Good Morning

Good Morning :coffee:,

Starting this is a first for me!!! I don't have too much planned for today. My favorite sanity saver has a vet appointment this morning. Then it's just a few errands, a bit of cleaning, a few phone calls, and then I have to pick up difficult child 1 after school.

I hope everyone has a great day!!! :flower: WFEN


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Good morning!
WFEN- Your day sounds busy... Don't forget "me" time.
I have grocery shopping and a few other errands. Unfortunately, my throat is really starting to hurt. I hope it's allergies and not the strep infection that is going around here.
Have a great day! Hi to anyone that snuck in. :smile:


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G'day, WFEN & TM.

WFEN, spread yourself out and enjoy your day. I like to look back on a fairly restful day and still mentally tick off a list of achievements.

TM, look after that throat. Changing seasons is always a dangerous time for throat and chest infections.

We had a busy day, but productive. I got my X-rays done but then life got busy and I didn't have a chance to go fetch them, so I'll have to do it tomorrow. easy child 2/difficult child 2 got a clean bill of health from her post-op check-up. He's very happy with how she's healing. It's looking so good that it's already getting hard to see where the tiny incisions were.
We dropped in on mother in law in the hospital. She was having a stress test, with isotope tracer. She'd asked for a few things to be brought in, but I don't think she got to use them because after her second stress test they told her she could go home. I'd been warned of the possibility so I took my time with shopping so I would be nearby to fetch her. I brought her home to my place and included her in our evening meals, because I knew she would be too tired (and nervous) when she got back home. husband has just taken her home now. Using some leftovers I threw together pasticcio (a kind of Greek lasagne) and we had more of difficult child 3's Black Forest cake for dessert.
husband is staying with her until she's showered and in bed. She has to see the local doctor in the morning for blood tests.

Other news - the body of that poor 14 year old girl surfaced this afternoon, right where the boat she was on was sunk. It brings the death toll from that accident to four. And something I hadn't known until difficult child 1 got home - the woman who was killed on that boat was his girlfriend's aunt. Her husband (girlfriend's uncle) was also on the boat but survived. The aunt's funeral is on Wednesday, difficult child 1 is going, I believe. Very sad. Investigation is continuing but I think the end result could include a lowered speed limit for the Middle and Inner Harbour.

At least now the family can grieve properly.

Tomorrow is my busy Tuesday. I'm heading to bed early, if possible, because after today and with tomorrow being hectic, I need my rest.

Enjoy your Monday, everyone.


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Good Morning,

WFEN-I hope you enjoy your day-find some time to do someting nice for you!

TM-Hope you are able to avoid the Strep infection and are feeling better soon.

In a bit I'm going to go drop off difficult child at an all day After School program. He will have fun and we will get a much needed break as yesterday he was very manic like.

This afternoon husband, easy child, niece, and I are going to see a movie and then husband and I meet with difficult child's neuropsychologist to get the final report and also go over some ideas on what to do next.

I hope everyone enjoys some fun in their day and finds a reason to smile. Hi to anyone who snuck in. :kisses:


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<span style='font-size: 11pt'>Good morning WFEN,TM,Wiped Out and Marguerite. We are in the throws of spring. 2 days with cloudless blue clear comfortable days. It was nice.
Monday is laundry,bills,paperwork and housework. I'm going to throw in time on the treadmill too. Nothing exciting. Same old, same old.
Hope your Monday is productive. </span>


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Good morning everyone.
Not much ever changes around here. Got to do some cleaning, figure out what to have for dinner and pray that when difficult child comes home from school he's in a good mood.
Hope everyone gets to squeeze some "me" time in today. :smile:

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Good morning everyone~

This will be a busy week. I am using Monday to ease into things...taking it slowly. Working today, doing laundry and housework late this afternoon.

difficult child is working later, doing very well with work (still failing at school). Maybe I can squeeze a 30-minute workout at curves later.

Have a great day everyone!

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Good morning friends,

Very late start to the day - kt slept in until 8:30 this morning - so did I. :smile:

It continues to be dreary & wet today; makes it tough for spring vacation & the need to run off kt's energy. Supposedly it's to clear up this afternoon & we're heading out to a local free zoo.

Enjoy your day - I plan on it. Laugh at the absurd - it's the only way to survive GFGdom.


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LOL, Linda! You both needed it.

Hi everyone.

It's gorgeous here! I ran errands and bought a lilac bush and white hawthorn bush and planted them in the yard. They were small so it was easy. I had a bunch of biz stuff to attend to but am going outside for a walk just because it's nice out. I was dizzy and tired and depressed yesterday (hormones, no doubt) so that makes today even better. :smile:

husband woke difficult child early and gave him his pill. I love it when that happens! He was relatively cooperative and we were actually on time for school today. Yaaay!

Marg, so sorry about that girl. I suspected that's what would happen. So sorry for difficult child and the funeral he will attend, too. What an avoidable shame the whole thing is.

Have a great day, everyone.