Good Morning Wednesday!


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Good morning or afternoon here really!

I just noticed an oddest thing. I have started quite a many good morning threads and none of them Tuesday or Thursday. I haven't got any reason to my T-day boycott but why change a good habit? So glad it is Wednesday.

We are middle of snowstorm that will continue till tomorrow, they predict 10 inches or more snow. It's 30 F so also quite slippery. And wind (about 30 mph) makes snow to actually hurt when it hits face. Even I don't feel like doing outdoor things today. And not driving anywhere if not needed. So I plan night at home. I will maybe bake few things, I think our freezer is low on all kinds of things to serve with coffee. So I could bake bundt cake or two, some pastries and maybe a meat pie. I think we still have cookies left. There are always people stopping by and I hate it, if I don't have anything to offer with coffee. So I always try to keep some things in my freezer. And of course we are planning kitchen reno to start in March so I should stock up anyway before that. Kitchen will be more or less under work probably closer to two months, so better be prepared.

My easy child has still not told us he is bombing his courses, but I checked online and he wasn't able to turn all the work in at time. He is cramming to exams and in seriously bad mood even though he just got very good sports news so I guess he is in deep trouble. Doesn't help that he will miss some school also at the start of his next period. I will bet he will not do that well in that either. But this is a lesson he needs to learn and now is a perfect time for that.

Hope you all have a good day and little bit more pleasant weather than us.
Good Morning All,

SuZir, Good Afternoon! It sounds like the perfect kind of day for you to spend inside, warm and dry, baking... Sounds delicious! Would love to join you for coffee... Sorry to hear your easy child is still struggling in school. What will happen with his sports? I believe natural consequences are best and agree it's best for him to learn this now rather then later too.

We've had some wild weather lately. Yesterday it actually hit 70 degrees in the sun! Today we're supposed to get heavy rain that should begin around noon, continue through the evening. It's still warm, in the 60's. Then it's back to freezing cold and more snow. I'm way beyond ready for spring!

I have a load in the dryer and am going to call a friend from "home" while I'm waiting for it to finish. Then, it's off to the health club. Today is my second appointment with my personal trainer. After that I'm taking a body sculpt class she teaches. Should be interesting... If I'm not back tomorrow, there's a good chance I'm still lying on the floor, waiting for someone to carry me back to my car...!

I think I better have one more cup of coffee! As always, hope everyone has a good day or at least one reason to smile... SFR


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SFR: easy child's sport and school are not related. We don't have school sports at all, just PE and then some sport orientated High Schools that basically just offer some flexibility with school work and supporting services for talented athletes. easy child attends one of those, but of course flexibility also means that you have to be responsible with your time management. I helped easy child heavily with that through his first two periods so that he would see, he can do well also in High School-level (around here grades 10-12 are High School and those are divided to academical and vocationally orientated schools, level of the work is much tougher in academic High School than in grade 9.) they have five periods a year, usually 5 to 7 courses per period and with new period there will be all new independently graded courses but of course courses build on to each other in many subject. We let him do it all by himself for this now ending third period. As expected, he didn't manage his time well and is now paying the price with bad grades. We hope, and strongly believe knowing him, that bad grades for period or two will teach him the lesson and he will learn to manage his time independently. Bad grades now don't really matter at all in the longer term and if they do bother him, he can even make them up later. So no harm done and perfect chance to teach him a valuable lesson.

We are not planning giving him any other consequences over his bad grades. After all we are heavily driving through the idea that he is going to school for himself and not for anyone else. So bad grades are his consequence. And that he won't get a vechile he would want and which we wouldn't give him anyway. This is just a perfect reason to say no without having to tell him the real reason.


It's another gorgeous day in FL - yesterday it was almost 80, and today is warm, sunny, and breezy. I love winter here SO much!

I'm busting my butt cleaning my house. It seems like it's just a never-ending thing! difficult child is still at sister in law's, and although there's a lot of stress with issues with my husband, I'm using this time to work on ME in an effort to make all of our lives better.

I have a call in to a new therapist who comes highly recommended, and I have an appointment for a consultation for weight-loss surgery. I've decided that I'm going to take my mother in law up on her offer to pay for it. The thing is, I apparently have severe sleep apnea, which makes it very, very difficult to lose weight. I'm not looking for a quick fix or the easy way out, I'm doing what I now believe is best for me.

So yeah. Lots going on here.


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SuZir? I'll trade weather with ya... we're in the deepfreeze... heading to -40 (at which point it doesn't matter if it's C or F!)


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It's another gorgeous day in FL - yesterday it was almost 80, and today is warm, sunny, and breezy. I love winter here SO much!

Oh well that changes my plans for the week entirely -

Think I'll just pack up a bag and head to Greenrene's place to...ah...ummm..."help with cleaning"....yes, that will be my excuse...