Marg's Man

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    If you are a bird lover Google for the Australian Gouldian Finch, generally regarded as one of the prettiest finches in the world. I've done it here's the link:

    Gould himself first described them (hence their name). I also had a quiet day, Marg and I are recovering from colds and the latest wedding.

    Hmm Memo to us go over the pictures and put them up for our CD family.

    Marg's Man
  5. therese005us

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    Hi everyone~
    What a lovely spring morning you had with the birds Marg!
    I'm back from the hospital briefly to catch up on some chores. Cherub is into day 5/6 and in my opinion the medication isn't working too well. Her tummy is still very distended and hard and she's not outputting much. except for urine, whcih could mean the bowel is still so full, it's pressing on the bladder.
    Mom has gone on holidays for two weeks. A blessing really, but a tragedy as far as cherub is concerned. She doesn't know, and wants her to visit. Guess biomom needs to get her priorities right!??
    My daughter has been exhausted spending all her time between hospitals and trying to get her schoolwork done etc. First me for three days, then straightway cherub as soon as I get out!
    DS probably is up to mischief, but as long as I get him to work each day at least that time is supervised!
    I got the cows home on Sudnay morning between everything and hopefully they will stay home and have their babies without the need of help for me.
    We wish we would get some of that rain marg, please send some if you don't need/want all of it.
    tomorrow we welcome a Japanese student for 10 days, just to add to the confusion; and I wonder does life ever get back to normal?
    I also have to get DS to doctor for his needle, which is one day overdue. Might have to give him oral medications tomorrow.... hope he'll comply for me.
    Have a nice day everyone, hope it can be more peace ful than mine.
    Off to make sandwiches, tomorrow's dinner and a load of washing ad hopefully hit the hay by 1am!
  6. Fran

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    Good morning all.
    Marg, hope your cold passes quickly. How wonderful to have the chicks visiting 2 days in a row. Thank you for the photo's. When we lived in Miami I would see a small flock of lorikeets flying around Coral Reef Park. I imagine they had been pets and gotten out. I don't believe they are indiginous to Miami. They are beautiful and powerful flyers from what I can tell.
    I am looking out at the Gulf of Mexico and quite a few of the brown Pelicans. I love to see them flying in formation. They still remind me of Pterodactyls.
    Hope your weather improves.

    Wiped out, have fun with the wee babe but I'm with Sharon. No crowds until after 3 months. In the old days, my mom didn't bring her babies out among larger groups until after they are baptized.

    Sharon, hope the office isn't overly hectic. Good luck with the eggs.

    terese, you seem to have had a run of bad luck lately. Hope the cherub gets back on the right course. Seems like a long time to let her be impacted. Hope you are feeling better.

    husband and I are on Galveston Island trying to finish up some hurricane issues and attend a city council meeting. It's not a vacation that's for sure. husband is working from here and I am tying up some loose ends. The weather is exceptionally hot, humid and full of mosquitoes for Oct. Not the weather I was hoping for that's for sure.
    The dogs however are having a blast chasing the sand crabs and investigating the new smells.

    Hope you all have a good Tuesday.