Good Morning Tuesday!


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What a day! difficult child 3 was needing a lot of 1:1 with his schoolwork today - since when is Geography such a waffly subject? I remember it as being "this is a glacier", "this is a mountain", "the main exports of Nicaragua are..." instead of "Please define globalisation and give an example of the impact of globalisation in your local area." For an autistic kid, it's a bit much, but with a lot of support he can do it. I just have to not react to the extreme anxiety, and the statements of, "I'm dead," and "How can they do this to me?"
Of course, he would HAVE to be a perfectionist.

Then we had to drive "to the mainland" for some important errands, planning to arrive before the relevant shops shut at 5pm. Halfway there, the radio told us the road was flooded. By the time we drove the long way round, the shops were shutting. The supermarket was still open so we got grocery shopping done (apart from all the stuff out of stock). I sent difficult child 3 up to the takeaway for his favourite hamburger and other supplies, then drove easy child 2/difficult child 2 to her college class (she drives herself home in husband's car). Then I had to wait for husband so I read to difficult child 3 while he ate his burger until husband arrived.

We headed home the long way and as we took the exit off the freeway to the south road, met a wall of steel - a traffic jam in the most unlikely place. This is at a small railway station, but for these people it was suddenly the end of the line - there has been a landslide and t hey were being loaded onto busses for the rest of the trip. of course, it's a small country road at this point, with tour coaches that don't fit, trying to squeeze through in vast numbers. The railway platforms were crowded and more trains were arriving to unload people who had thought they were on a through train. Meanwhile, others like us were trying to drive past and just get home - bedlam!

The rest of the drive home was dark and very wet, with water cascading across the road in places from overflowing waterfalls. It is very beautiful in daylight, not so much fun after dark.

It didn't take us too long - only about 15 minutes - but we know it's going to get worse. PC21/difficult child 2 has to drive this way to get home so we just rang and warned her of the problem.

We love where we live - most of the time.

All this lovely rain - we need it. But not here - it needs to blow inland a bit more, over the dams. Right on the coast everybody's getting flooded out but western Sydney is getting very little. Our fishpond is overflowing, we have tiny frogs glued to every window (on the outside) and all my newly planted vegetables and shrubs are having a party. I have to be glad of that...

Have a good Tuesday.



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Good morning all

Marg - Geography was always so much simpler when i was at school, I hope difficult child 3 gets to grips with it without too much stress.

Another chilly and rainy day here, i swear it will snow soon lol! :rolleyes:
I went to the gym yesterday for the first time since before Christmas and Oh boy do i ache this morning :smile: serves me right for neglecting my health!

I spoke to difficult child this morning. I actually called the school to see how he was settling in after his exclusion but they allowed me to speak to him. After finding out i was paying for him to go on a week long camp with the school he said ok bye mum and hung up!! So much for trying to repair our relationship! :grrr:

Off shopping in a little while then home, housework and the usual trauma that comes with the day.

Hi to anyone who snuck in.

Have a good Tuesday.

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Good Morning,

Marguerite-What a day-poor difficult child with the geography. The traffic jam doesn't sound like fun at all.

Lisa-Good for you for going back to the gym! Sorry you're sore this morning.

difficult child's concert was last night-it wasn't the one where he plays the drum but it was fun to watch. He had a bit of trouble with a student who called him a drool baby (doesn't drool often but apparently he did a bit during the concert)-his feelings were hurt and after the concert was over a bit of a shoving match occurred-just hoping it doesn't carry over today.l

Tonight is supposed to be my book club-not sure yet if I'm going to go as I'm tired but we'll see.

Fran-I hope difficult child's interview went well yesterday!

I hope everyone enjoys a peaceful day-hi to anyone who snuck in. :flower:

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Good morning friends,

Marg, another busy day for you - glad you got home safely.

Lisa, I hope you have a better day than you anticipate.

It was a beautiful day yesterday though I spent time in the house cleaning & such. Broke my vacuum again by missing another of those darned small toys that invade this household. It doesn't seem repairable.

Today won't be quite as nice but I think I'll head outside & start some yard work - not much I can break out there!

"hi" if you snuck in while I was typing.

Have a good day - hug your loved ones. Find a reason to laugh.


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:coffee: Good Morning All!

Need that coffee this morning - I slept really hard last night!

Marg, hope difficult child does ok with that geography! Glad you are getting the rain - Boy, would my kids freak with frogs attached to the windows :smile:

Lisa, sorry difficult child blew you off - good for you for getting back to the gym :smile:

Sharon, I know what you mean about the scuffle continuing - let's hope the kids have forgotten and moved on :nonono:. Hope you day is smooth.

Linda, wait a minute - you mean you didn't wear your plaid pants yesterday :smile: Thought you were going to get some golf in! Enjoy puttering in the yard. I have been doing that on and off the last two weeks. I have just about gotten everything "summer ready". Officially opened my "safe haven" (patio) Sunday with a cookout. It's so nice to relax outside and have everything nice. Enjoy.

Busy, busy, busy......... with the baby shower here on Saturday and the Book Fair (my last one at difficult child's elementary school) arriving Thursday, I'm swamped! Going to clean out the bird cages this morning, and fine tune the breakfast room and florida room (rooms not used much and I don't have my cleaning crew clean those every time). With so many woman here on Saturday, I'm sure they will be wandering........ Going to see if I can sneak to the nail place and get my nails done about an hour before I pick up difficult child.

Wishing everyone a great day!! :kisses:



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Good morning.
Sorry I'm not addressing everyone, but I'm running late. Yet again. We did Duckie's library program last night about becoming an American, she interviewed husband as he is naturalized. It was fun. I have volunteering at the school & a volunteer appreciation breakfast, plus Duckie has piano.
Have a great day! :smile:


everyone has such interesting days. I have a lot to get done when I leave work, but usually just phone calls, bills, and try to get some sleep before the next shift creeps up on me. Wish I could spend time in the yard...dogs have had there way with the digging lately. Well, the puppy has. Then there are the dead spots where I need to put some seed. But, I don't think it is warm enough yet. Going down to upper 30's low 40's at night.

Squeezed in two hours of sleep yesterday before work. Hopefully will catch a few more hours today.

Baseball starts next week. I love to go to the games, but 5pm game would be right in the middle of my sleep. It is worth it though.

You all have a great day.


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<span style='font-size: 11pt'>Good Morning my friends. The sun is coming out for a bit today. It rises right into my eyes over the gulf. It's too beautiful to pull the shade but it is the best alarm clock around.

Marguerite, I agree geography wasn't quite so difficult. Unfortunately, I don't see kids graduating from h.s. actually knowing some of the basic information. Hope difficult child 3 realizes how really well he is doing. We are expecting heavy storms tonight on this island and like you, wish they would head to the Dallas area. I'm replacing shrubs that died in the extreme drought last summer and hope it will rain enough to keep them alive this year.

realangel, good for you for going to work out. It always makes you feel better even if you are in pain. :angel: Your difficult child sounds like my difficult child. They can only think of their immediate needs. :hammer:

Sharon, I don't know how you fit book clubs in with such a heavy schedule. difficult child did get the entry job of "courtesy clerk"(bagger). They like everyone to start there and promote from within. difficult child forgot to ask how many hours/week. He wants to work both jobs for now. Keep your fingers crossed. He was pleased that they called him and he got the job. Unfortunately, it pays poorly. It's a starting point. What can I say? I'm happy he is filling his hours with meaningful work. Thanks for asking. I'm trying to not hover.

Timer, I have a house that could use your attention. Hope the weather holds for you.

LDM, how's easy child feeling? I'll be sending some good thoughts for her appointment. on Thursday. I'm sure you are both worried.

TM, very cool about learning to be American. Not everyone has the experience. My mom was born with dual citizenship due to her father being a US soldier in the WW 1. My dad had to become naturalized. It's a very moving experience for those who left oppression and the strife of war.

KJS, hope you get some sleep. I always disliked those night shifts. You never felt rested. After easy child was born, I swore I would never work the night shift. The door bell rings, the lawnmower is going, the phone rings. No one else is on your sleep schedule. Hope you don't have it quite that hard. Watching baseball is a fun thing to do in the summer. I enjoy a game, once or twice a season. husband follows the teams every year.

Well, it's time to get to work. The coffee tastes really good so I may cheat and have another cup.
Have a beautiful day. Send out good vibes that something changes in our difficult child's for the better today. </span>