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Good morning everyone, i'm writing quick before i run out the door. It is going to be a hot one here today, i need to fill the little pools once i get to work so my toddlers can have fun. difficult child entered a raffle yesterday to win the new Harry Potter book, he had to bring in food for the pantry, to get a chance, he got 20 so we'll see. Have a great day everyone, i'm off to gas station and work!


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/forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/hot.gif Good Tuesday Morning Everyone!!

Jen, it's going to be a hot one here today as well - hope you and your charges stay cool!

Kinda humid and "soupy" outside already at 6. Should be in the mid 90's here in central va today .

difficult child and I will be out the door early for his multidisc appointment today. They say I will be kept busy as well but I'm bringing a couple mags and a novel just in case :reading:!

Wishing everyone a great Tuesday :salute:



Morning to all.

Hot one here too. difficult child went to amusement park with neighbor yesterday. Nothing planned for today.
Hope everyone has a great day.
Morning everyone...

Hot and humid seems to be the thing everywhere today. I can't take a step outside without wheezing! So this is going to be an INSIDE day.

I hope everyone has a fantastic (even if it is hot) day. Find something beautiful to look at!



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Good morning everyone! I guess I am one of few who enjoy the heat and humidity, we are getting it too today :smile:

Off to the principals office today, final meeting of the year. I have to say I think it will be a good one. I have only one complaint where I remember starting with many at the beginning.

easy child will be back from her overnight school trip today. Enjoyed last night with only difficult child. We played hockey outside (he definately did not get his hockey talent from me) and then came in and played Wii together when the bugs got to bad.

It was nice and he was very good with me which isn't always the case.

Happy Tuesday everyone!

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Good morning friends,

Jen, have a good day at work.

Sharon, glad you're taking along something to read - I wasn't kept busy the entire testing period. They tried though. LOL Good luck today.

BBK, keep yourself safe - the weather is a tad rough on those with breathing problems.

Christine, keeping fingers crossed for your meeting today.

"hi" if you snuck in.

husband & kt are still snoozing while I sit here & enjoy my first cuppa HMJ & watch the birds outside feeding. It promises to be a hot, humid one here today as well.

kt heads off to day treatment this morning so I'll have five hours to myself. Ahhhh, bliss.

Piano lessons this morning, therapist appointment this afternoon with kt. I'll be putting together a pasta salad for dinner tonight.

Enjoy the day - keep it calm.


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Good morning. :coffee:
I survived Duckie's annual pool party yesterday. 15 girls 5 to 8, two 8 year old boys and a 20 month old girl. There was one episode of a 5 year non-swimmer desperately wanting to getting in the pool with her life vest, but being frightened. So there was some drama there. :faint: Other than that, there were no squabbles, fights or innappropriate behavior. :bravo:
One funny story centers around my white tiled kitchen floor (really a bad choice on our part if you think about it :slap:). The kids were tracking in dirt and grass when getting food so it started looking awful pretty quick. The one mom kept picking up the smallest crumbs her girls would drop and I explained it wasn't necessary because myself or husband would just wash the floor after the party. She says okay and we all head back outside. I start to come back in a few minutes later and she and another friend are yelling at me to not come in... because they are washing the floor, lol! I about died laughing!!! :rofl:
Duckie and I make a run to Target later and possibly to the wading pool later. :beach:
It's going to be in the upper 80's today with high humidity. Ugh! /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/hot.gif
Have a great day! Hi to anyone that snuck in. :salute:


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Good morning, in a slight hurry, have court for moms estate this morning.
VERY hot and very humid here, today, as well, YUK!
I got my son a new bike and while there I saw one for ME! LOL! I did NOT get a mountain bike or a 3, 5 or 10 speed etc. I found an old fashioned "cruising" bike, and I LOVE it. Yesterday early morning I went for my first official ride, 3 miles. Today I am riding it to court, there is never parking there, and the walk is approx a mile each way, but......I thought riding the bike would be more fun and quicker. I sure am loving how much the new medications have given back to me of mobility and chance to build strength back! I look at videos and photos of me when I was so ill and bedridden or stuck in wheelchair or electric scooter and it still amazes me how much I can do again, now!
I hand tilled several feet of my garden (no tiller, used a shovel) I have massive gardens around my entire yard, and completely renovated 3 of them so far this year after several years of total neglect. I now have hydrangeas, and 2 hummingbird/butterfdly gardens, a veg garden and a tranquility garden. I also have several bird feeders, bird baths and hummingbird feeders. The other day there were at least 300 butterflys I watched while I sat on a little bench in my yard. and we have 2 hummingbirds I recognize so far that come pretty regular now.

The kitties got front paws declawed and fixed. What a nitemare, filled with complications. ACK! But they are finally on road to recovery, after 3 weeks.

WIshing all a great day, and keep cool!


Dreamer - you are not far from me. I want you to do MY garden. lol. it sounds beautiful.


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kjs, you are right, I am not very far from you. LOL. One of my gardens for hummingbirds/butterflies was started from seeds, but I "cheated" on one and used store bought plants to start it, LOL. It IS nice not working 20 hours a day or running off to Univ Hospital weekly and staying at Ronald McDonald House for days at a time. Allows me time to do things at home. LOL.
I am afraid I might make my gardens SOUND more pretty than someone else might consider them to be. What IS beautiful is whoever built my house had set very huge rocks, (boulders) to map out the gardens. SO all my garden beds are edged in these gigantic rocks....(they actually dwarf my poor tiny house, LOL)

One of these days we should meet for coffee (or coke or iced tea or whatever). I am sure I could make time to come your direction for you.


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oh and BigBadKitty? sounds like you are near the eye docs office.....maybe when we go in July, we could consider meeting somewhere, too?

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Good Morning,

Razzle-Good luck to difficult child in the lottery for the HP book! I can't wait for it to come out!

Sharon-I hope all goes well today and that you get to sneak in some reading. :reading:

Kjs-Hope you have a good low key day!

BBK-Enjoy your day inside! Think I'll be cooling off at the local pool! :beach:

Christine-Sounds like a nice night with difficult child! I hope your meeting goes well.

Linda-Five hours to yourself-Enjoy :smile:

TM-Too funny about them washing the floor-but very nice!

Dreamer-The garden sounds cool! Enjoy the bike!

I would have been on earlier but my computer was being a difficult child. husband, difficult child, and I went to breakfast with sister in law and niece. easy child was a bit upset she had class and didn't get to go-wanted us to take her in late-nope-she has to learn sometimes you have to miss things.

A hot one on the way today. Supposed to hit 90-difficult child and I will be at the pool this afternoon! :beach: Tonight we will hit the health club. :smile:

Enjoy your day-keep cool! :dance: