Good Morning Wednesday


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Good morning all.
It's 4:33am and my allergies woke me up and I can't go back to sleep. difficult child just woke up as well due to blood sugars being low and he's having a snack at this time, but I hope he does go back to sleep after he eats. Schools here will be on a 2 hour delay today. Better than them being closed since this will be difficult child's first day back to school. Plow came through our apt. complex late last night, and the roads don't look too bad right now, thankfully, yesterday when husband went to pick up the increased dose of Geodon, he skidded on the road a couple times. I'm glad I wasn't with him, would had been a major panic attack. /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/sick.gif The only thing I have planned today is my psychologist's appointment at 5 this afternoon, and if I don't feel like I can drive there I'll be cancelling it. 30 degrees out right now, and the high is only to be 20, so I guess the temps will be dropping today, ugh.
Well going to have a cup of coffee :coffee: and at least try to relax even if I can't fall back to sleep.
Happy Valentines day everyone. :smile:
Hope everyone has a safe day.

Update.. schools are closed again. darn.


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Good Morning and Happy Valentine's Day. It's a cold and shivery morning. I know it's nothing compared to the horrid weather many of you are experiencing. It seems several states have closed schools and businesses. Hope you have a fun snow day.
No special plans here. I got the kids a little something for the holiday but husband and I just celebrated our 25th anniversary so doing something special for VD was a bit much.
difficult child went for a job interview. He did pretty well except he couldn't type fast enough. My son doesn't have very many marketable skills. We just keep trying.
Hope you have a good day. Give a hug to those that love you.

Jodice, you snuck in on me. Stay safe and hope difficult child goes back to bed. :smile:


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Approaching noon here. Fran , my kids all did speed typing courses which helped them a lot both at school and now.
mazal Tov on the anniversary , St Valentines day , day of love , quite appropriate .I wish you that everyday will be , a day filled with love
Wishing every one a great day


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Hi Allan, it's nice to see you on the Good morning thread. I wish I could say that difficult child would do any sort of typing course. His anxiety which triggers his oppositional behavior has him self defeating. I believe he has the ability to master several basic skills but he pushes away from it. It's unfortunate but at times the opposition is more damaging than the Learning Disability (LD).

Thank you for the good wishes. I am grateful to have been blessed.


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Good Morning All!!

Well the plow came through at 4:45 here, and i could not go back to sleep. The town i work in and my town schools are closed, we are in the middle of getting nailed with 18 inches of snow. I am up keeping my fingers crossed the big director closes are building, as i have bad tires and am nervous about driving today, right now i have a delay. So turns out poor difficult child who has been coughing for over two weeks may have whooping cough. I guess there are a few cases at his school that i did not know about. So he has to miss this whole week, and then next week is school vacation so in total he's out 10 days. Well got to run, keep your fingers crossed, i get my call!!

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Good Morning,

Joanne-I'm always jealous of schools that get a two hour delay. We can never have that here in our district because of the way our busses run so we always have to start on time. I hope you get some sleep.

Fran-Enjoy your day. I'm still holding a good thought for difficult child getting a job.

Allen-Happy Valentine's Day!

Razzle-Fingers crossed you get your snow day!

The snow passed us by yesterday which meant my drive was fine. Today we're just really cold. It sure was a long day yesterday and like I said I'm yearning for a break-unfortunately husband and I can't split nights for wrestling like we were because we're (our team) is hosting an upcoming regional tournament and they want everyone there to help with the planning. I'm missing my workouts and feeling my self being much more short tempered. It doesn't help difficult child is being so gfgish and on top my mom is being gfgish too-oh well enough whining.

Today we are going roller skating as a field trip for Valentines Day-the whole school. After school because it is so cold another friend from work and I are going to walk the halls at work for our exercise. Then we're going home, feeding the kids, and once difficult child is asleep we're to go out for a nice dinner.

I hope everyone enjoys their Valentine's Day. :smile: Hi to anyone who snuck in. :smile:


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:smile: <span style="color: #990000"> </span> Happy Valentines Day :smile:

Joanne, hope you are relaxing and warm with your cup of coffee.

Allen, a pleasant suprise seeing you on the morning thread. Hope you have a wonderful day.

Fran, I'm thinking that difficult child is pretty knowledgeable with the tech stuff - any kinda of geek squad kinda stuff around there? Or what about just phone tech support? I wish you and "the boys" a Happy Valentine's Day.

Jen, here's hoping they cancel your work. Good day to wrap up in a blanket and read a book.

Like Fran, I got something for the kids today. easy child is getting some cash for our NY trip and difficult child is getting a psp game and some cash to spend while he's at dads this weekend.

easy child and I are getting really excited about our shopping trek to NYC. We have all the cold weather gear standing by. She is so excited, she had her laundry done and her suitcase packed last night! We head out tomorrow about 6 pm and should arrive between midnight and one am. I'll bring along my lap top so I can stay in touch.

Wishing everyone a day where they realize how blessed they are to have loving family and friends. :smile:



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Sharon, you got in there since I took so long to type my post. I was getting my coffee and orange juice in the middle of posting. Glad the bad weather didn't hit. Have a nice dinner tonight. Happy VDay :smile:



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I haven't got time to address everybody today, it's late and I've got to head for bed.
Doctor's appointment tomorrow - right in the city and finishing just in time to be caught by peak hour traffic, darn it! Sydney peak hour - it lasts for four hours, twice a day.
I read that some of you are experiencing 30 degrees and my Celsius mid thinks, "at least it didn't quite get up to that today - only 27." The sun has come out again, despite forecasts for rain. All that lovely water that went into our dams over the last few days - a HUGE mains pipe broke in the south of Sydney this morning, it took them two hours to shut it off and it probably used up a lot of that lovely water. Not your usual broken pipe - this one blocked roads and the railway line with all the water pouring everywhere, made the evening news.


gotta crawl off to bed now.

Have a good Valentines Day. Good to see you too, Allan.



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Good morning!
Joanne- Be careful out there! I hope difficult child has a good first day back. :warrior:
Fran- Enjoy your day, I hope difficult child finds the right fit soon. :smile:
Allan- I hope you have a wonderful day with your family today. :bravo:
Jen- Whooping cough? Wow! Fingers crossed you get your snow day!!! :smile:
Sharon- Enjoy the field trip! Roller skating sounds like so much fun. :wink:
LDM- Enjoy your shopping trip! I'm SO jealous, lol! :hypnosis:
Duckie is experiencing her first ever snow day today. :surprise: Crafts are the order of the day. And shovelling. Lots and lots of shovelling. Is is psychosomatic if my back aches each time I look out the window? :rofl:
Have a great day! Hi to anyone that snuck in. :flower:
Happy Valentine's Day! :smile:

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Good morning friends,

Joanne, hope you have a peaceful day off - for some reason I like being snowed in.

Fran, keeping fingers crossed for difficult child daily.

Jen, hope that difficult child feels better soon - kt has been fighting a lesser version of the crud, but it just hangs on. Doesn't take her down enough to miss school, she just feels generally crummy.

WO, great idea walking the halls. Enjoy dinner out with husband.

Sharon, how exciting to take that sort of trip with your easy child.

TM, shoveling with snowball fights can be fun! LOL

I'm going out to have lunch with wm at school today. I've picked up cards & a little heart box of chocolates for tweedles dee & dum. Less is more for those two.

Hi if you snuck in or if I missed you.

Have a calm, safe day - as always, I plan on it.


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Good morning and Happy Valentines Day :smile:

Jody, sorry the allergies are bothering you. Hope difficult child went back to sleep.

Fran, happy anniversary to you and husband. Congratulations on 25 years, what an accomplishment :bravo:. I'm glad to hear difficult child is still truckin' along. I hope he finds something soon.

Allan, hope you have a great day also.

Jen, sounds like you should stay home today. My tires are bad, too, and I'm not going anywhere. Stay safe.

Sharon, the roller skating sounds like fun! Hope you have a good time. Glad the snow missed you.

LDM, NYC sounds like so much fun!!!! I wanna gooooooo!!! LOL! Maybe if I throw a tantrum :rolleyes:? Ahh, doubt that will work.

Marg, hope everything is okay?? Let us know how you make out at the doctor. I'm always thinking about you, friend.

TM, crafts are a good idea when it's ugly out. Give her some carrots and raisins and let her make a snowman. Heck, my kids are good for 2 hours playing in the snow. Hope you make it through the day. We can swap if you want? I've got two boys!!!!!!

Linda, lunch with wm sounds nice, enjoy. I got the boys little teddy bears and conversational hearts, but no chocolate. Kids don't need it LOL!

Dog started barking around 3 AM. I woke up, told her to be quiet, and realized someone was beating on our front door.

I look outside, there's a young kid, probably early 20s, shivering to death, can't get up the road in his car. He wound up calling his father to come get him, but I know he was scared. It was sleeting like CRAZY.

So, Dylan and easy child are now getting their snow gear on LOL! They really want to get out there and slide around. We have a nice hill to the back of our property, and they want to sled! Should be fun, maybe I'll post some pictures later.

Hope everyone has a great day.



Joanne - I hope you have a somewhat quiet day

Allan - nice to see you. Hope you have a nice day.

Fran - each interview is practice. With everything there is out there, eventually something will come along that is a fit. Happy Anniversary to you and husband!

Razz - so sorry to hear about your son's whooping cough. We had letters come home from school the first week of school about it. When I got my tetanus booster 2 weeks ago, it had a pertussis booster in it because of the rise in whooping cough.

Sharon - enjoy your dinner. Sounds wonderful.

Sharon - enjoy your shopping trip! Sounds exciting! Do you go to NYC for that often?

Marg - sweet dreams

TM - My difficult child loves crafts. Hope you and Duckie enjoy. And if it is psychosomatic, then you and I are having the same symptoms!

Linda - enjoy your Valentines Day!

Janna - that poor kid! I'm glad he was able to get home. I would love to see pictures of the kids sledding! I'm taking difficult child Saturday to the dam to go sledding. The only place around here with a really good hill. When I was a kid we had a field next door to our property with nice hills. We'd be out all day long only coming in long enough to feel our fingers then back out again.

We are officially snowed in. Over a foot of snow and about an inch of ice. Level 3 Snow Emergency which means travel of any kind is nixed. I couldn't make it down my street anyway if I wanted to..and I don't.

I got the kids some candy for Valentine's Day. Heart shaped reeses' for easy child (his favorite) and a heart shaped box full of Hershey's Kisses for difficult child. difficult child isn't a big candy-eater, so they will sit around and make easy child nuts. He can't stand for there to be chocolate in the house and noone eating it! LOL

I'm taking the day off. Think I will watch some old movies or curl up with a book. Housework needs to be done, but it will still be here tomorrow. Unless some little elves come in and take care of it for me. (Not holding my breath.) :rolleyes:

Hope everyone has a great day!