Good Morning Wednesday

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Good Morning All,

It's midweek which is good because it means the weekend is on the way. :smile: Another long day on tap. I need to call difficult child's psychiatrist after his stellar (not) night last night. After teaching today I get to be a student tonight in my class. It's been a good class but I'm glad it's the last class tonight.

Enjoy your day :kisses:


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G'day Sharon.

I hop tonight's class is a good finish for you. I hope you can get through to the psychiatrist. I hate it when they're never in when you call.

easy child 2/difficult child 2's appointment with the GP went off OK. He's referred her to a specialist who will evaluate further. The doctor is reluctant to make the call of appendicitis, but I'm convinced. At least it's not likely to be in danger of bursting.

Her boyfriend's parents arrived today, bringing his car. It should make things a bit easier for us, with fewer trips in our car to fetch him from work after the last boat has gone. He is planning on getting his licence soon, which will give us another driver in the household.

difficult child 1 had his first professional driving lesson yesterday, so I've recommended the same driving school for boyfriend.

After all our wet weather the mosquitoes are almost carrying us off. Today's visitors live in a drier part of Sydney and weren't shutting screen doors, so we're getting bitten a lot.

easy child 2/difficult child 2 is enjoying her child care course but I'm hoping we can fix this whatever-it-is soon so she can stop feeling sick and in pain. I can hear the car - she's just got home from evening class. Time to go and feed her something tempting - chicken and bacon roll with roast vegetables.

have a good Wednesday, everyone!



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Good morning all.
I hope the class goes well tonight Sharon. I hope you have better luck in reaching your psychiatrist than what we have here. :smile:

Marg, glad to hear the GP appointment. went ok. Mom's usually know best, glad it's not in danger of bursting.
Hope the driving lesson went well also. I'm dreading that time for my difficult child.

2 hour delay here today for the kids, so difficult child is on his easy child and I'm on mine for a few before having to get breakfast cooked and medications in him. Think we'll stay in today with this freaky weather.

Hi to everyone that sneaks in. Hope all have a stress free day.


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:coffee: Good Middle of the week morning everyone!

I've missed you guys the last two mornings. My days have been so busy that I haven't had a chance to pop in and say good morning.

Sharon, hope you get in touch with the psychiatrist and that difficult child "mellows" for you today.

Marg, hope the docs figure out easy child 2's health concerns soon - she really sounds uncomfortable. Glad more "wheels" are arriving at your house!

Joanne, enjoy your later-than-usual morning. I always liked those late start school days - not that we have had any this winter!

things are hopping along here at my house. I've been really busy at work, huge fund raiser at difficult child's school this weekend and have been at meetings regarding that, been trying to make a decision about difficult child's middle school and that is taking up tons of my time (both phsyically and mentally), big teen program next week at our church (we have invited the youth groups from all the churches in the area to attend the play, Agnes of God, followed by discussion, pizza, and a dance party until midnight) which I will bo cofacilitating. Plus, the normal stuff I take care of as a single mom - which seems like everything!!!!!!!!!!!!

But, I'm glad to be here this morning and have said I will stay close to home today. I'm hoping to pop back online later this morning to catch up.

Wishing everyone a great Wednesday :wink:

Good Morning Everyone :coffee:,

Sharon, I'm glad you're calling the psychiatrist this morning but sorry you have to... I hope psychiatrist is able to difficult child get back on track ASAP!!! After your last class tonight, you deserve to celebrate :smile:!!! Make sure you get some "ME" time in :bath:!!!

Marg, I hope the specialist can get to the bottom of easy child 2/difficult child 2's health problem SOON!!! It must be so frustrating!!! I'm keeping her in my prayers - I hope she is feeling better soon!!! Please keep us updated on difficult child 1's driving lessons. I don't know if I'll make it when my difficult child 1 begins his :nonono:!!! You're making me hungry and I finished breakfast not too long ago!!!

jodyice, I hope the weather improves where you are!!! I hope difficult child takes his medications without it being a struggle!!!

Sharon, I'm getting tired just reading about what you've been up to!!! Make yourself some more :coffee:!!! I understand what you mean about having to make big decisions for difficult children... You're right - making such big decisions is draining in all ways... I'm glad you're taking some time for yourself today :bath: :smile:, etc...!!! You sound good even though you're so BUSY!!!

I think I'm going to have problems with the school system regarding difficult child 2, his transition to high school in Sept., and his (hopefully) eventual transition into the working world. I'm starting to gather my amunition now. I know I really need to be a strong :warrior:!!!

Well, I'm going to have a bit more :coffee:, throw in a load of wash, take a quick shower, and head to work.

Hi to anyone who "snuck" in. I hope everyone has a good day :flower:!!! WFEN

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Good morning friends,

Sharon, hope you get through to psychiatrist this morning.

Marg, dinner sounds wonderful - any leftovers?

Joanne, enjoy the quiet day in ... it's sometimes fun to get snowed in.

Sharon, sounds like another busy day for you.

WFEN, way to be proactive with difficult child & transition to HS.

I'm sipping away at my HMJ, planning the day (okay it's been planned for me for weeks, LOL). I believe I have a pork tenderloin in the freezer that I'm going to throw in the crock pot today; serve it with garlic/rosemary potatoes & a salad. I'm hungry for dinner already.

I see wm with attachment therapist this afternoon - I'm baking a batch of cookies for wm to take home & share with his foster family. Seems like a good morning to bake.

Enjoy your day ("hi" if you snuck in).

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Good morning everyone,

Sharon, enjoy that last class - there always seems to be a 'buzz' on the last session.

Hey Marg, I remember when difficult child took the babysitting course - she loved it!

Jodyice, wow, a 2-hour delay - this weather is so wacky, we've had 2 snow days in the past week. Unheard of! Enjoy the extra time.

Sharon, enjoy the time you're taking for you today!

WFEN, you're busy. I hope the meeting with difficult child's school goes well.

Linda, can I come to your house for dinner tonight? The pork tenderloin sounds delish. I hope your meeting/visit with wm goes well.

I have to call difficult child's school this morning - just received her report card for the 3rd quarter and she's failing everything except Art, which even there she's not finishing her projects. I really don't think she will graduate in June. Yesterday H came home early from work and she had a male visitor in the house alone, a big no-no.

I am hoping to carve some time at work today to work on my annual FAFSA crap. Ugh~
Good morning, everyone! Nothing much to report on my front, which is a good thing. Well, work has been awful lately, but at least I'm paid for that. It's all the stuff that goes on at home that usually gets to me. Hope everyone has a good day!