Good Morning Wednesday

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    G'day, people.

    Well, so much for good intentions. I was later to bed last night than I had intended, but I was helping difficult child 3 complete some schoolwork I told him we HAD to post off this morning. He's had a mental block with it, don't know why because it was easy. Maybe too easy, he might have been mentally looking for the catch. Or maybe it was not complex enough to stop his attention from wandering, but he's taken about two weeks getting nothing else done.

    Anyway, about midnight he completed it, I signed it and sealed up the envelope (along with other worksheets due back). It meant this morning he could start on fresh work. I settled down for a day catching up on rest and otherwise staying home.

    But this morning - the phone rang. It was my brother in law, giving me the latest information on my sister who's in ICU. She is desperately ill, critical, and the doctors don't know why. brother in law was picking my brains about my bout of whooping cough and difficult child 3's pneumonia, anything he can suggest to the doctors. It's a huge worry; she's not strong. She's holding her own, it's about all we can say.

    Then over the morning I took call after call. About six calls were from various people at difficult child 3's school, needing to talk to me (mostly) about how he's going. As a result I had to change the work I'd planned on giving him, but to his credit he completed the stuff the school were stressing on. It was due on Tuesday (or the H/O of Dept of Ed would nave un-enrolled him in his extension course). The school also asked my why difficult child 3 hadn't returned any extension work yet - I said it had never arrived. Turns out it was posted last month, so they're posting it all out again. Probably won't arrive until Monday, now. But while I was talking to the teacher over the phone, difficult child 3 was rummaging on the school's website and found the online lessons for that subject, so he can start before it arrives formally in the mail.

    Phone kept ringing - a friend asking how I was, then wanted to talk for over an hour. I was going form call to call, terminating the previous call each time I heard the 'call waiting' beeps.

    Sis-in-law (currently staying with mother in law) dropped in to send an email. mother in law came too. I was just making lunch for difficult child 3, so I offered them the same thing - chicken and salad burritos. Meanwhile the phone kept ringing - another school call, then the Breast Care nurse. I was a bit distracted, told her I was OK but actually as today has gone on, I've been realising there is more swelling again, especially in the lymph node area.

    I've got an appointment with the dentist tomorrow, then I've got an appointment organised for myself and difficult child 3, with the bank. We're setting up his "salt it away and don't touch it" bank account, so we can restrict his access to his pension money. We'll let him have access to $160 a month, out of which he has to pay about $70 monthly expenses (we now expect him to pay for his own medications). We'll then see how well he manages his spending and saving.

    mother in law & sis-in-law are coming out with us tomorrow, they can wander around the mall while difficult child 3 & I are doing our own thing. difficult child 3 is hoping he can hook in to the dentist's wireless internet so he can do his online schoolwork while he waits for me there. Fingers crossed!

    I've managed to keep my outings down for this end of the week. The dental appointment was booked before Christmas, long before the cancer diagnosis and surgery. I can't skip it, I have a broken filling that is HUGE. The bank stuff - can't be postponed. At least the bank is literally next door to the dentist. Plus both are next to the mall so I can park there, get everything done and then collect everybody to go home when we're done.

    No chance of getting to the beach today - definitely cold autumn weather (well, cold by my standards). It's going to be cool and damp for the next few days at least, probably right into this time next week.

    I'm on cooking detail tomorrow night, I've got it all planned so it should be fairly easy. Sis-in-law will probably help; I'll cook down there and if I need to rest, I can.

    Enjoy your Wednesday, everyone. Remember (those of you in the northern hemisphere) that summer is heading your way.

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    Good Middel of the Week!

    Marg, do you have caller id on your phone? I understand talking with brother in law, but really, the calls from school and your friend could have been put off until another time. Nothing catastrophic will happen if you don't answer difficult child 3 school questions in one day or not spend an hour on the phone with a friend when you should be napping. A friend understands. You need to make your recoop the priority - not difficult child's school, not directing the church choir, etc. Everything will still be there when you are ready.....Take care of yourself tomorrow.

    Running late this morning....difficult child was working on homework late so he needs his shower this morning instead. And, we leave about 25 minutes earlier during book fair week so the students can buy before school!

    Have a good Wed - we are halfway there!

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    Good Morning Friends,

    Marg-I was wondering the same thing as Sharon about the caller id. husband and I have become experts at screening our calls. I'm sorry today was so much busier than expected and sorry to hear your sis is so ill-she is in my prayers.

    Sharon-Enjoy your day at the book fair!

    As Marg said spring is on the way. Right now it is already 41 degrees and suppose to hit 50 today!! Unfortunately, it's raining and suppose to most of the day.

    difficult child is up and in full blown mode right now. Apparently husband and I slept through him banging on the bathroom door while easy child/difficult child was in there. So far she has done a good job of ignoring.

    After work today difficult child has a therapist appointment and then I'm hoping to get to the club but we'll see. We might go get some glasses for easy child.

    Wishing everyone a peaceful day:peaceful:
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    Unfortunately, the calls from the school were all vital, urgent administration. It's early in our school year but not too early for the paperwork for special provisions and enrolment issues to be dealt with. We've got three days to get the introductory "anti-plagiarism" course to be completed (what difficult child 3 did today) and a week to get the first set of papers in for his Special Provisions application. I still have to call the Speech Pathologist, but I piked on that one today. I also need to call the pediatrician urgently, but I ran out of energy and time today also.

    I normally would have pulled the plug, but any call could be someone with news of my sister, or someone with urgent stuff from the school. I had told the school about my cancer (it comes up on the screen when they pull up our data before calling us) so they know to only call if it's really urgent. It was just unfortunate that so much stuff today was urgent.

    I wish I'd been able to blow off my friend, though. But she's one of those people who will call back if she didn't get a long enough chat. She also knows about the cancer, she was ringing to find out how I'm going. It was actually one of the calls from the school coming through that got rid of her - the "call waiting" pips are fainter if it's not for you, but you can still hear them, so she knew I wasn't just fobbing her off.

    The choir went well tonight. I had to put on a bra to go there, and it actually has helped me realise that I think I have a problem developing. I'll have tome to call the breast care nurse in the morning before we have to leave for the dentist, so I might be able to be seen by the surgeon tomorrow, if they think there's a problem. They're so helpful - I let the nurse know, she will call the surgeon and organise an appointment if either of them feels it's needed. And the surgeon's rooms are right over the road from the mall! It's all so convenient.

    But here's hoping it's just internal stitches or something.

    Enjoy your Book Fair week - for our kids it was always worse than toy shops, trying to get them away from book sales!

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    Morning all,

    Marg, sorry to hear about your sis ~ will be keeping her in my prayers.
    Sharon, good luck at the book fair.
    Sharon (wiped out), difficult children are far better alarms than anything I've had in the past. :)

    It's a rainy week ahead. The snow may be gone by Sunday (please, please, please). I'm looking forward to seeing some green.

    A busy day ahead - my therapist, home, kt's therapist, home, & lots of stuff in between.

    Here's to a good day for all.