Good Morning, Wednesday


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Good morning everyone!

Wow, the temps really dropped here :smile: It was in the 40's yesterday, it's down into the teens now * I can't wait for spring LOL!

I got 7 text messages from difficult child 2 yesterday. Odd, he got a pre-paid Virgin Mobile cell phone (his Christmas money), and I think it came with $10, which is not much. He left me a text with the number, I don't have text on my phone, so I tried to call it back, doesn't work. Then he left several yesterday regarding him wanting to come home ASAP and how he's "freaking mad" and a couple of other things. Must have gotten in trouble in school. Something is really wrong with this kid. Every minute that goes by, I'm more and more weary of reunification. Scary.

Dylan and easy child have psychiatrist appts tonight. Dylan needs a stimulant :wildone: Lord help me. There is no doubt about it, and we're going to have to trial something. The teacher has been telling me all year no, now all of a sudden at the IEP meeting right after Christmas, she's telling me yes, he needs it. *sigh* Make up your mind. Going to nix the Concerta for easy child. It's not doing it's job. It calms him down severely, but it doing nothing for attention/hyperactivity. Another stupid teacher with more stupid reports. Tells me it's doing it's job. I ask her how his focus/attention is. Her response? "Just as poor as ever, but it's calmed him down a ton". Well, gee - I'm glad my comatose son is making you happy. Dumb a*s.

So, we will make some changes and see how things go. It's calm here, but loads on the schedule. The boys are being really great - they just need the help in school (why is it always school?).

Hope everyone enjoys their day!



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Good Morning Everyone!

Janna- i hope the appointment. go well today, try and stay warm

Well right now it is 8 degrees out :smile:, yep so cold, difficult child is stil not better he came home yesterday, and will stay home today, but i'm off to work. Have a great day!


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G'day, everyone.

You lot are suddenly getting colder as we are sudden;y getting hotter.
We're in for a week of hot weather. It WAS hot in the west of Sydney today. We finished the rehearsal at lunchtime then headed home as fast as we could, collecting difficult child 1's girlfriend on the way. So now we have a house full of appetites. I made some fresh gnocchi to go along with the lasagne, so tummies are full tonight.

At the rehearsal today I think difficult child 3 was getting stressed by the heat and the difficulty of rehearsing with half the cast not there (the paid cast were off at rehearsals for other scenes. Toni Collette is still in LA, post-Golden Globes. They said she's back for Monday's filming, which doesn't involve us at all.) So we got difficult child 3 through by promising to take him for a swim as soon as we got home - and we would get home all the sooner once he finished.

It was interesting watching him with the other kids - with only one or two exceptions, difficult child 3 seems to be the most autistic there. Most of the others are Aspie, some either mild or well-adapted. One fifteen year old is about as bad as difficult child 3, but being a bit older he hides it better. He and difficult child 3 get on very well.

Filming is two days, next week. These kids are now so well rehearsed and used to the routine that I think from their point of view it's all going to go smoothly. But the days are getting really hot, it won't be pleasant. No air conditioning, plus heaps of studio lights and lots of people - that could be difficult. They have a back room area they've set aside for our kids, to reduce their stress. Lots of fans to cool the place, hopefully. They have professional staff getting to now the kids and watch for signs of stress, with strategies in place to cope.

The kids are enjoying the process but it will be good to have it behind us.

The fires - there's a lot more smoke around, plus we smelt a nearby fire on the way home, never did find out where it was. Nothing on the news about it. Victoria is still burning out of control, they lost houses last night. Storms forecast with little rain but lots of lightning - a potential disaster. The Victorian fires have now crossed the border and will hit Thredbo (NSW alpine resort) by morning. The whole area is as dry as matchwood and sweltering hotter than body heat for weeks on end, now.

difficult child 3 got his swim, late this afternoon. We all got sunburnt in the car on the way home - it's fierce. It seems such a contrast to the ice storms and snow storms you're getting in various places.
We saw Bindi Irwin (and Terri) being interviewed in New York - they were rugged up from the cold. We see TV shows set in New York with people walking around in snow-covered streets wearing maybe a coat - I don't know how they can wear so little. The few times we were at the snow I looked like the Michelin man, and the temp was barely 0 C (32 F).

Janna, bide your time with difficult child 2. Anything you decide is going to take time and a lot of things can happen in the meantime. Sounds like a lot of things ARE happening.

Jen, I hope difficult child is feeling better soon. if it's that cold he's better off at home. I have NEVER been anywhere where it's 8 degrees F! I can't imagine it that cold! It's warmer than that inside my freezer!

Have a safe Wednesday - the week's half over!


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Good Morning!

Janna-It's interesting difficult child 2 is text messaging. Maybe it has something to do with your talk with him this weekend. I hope the psychiatrist appts. for Dylan and easy child go well tonight. I don't blame you for being wary about the stimulant for Dylan.

Long night last night. difficult child is really off-going in and out of moods so fast it's impossible to keep up. Wrestling went later than usual and when we got home he was even more wound up-I think because it wasn't a regular practice-they had pictures and then they watched the high school match.

Today is the spelling bee at our school and I'm the director. It really isn't a lot of work but I get a bit nervous hoping nothing goes wrong.

After work it's time to take difficult child to the dentist :wildone:which should be interesting because he never brushes. :wildone:Then I have to pick up easy child and then run a few errands-was hoping for the club-we'll see.

I hope everyone enjoys some peace in their day and hi to anyone who snuck in. :smile:

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Good morning friends,

Janna, good luck on psychiatrist appointment today.

Marg, yep you guys have the nicest winters - no comment on your summer months though. LOL

Jen, sorry to hear that difficult child is still under the weather. Enjoy your day off - if you can!

Sharon, another busy day ahead of you I see. Stay warm during all your errands today.

My brother woke me early with an update on my nephew. husband & I were prepared for me heading out of town once again to help out. Brother said it isn't necessary right now. Let him know that he could call me & I'd be back on the road.

Staffing for kt yesterday; looks like discharge will be mid February. Services will not be in place until then. Staff feels that kt has gone as far as she can in that setting & is anxious to see her reaction to the transition home.

We'll see. Nothing on my plate until later this afternoon. kt comes home tomorrow evening until Sunday. So starts the transition.

Have a good one all.


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:smile: Good Middle of the Week :smile:

Janna, good luck with the doctor appointments this afternoon. If it's not one thing, it's another! :crazy:

Jen, enjoy your day - hope difficult child gets better soon - my easy child is dealing with strep.

Marg, sounds like everyone is enjoying the movie! Keep that sunscreen smearing :cool:

Sharon, sorry last night was so hectic :shocked: I hope today is better - hope the spelling bee goes well!

Linda, will keep the family in my thoughts and prayers - enjoy your day.

The cold weather has finally arrived * Not as bad as most of you are dealing with though - It was 64 degrees this time yesterday but know it's 23!

difficult child is off the remeron as of this weekend. Had a therapist appointment yesterday. She said he is doing better than ever. No need to see him monthly ( :wildone: ). Next appointment is scheduled for March. He has asked to participate in two after school activities this term - cartooning and mad science! Cartooning starts today.......

Busy, busy day for me here - I'll try and keep the smile on my face and the spring in step :princess:

Have a great day all.



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Good Morning My Friends,

Been awhile since I joined the Morning Thread but wanted to send you all hugs and prayers for a good day.

Drained right now but hopefully will be on the board again soon.

Caring thoughts for you all. :smile:


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Good morning Janna, Jen, Marg, Sharon, Linda, Sharon, Robby and everyone that follows...
We woke to several inches of snow today. I'm not pleased as I have some errands to run this morning. Then there's baking and Duckie's birthday party prep goes into full swing.
Have a great day!


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We have a snow day!!!!! :smile: It started to sleet, ice and now snow since 3AM. The ramps to expressways are being closed in some areas. The roads are a mess. We don't have the equipment for bad weather since it seldom happens. It won't get above freezing today. :smile: So easy child will catch up on sleep and homework. I'm making stew and maybe a pie. husband will probably head in to the office a little later.
The school kids are going to love this day. :smile:

Maybe this will be a good day to look for jobs with difficult child. He was pretty disappointed that the job thing didn't work out. Oh well. :tears:

Time for the coffee. :smile: Have a good day. Stay warm. *


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Morning all! Not much going on here. Hubby left this morning for 3 days of training in Indy. It shouldn't be too bad as last week he was going M - F and will be also next week. Not a bad thing though as when he's finished he will most likely get a promotion at work. (Yay! especially since he's only been there less than 2 months) Nice and brisk out this morning :smile: but not as bad as others. Supposed to be in the mid 20's today but I was nice and cozy in my blanket cocoon until difficult child called to tell me that he forgot his notebook containing ALL of his homework. /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/919Mad.gif I didn't have to work to day and was reeeeally looking forward to a nice warm bed for a couple of more hours.

Janna - Hope all of the psychiatrist appts work out and you figure out what's going on with difficult child 2
Razz - enjoy your day off and stay warm!
Marg- Hope the kids do ok with the heat (feel free to send some our way! :grin: ). Hope they get the fires under control soon. They've got some in California right now that has taken homes (Suzanne Sommers among others)
Wiped out - Good luck with the spelling bee and for the dentist's sake, maybe you can get difficult child to at least eat a mint or two before the appointment! lol
Linda - Hope things are improving with your nephew. Still sending thoughts and prayers. I'll also be thinking of you all regarding Kt's transition home.
LDM - It's a little scary when you start spreading appts out but keeping fingers crossed!
Cookie - Sending lots of hugs. Take care of yourself
TM - **shudder** It may be cold here but no snow. Unlike Marg, don't feel like you have to share! lol


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Good morning/afternoon all!

I'll add myself to list of freezing temperatures here :smile: I just came back from a computer class and the wind is making it feel like it's -4! brrrrrrrrrrr!!!

husband finally found out this morning where difficult child is for the time being but the *&^%$ social worker actually tried to blame the foster mom and dad for removing him from their house by claiming that "they had no experience with a child like that." No s**t sherlock - they had no knowledge about his violent history to even make the decision to bring him in their home in the first place. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

Anyways, husband and I are hoping to have a nice take out supper tonight as its my birthday and we just want to watch American Idol and make fun of all the people trying out who can't sing. Have a wonderful, warm day everyone! *