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    Well we went to the ranch Saturday for difficult child's 6 hour off ranch pass. We just went to the local mall (an hour away from him) and for abite to eat. We had a great visit. easy child 1 even went along (his first time seeing difficult child in 5 months) I told difficult child alot of his friends are still doing the same crap and he told me that when he comes home if his " best friend " wants to hang out he will but he will not want to be around him if he's doing that "stuff". :bravo: He tells me he knows he's gotta get things right because as bad as he treated everyone here he really misses his family. :smile: I couldn't believe this was my son saying this!!!! Even husband says difficult child is a man now!!!!
    Isat back for awhile and watched my 3 boys together for the first time in awhile laughing and talking something they hadn't done in years and started to cry. You have no idea how much that meant to me.
    Sorry to go on and on just wanted to let this out to someone.
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    :bravo:So glad to hear difficult child is doing well. Do not apologize for being excited. We totally understand.

    I can remember the first home pass my son had from his Residential Treatment Center (RTC). It was Thanksgiving (and he had to be back the following day, as he hadn't been there long enough to earn the full 4 day pass). Like you, I watched my two sons, along with husband, sitting on the couch together watching the football game. I too was teary at the sight of them together. Yes, I understand how emotional it can be to see "normal" things.

    Just remember that there will be more ups and downs, so don't get too down if your son slips a bit. You'll know things have changed if he turns it right back around and gets right back on track.

    Congrats to him on progress, and many hugs to you!
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    Where did you send your son?
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    Dear Standing... Check your PM for info on ranch. Thanks
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    Would you please PM me with info on this ranch as well?

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    PM me also with the name of the ranch. Many thanks.