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I hope everyone has a nice day.

difficult child is doing very well on his new dose of concerta, he gets hungary which is something i am not used to. He got the e-mail from his soccer coach, and it is the same person he has had since second grade so he is excited. Just a lot of kids this year 18, first game is sat. Well i'm off for coffee, have a great day!


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:wink:Good Tuesday Morning Everyone!

Morning Jen, glad the increase of concerta is working well for difficult child. Have a great day.

Night before last I didn't get much sleep - the keypad on our security system kept malfunctioning and I was up several times during the night to stop the beeping :surprise:. I've been wanting to connect my smoke detectors to the security system for awhile so, the ADT man is coming today to check things out and, hopefully fix the kepad.

Last night I told the kids we were all going up early since mom slept so poorly the night before. My alarm went off about 15 minutes ago and I hadn't moved a muscle since 9. It's unusual for me to stay in one spot at night. I feel much better and will be even better once my perculator is done :coffee:

Couple early hours at the office this morning then back here to meet the ADT man and put a few finishing touches on the house before.......Mom comes tomorrow :nonono:

Wishing everyone a great Tuesday!



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Good Morning!

Jen- so happy to hear that the new dose of Concerta is working.

Sharon- hope the system gets straightened out and you catch up on sleep tonight!

I brought difficult child to TEACCH yesterday and he had a second interview. They told me that they do not believe he is on the autistic spectrum at all. They think that he has a social anxiety which can be worked on in therapy and in some group dynamics. I guess we will slowly figure all of his difficulties out! Today I go into school to decide on what testing should be done for his updated psychological evaluation for his yearly IEP.


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Good morning. :coffee:
Jen- I'm glad to hear difficult child is so excited!!! :warrior:
Sharon- I would have been tempted to rip the blasted box out of the wall. You are so much more patient than I am. :devil:
Oceans- I hope your difficult child gets a clear diagnosis sooner rather than later. :slap:
I have a marathon day today. I go to check out the multiage program at the school in the morning, Duckie has a "space" show being putting on by her class :princess: & her neighboring Kindergarten class during the noon hour, then it's volunteering at the school in the library, then Duckie has piano, we have dinner & I go to the visitation at the funeral home for my cousin-in-law's brother that died yesterday. :crying: It's non-stop. Ugh. :rolleyes:
Have a great day. Hi to anyone that snuck in. :kisses:

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Good morning friends,

Jen, glad to hear that difficult children new dose is working.

Sharon, alarm system malfunction - ughhhh!

oceans, I hope this program can give your a clearer picture for difficult child. Our little enigmas - gotta love 'em!

TM, another busy day. Condolences to your family.

I'm enjoying the calm before the storm - kt is still sleeping. LOL There is snow forecast for today - 6 inches. Of course, I have a staffing for wm in the northern suburbs. Always makes for "fun" travel.

Keep it calm - I plan on it. Don't forget to hug your loved ones.

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Good Morning,

Razzle-Glad the Concerta is working. It's great difficult child is excited about soccer. Sounds like the beginning of another busy season for you.

Sharon-Glad you got a good night's sleep-nothing feels better! I know you'll get everything done for "The Visit"!

Oceans-I everything goes well in getting things set for the IEP.

TM-It sounds like another busy day for you. The space program sounds like fun. I'm so sorry for your loss.

Linda-I'm so glad we're not supposed to get any snow today! I hope the roads don't get too bad!

Didn't sleep real well last night as it stormed all night long.-still is for that matter. At one point the thunder shook the house! difficult child woke up being a PITA but has since calmed down-whew! This morning we're going to the health club and later we might take difficult child bowling. We'll also be continuing to work on a puzzle we bought yesterday.

I hope everyone enjoys a peaceful day. Hi to anyone who snuck in. :flower:

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Good morning everyone - sounds like we all have plenty going on, as usual. Hope we all have a great day~

I goofed and marked my calendar for tomorrow as the date of difficult child's IEP/PPT, which was actually this morning. difficult child called me in a panic as I was getting a ride to work - I had just dropped my car off at the shop!! So, I did it via speaker phone, couldn't hear a thing, but I got the jist of it! Unless difficult child gets her grades up by working her tail off, she isn't graduating in June. We're all very hopeful, but I have to admit, I am doubtful. -;o(

On the upside, difficult child is still doing really well in her job and saving all her money! She's saved almost $1500 since August. She really wants a car, now all she has to do is pass her road test.

Have a good one, everyone!


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Gday, everyone. Another busy day, although Tuesdays are notoriously bad for me anyway.

Jen, I'm glad difficult child's concerta is working out. I dealt with appetite attacks by keeping the fridge full of cooked, healthy food. Vegetable sticks, dips, cooked sausages and sliced meat and cheese. I let them eat when they wanted because it was what I would have given them for dinner anyway.

Sharon, I hope you can get the bugs out of your alarm system.Hope all goes well for the mother visit.

Oceans - whatever the diagnosis, the therapy is a good thing. The label is less important than the help, right now.

TM, your day sounds as hectic as mine. have you had time for coffee yet?

Linda, you're STILL getting snow? I thought I'd sent our summer in your direction already!

Sharon, I hope you can fit in a catnap somewhere. I love the idea of working on a puzzle with difficult child.

mother in law turned up early, the stuff I'd tried to put in place for her blood tests to be taken daily as her hospital doctor had ordered, apparently fell through. It was looking like I'd have to find another doctor to take her to, at zero notice. But we eventually did work it out, took me all morning.
Then difficult child 3's drama class - a girl went into meltdown, which almost sent the room full of difficult children into meltdown. difficult child 3 was barely coping, I thought I'd have to remove him as well. But we got the girl out and kept her quiet(ish) which settled the class down.
easy child 2/difficult child 2 went back to class tonight, for the first time in two weeks. She seemed to cope OK, she's getting better.
difficult child 1 says he is NOT going to the funeral tomorrow (girlfriend's aunt, who was one of four killed in a boat accident a week ago under Sydney Harbour Bridge). difficult child 1 is expecting reporters to be at the funeral. He's probably right, unfortunately.
TV today was full of tsunami-alert post mortems. I don't know why we didn't get a tsunami, considering they're now saying Solomon Islands got 10 metre waves. All I know is, I'd rather a false alarm than no alarm. I think we're going to need some sort of alarm system, though, because we're getting a lot of earthquakes around the Australasian continental plate. I blame India - it's trying to break away to the north and is moving too fast for the rest of the plate. At least our house is safe, on our hill above the sea!

I've got my busy day at home tomorrow, washing and cooking. A good thing - I'm in need of more few cooked meals prepared ahead.