Good No Meltdown Monday Morning


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Good Morning Everyone!

Hope everyone had a nice weekend and enjoyed the commercials and the food of Super Bowl Sunday!

Typical monday for me - little laundry and house cleanup along with some computer research and a call to a friend who is an attorney to discuss bonehead's attitude at the mediators on Saturday.

difficult child has a short week - they are of on Friday.

Most of you are in a deep freeze * Say Warm and have a great Monday sans meltdowns!


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Good morning Sharon & all who follow,

Sharon, I have a typical Monday as well.

It is bitterly cold this morning. I'm waiting anxiously for my tea kettle to boil - a hot cuppa sounds perfect this morning. Earl Grey.

Not much on the agenda today - NO appointments! Busy household stuff & phone calls.

Have a wonderful day - stay warm.


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G'day Sharon and Linda. We've definitely got summer here. Not too bad in Sydney today, although we're still keeping the house closed up until the worst of the heat has passed for the day. I was down at the local shops in the evening - a fabulous summer evening, the sea very calm today and yesterday. Some clouds are forming over the dams, but no rain, unfortunately. Summer is our wettest season and we've had barely a drop since October. They're probably going to increase the water restrictions in the next few months, plus put the bills up. husband & I are drawing up plans for three new water tanks coming off our main roof. We're hoping to make a free-standing courtyard wall out of "Waterwall" tanks (an Aussie invention from a couple of years ago).

Linda, I have a large box full of Earl Grey tea bags. You're welcome to drop in for a cuppa.

I'm getting fed up with the phone! It's been one of those days with difficult child 3's correspondence school...

We just found out that difficult child 3 has been sent the subject material for two subjects incorrectly. Of course, he's already done a week's work for each, and has NOT done a week's work for the subjects which are missing.

We found out about Music this morning, when difficult child 3's Saturday discovery of half the printed work missing was finally registering with them - I told them about it, they said, "But he's not doing that subject this semester."
Then, later in the afternoon, his first assessment task of the year for Geography arrived in the mail and I realised - he's been working on history tasks, but he's somehow enrolled in geography instead and won't do history until next semester. So once again, I call the school. Nobody in the geography section there by the time I got through, so tomorrow it will have to be.

Oh, what a mess. By the time the mail eventually arrives, we will be three weeks into the school year which will make him three weeks behind in two subjects. Not good.

I'd hoped this year would work out better for us, and it has been better in general, but there's still room for more improvement. Here's hoping we sort it out fast.

Tomorrow difficult child 3's drama class is back on. I'm hoping we don't need to leave home so early, but I think I've committed myself to collect one of difficult child 3's classmates from her school for THIS year, too. I need to extricate myself from this one, definitely. A lovely kid, but difficult child 3 loses too much school time if we do this. Plus I've got my lunchtime class at the local school, assuming anyone remembers to remind the kids. Most of my students from last year have left, I only know of two keen kids (who are not good at remembering to turn up). I'm really wondering why I bother...

Tomorrow is going to be very interesting! And probably very frustrating.

Good Morning Everyone!

Sharon, I'm with you - Hope monday is truly "melt-down" free for everyone!!! Hope your friend who is an attorney can help!!! And, you're right - It's absolutely FREEZING * * * here!!!

Linda, Enjoy your tea. I'm headed straight for the :smile:. I think I need it injected IV style today!!! Hope you get all your household stuff and phone calls done.

Marg, Poor difficult child 3!!! I hope he is able to get caught up with his school work without too much difficulty. Keeping my fingers crossed... Send some of that heat this way - It's FREEZING!!! easy child wanted to go to school with no socks, just a pair of canvas shoes.
I should have let her - Maybe she wouldn't try it again if she was frozen solid today.
Anyway, I hope tomorrow turns out interesting without the frustration...

I'm going to have another cup of :smile: and then I have a bunch of errands to do. I hope everyone has a good :smile: day... WFEN

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Good Morning All!

Sharon-Enjoy your typical Monday-sorry about having to keep dealing with bonehead ex!

Linda-Enjoy a day with not much on the agenda-doesn't happen it often I know!

Marguerite-I hope things with school get straightened out!

WFEN-Stay warm if you are out and about!

Dreamer-Brrr-right back at ya *

It's freezing here too-16 below 0 and 31 below with the windchill-best part though-they CLOSED SCHOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!O.k. yes I'm a bit happy. Also shocked, the policy is we don't close till 50 below with the windchill. Our district never closes. Maybe the fact that 102 other schools were closing helped!

Playing a game with difficult child right now so I have to go. I tried to get on earlier and last night but the site wouldn't come up.

Enjoy your day and hi to anyone who snuck in. :smile:


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Another freezing member checking in to say Good Morning.

I didn't realize the thermometer in cars even registered below 0 degrees F. For the record, yes they do. Mine said -4 degrees all the way into work this morning.

Try to stay warm everyone!


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Good morning!
Sharon, Sorry about the bonehead. Some people stall over these things to keep a sense of control over the other person. I hope that's not the case in this situation. {{{Hugs}}} :smile:
Linda- "Tea. Earl Grey. Hot" What famous Star Trek character used to place this order with the replicator? (I only know this because husband saw the show in repeat and "placed" his order with me this way until it wore a little thin.) Stay warm! *
Marg- I hope difficult child 3's lessons straighten out. You really sound frustrated. :frown:
WFEN- I understand about dressing improperly for the weather: "But Mommy, why can't I wear my dress today?". Stay warm! :smile:
Dreamer- brrr back at ya! Stay warm. *
Sharon- Enjoy the unscheduled day off. Stay warm! :smile:
Deb- I thought of you this morning when I saw the weather map said Detroit was -4. Stay warm! :smile:
Duckie actually has school today, which is a big surprise because so many kids have to stand out at bus stops in our district. :smile: We're lucky that Duckie gets picked up in front of the house because she's in kindergarten. Almost all the other districts around us are closed, though. :smile:
I'm planning on making a big crock pot of beef stew, husband is quite excited. :smile:
Have a great day! Hi to anyone that snuck in. :smile:


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Good Morning my friends. I am so sorry to hear of the freezing temps up farther a little north. I imagine we will be getting some of it later on but right now its crisp, crystal blue and and sunny. Temps are decent. Stay warm and safe. Brrrrrrrr.

Monday means laundry. Lots and lots of laundry. Will be working with difficult child to take care of SSI stuff. He isn't the most enthused. Neither am I.

Have a good day. Think happy thoughts.


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Sorry, too late.
difficult child wouldn't get out of bed... despite his new alarm clock... snarled at me,
made us all late, again. I was so mad! He sits there at the table like a little king and says "NO!" loudly and firmly. "The dog is bugging me. She's looking at me."
(It used to be his sister, but now that she's smart enough to leave the room, he's got to blame the dog.)
"I want more cereal."
I said "NO!" loudly and firmly (see, I can do it too!) and walked out.
He followed... slooooooowwwly. You know that scene in Gone with-The Wind where Scarlett sends the slave to get help when Melanie is in labor, and she slaps the slave?
No, I didn't slap him. I fantasized about waaay more... Besides, I've got a cold and earache and no energy to do much of anything.

So... I'm debating if and when to give him his computer privileges tonight, such as they are...

I rushed to get back home for the handyman... he was 25 min. late, brought no drywall materials, told me he was allergic to dogs, especially collies, and took pics of the repair from last wk because he said the other guy (from the same company) did such a crummy job, they had to start all over again!

At first he didn't want to come in because both dogs were barking and he wanted to know if they bite. So either way, allergy or fear, he didn't like the dog issue. Starbucks is a huge tricolor (black), highly caffeinated :grin: and scares people... although he's blind and spends most of the day slamming into the wall or your leg, when he's trying to get petted. difficult child's new game is playing hide-n-seek with-him, but he doesn't have to hide! LOL! It's so mean.

It's 20 degrees here so although it's chilly for us, it's nothing like MN, where I grew up.

Stay warm all of you!


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wow, news said next town north of me is minus 18 before factoring in wind chill. BRRR. All the schools around us are closed, but our kids have school. Our car would not start, and our bus did not come, and easy child could not find a ride, so we went to call her in and it took over an hour to get thru to hear attendance voicemail was full. Called main school line but they refused to take the call, so who knows whats going on? and tomorrow we are supposed to get hit with maybe 6 inches of snow. I did not think it could snow when it was this cold.
I went to brew coffee, but the cream was in the fridge in garage and everything in garage fridge is frozen solid. whew!


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Wait, the cream was in the fridge, but it was FROZEN? Aren't fridges insultated and temp controlled? That's really weird.

Well, the good news is, that as with-most days, my difficult child is great now, had a great day, calmed down, etc. He got the computer back and didn't freak when he found that he couldn't use the cd drive until tomorrow. (I LOVE delayed gratification!)

The bad news is that my pre-approved $3,000 ins. coverage for my DNA testing for potentional BRAC 1/2 breast cancer was denied... months after the fact!!!! How can they do that!!!!???
Now I have to write a ltr to the State Corporation Commission and put the heat on BC/BS. (Don't even get me started on that company... where the WSJ lists on their front page, info about the CEOs getting million dollar bonuses and then the rest of us peons who pay through our noses get lies, lies and more lies...)
And that's only my health care (I had breast cancer and surgery this summer.)
The good news is that I do not have the BRAC1/2 gene... so difficult child is stuck with-me, alive and kicking, all body parts, scars incl. LOL!