Good Morning Wednesday


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G'day, all. What's up with Linda? Finally getting some sleep? I stole a march on you (unless you're typing away right now... or maybe still struggling with the old oak).

What a day! I'd suspected my antibiotic shot 10 days ago hadn't got rid of the infection, and I asked husband to leave me the car. Which meant he had to sneak in and borrow MILs (by prior arrangement) because I was thinking I'd probably have to drive to the mainland and find a GP to discuss whether I could have another shot, or was it too soon.

Turned out mother in law had to see the local GP for another blood test, husband asked me to drive her there, and I realised - GP is in town today! I don't have to drive out of town! So I got myself fitted in too.

Meanwhile, Wednesday is my housework day, I get home help on Wednesdays. So I was anxiously watching the clock, knowing when my helper arrives.

Saw the doctor. He was horrified at what I CAN'T take. He checked things out, had a prod and poke, said I needed another shot. Because this is such a weird situation, I already have the antibiotics in my fridge at home (doctors don't routinely carry this stuff) and he also wanted to see my recent ultrasounds, so he sent me home to get it all. I got home to find my helper had arrived and was getting started without me - thank you!

We finished the housework and I dropped my helper off back home and continued to the doctor again. While I waited, I got my head together with the practice manager trying to organise some media publicity for the lack of permanent full-time doctor. He finally saw me again two hours later, talked more, did blood tests etc, gave me the shot and packed me off home. Said I should be carrying an epipen, with my history. Got to go back Friday (when the practice is next open) for results and assessment.

In the meantime, I got the chance to show easy child 2/difficult child 2 how to make bread properly (ie you have to FEED the yeast, so add sugar, darling. And for flavour and extra help rising, it needs salt.)

This recent cold snap has set off my hip arthritis - the doctor was somewhat backhandedly gallant when he said, "You're only 52, you look so young and your skin is in such good condition - how come you have arthritis?"
What could I say? "I don't know. How come the rest of my body is cactus as well?"

Dinner is cooking - roast chicken. easy child 2/difficult child 2 has left for college class and I might wimp out of doing much tonight, I'm still feeling ghastly.

The peach tree is beginning to flower, the jasmine is in bloom, the tarragon is sprouting. The weather is forecast to warm up again soon, I can't wait.


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Good morning my friends,

Marg, I've been a tad under the weather of late. Sleep is an ongoing issue. I'm glad that you were able to get in to see your doctor - hope your feeling better later.

Other than yet another insurance adjuster (the final one hopefully) there is nothing on my calendar today. husband has several business meeting in Mpls this morning & is frantically trying to work out his route since we seem to be missing a bridge. (Bad humor - sorry).

PCA, kt & I are heading out to the library today & then out to the hardware store. kt & PCA are picking out colors to paint our picnic table & the rest of our patio furniture (within reason). Should prove to be amusing to see what colors these 2 young ladies comes up with.

Enjoy your day - keep it calm.


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Good morning, ladies,

Marg, I'm glad you got in to see the GP. I have to chuckle at HIM asking YOU why you have arthritis. I bet you do look great. Hope you feel better soon.

Linda, good luck with the paints. Hope it's nothing too erratic. I bet husband is having a bad time. Had to giggle at the bad humor ~ I apologize.

Today is a better day, I slept for a few hours last night. Dylan called at 11 AM to let me know he had been at a level 6 (highest level, 1-6 there) all morning and his day was great. Then I called him at 6:45 PM and he was STILL at a level 6. So, he maintained a level 6 all day :bravo: The staff lady said that was pretty great, as it usually takes the kids a couple to few weeks to get the hang of it all. But I guess he's doing very, very well! Big, huge, enormous relief. I still miss my baby, though :frown:

IEP meeting today for B at 2. So I'll leave work early, do that, then swing by to see Dylan. He wants me to bring his two favorite movies, Two Brothers (the one with the baby tigers, so cute) and Ice Age, The Meltdown, so he can share with his friends (friends?!?!! wow).

Day by day, baby steps.

Thanks for all the encouragement and support. Means alot.



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Good morning everyone. We had a terribly loud thunderstorm last night so I am running behind on everything as we lost power and I was up making sure our dog was ok. What a nice sight to come down this morning exhausted for work and she is sprawled across the floor sleeping, lol!

easy child's issue has only gotten worse, many phone calls that felt more like harrassment. I feel horrible for her and have asked these people to give her space and they just won't do it.

Not sure whats up for today. Was going to take them to the park but I think it would be more of a mud bath at the moment.

Have a great Wednesday everyone!

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Good Morning,

Marguerite-Glad you were able to see the doctor. I wish it wasn't so hard for you to get in-health care should be more readily available. I hope it warms up so your arthritis isn't as bothered.

Linda-I hope you enjoy your day-try not to overdo! I had to chuckle at your bridge humor although I'm sure it's not fun for husband to figure out a new route.

Janna-It warmed my heart to read your post this morning! I'm glad yesterday was such a good day for Dylan!

Christine-I'm sorry easy child's situation is getting worse. Saying a prayer things improve.

This afternoon we are going for lunch at difficult child's day camp-they are having a cookout. At some point we will go to the health club. While we are there I'm hoping they will let me hang some flyers of my missing cousin's son.

I hope everyone enjoys a peaceful day! Hi to anyone who snuck in.


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Good morning. :coffee:
Marg- Glad things worked out with the GP being around. We're pretty spoiled here, there's supposedly an excess of doctors and too many hospital beds. :hammer:
Linda- I can only imagine the commuting nightmare that must be going on there. It must be incredibly stressful. :smile:
Janna- You must be so proud of Dylan! It's a baby step, but one in the right direction. :bravo:
Christine- I must have missed easy child's problem but it doesn't sound good. I hope it's resolved quickly. :thumbsdown: Get some rest.
We'll be having some friends over today for a little pool party. It should be fun. :beach:Then Duckie has cheer tonight.
Have a great day. Hi to anyone that snuck in. :salute:


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:smile: Good Wednesday All!

Marg, hope the added antibiotics do the trick. Thought about you the other day. difficult child and I were at the beach and watched a program about the deadly box jellyfish found along the warm shores of Australia - the deadliest animals in the world! difficult child said "You'll never get me swimming at the beach in Australia!" Told him I didn't think that was going to be a problem!

Linda, I vote for a rainbow picinic set! Hope you are able to get some rest today.

Janna, great news that Dylan is adjusting (after the initial cd incident). Hopefully this will set the tone for him. That's something that you can just go and drop off movies for him.

Christine, I must have missed something regarding the phone calls and easy child while I was on vacation. I'll go back and read to find out what is going on. Hope you catch up on that missing sleep!

Taking easy child's car in this morning to get an estimate on fixing a leak in the rag top. Going to ask bonehead to pay since I paid the property taxes!!! After that, I'm meeting an agent friend of mine to look at a really cute little house that just popped up on the market. It has everything I wanted in my next house (one that I will be in for a long time) other than the 30K too high price!!!!!! But, I'm just in the looking stages. I really would like to downsize because this almost 4,000 sq ft old house is a lot of work. But, this is not the time to try and sell my house since the market is in such a slump........

difficult child asked if we could go to the movies this afternoon. I'll have to get back to him on that one since I have a lot of phone calls and little stuff around the house to catch up on.

Hope your day is productive and happy.



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:smile: Hi Sharon and TM. I took way to long to type my morning post - Let the dog out and drank a cup and a half of coffee during that time! :smile:


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Morning all!

Hope everyone is feeling well today (Marge, Janet..)

Janna, so glad to hear Dylan did so well yesterday. I'm sure that helped you yesterday.

School started here today!!!!! :dance: Yeah, it opens up another can of worms with difficult child but right now I don't care. I was more than ready for him to go back. And as an added plus, husband had to get up for a mandatory meeting at work so I didn't even have to get difficult child up this morning!!! hee hee hee If this year goes reasonably well, difficult child will only have one more semester before he graduates. (guess that makes him a junior and a half??? lol)

Hope everyone has a great day!


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Hi Marg! You always sound SO busy! (thank goodness some of it sounds like pleasant busy) When I was having my soc sec exam, by their doctor, the doctor doing my exam said I was too young...(for RA) I thought uh oh..who is this doctor? why is HE examining me if he thinks that? To my shock, I was approved (the lab tests and XRays confirmed for him) But my new rheumy, he is a stitch. He is always making goofy jokes.
I hope the crummy stuff there settles down some for you guys. I will send happy thoughts your way! And yeah, yesterday or day before I also worried if something had happened to Linda, a down turn or something, cuz I got used to seeing her wee hour in the morning posts. Glad she was able to post and was OK (relatively speaking)

Linda, hope they have fun with that project. It sounds fun to me, LOL, but this summer I really have been enjoying just about everything! I missed Life. Maybe they can do rainbows, LOL- how cheerful and stimulating that could be? LOL- Just kidding.

Janna- just HUGS, for all of you!

mum2- the t-storms here have been awesome to see and witness. Hope things settle down for easy child!

Wiped out, I am hoping your cousins son turns up safe and sound. I cannot even imagine how difficult it must be. Hope the cookout is fun, we missed one we were going to last week, it got so yukky outside..did not want to get caught in such yukky weather.

TM, a pool party? I LOVE pool parties, hope it is fun for everyone and hope your weather is better than ours today!

LDM, looking at houses is something I like to do for fun, but not sure how much I would enjoy doing it for real, LOL- some of the prices take my breathe away! (we have been in our house 20 years) GOOD LUCK!

mstang- YUK, our school had been starting this early, but this year they bumped it out a little longer, and for me, I am glad. LOL. I know I am not the norm, really, but I just do not like the schedule etc for school- ah but I only have 1 left in public school, and she is a senoir this year AND she also won a spot in the lottery so she can drive a car to school. YAY!

So this week my son has been taking a chemistry class here at the library, but it ends tomorrow, so I doubt I will be online and able to post after this.
It looks like it wants to storm today again. I spent yesterday making all kinds of cookies to work off frustration over the Jeep and easy child and the ugly weather (I want to be outside more!) I made Rosettes bowties and pecan balls. Then since we eat so few, we packed them up and delivered them as thank you gifts to several people for various small kindnesses that touched us.

Have a good day everyone!!