Good Saturday Morning!

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by tiredmommy, Jul 19, 2008.

  1. tiredmommy

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    Good morning! :coffee:

    It's quite early here, but I'm having a hard time staying asleep. I'll probably drift back to sleep in a little while.:bloodshot:

    I have a busy day here:

    First, I'll need to spend a few hours bringing around fliers to local businesses for an upcoming kids event at church.

    Then the family will be taking in a circus. Duckie should have lots of her friends there.

    Finally, there's an open house at a gymnastics place this evening.

    I hope everyone has a great day! :salute:
  2. LittleDudesMom

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    :dance:Happy Saturday Morning!!!!!!

    TM, sounds like a busy day for you today. Hope you were able to get a little extra sleep this morning :D.

    I had a nice day yesterday. I never got to that last closet!!!! My cousin is back!! She's been up in Maryland for 7 weeks with my uncle who had heart surgery and then two other set back issues. He's doing great and she finally was able to return home. We are best friends (were actually due on the same day but I was born two months early and she was born a month early!) and we decided to do some retail therapy.

    easy child, my cousin, and I spent about five hours shopping! We returned home and easy child and I grilled some chicken for dinner and the three of us (easy child, difficult child, and myself) all sat on the sofa and watched a movie. It was a great day.

    easy child, difficult child, and I will hit the gym in about an hour. After that easy child has another wedding photo job which will run from about noon until around 8 (she arrives usually 2 hours or so before a wedding to do all the preshots).

    I'm going to "volunteer" difficult child to help clean that last closet. I've got one load of towels to wash and dinner to prep. My cousin is coming for dinner and wine on the patio this evening.

    I'm planning a nap this afternoon!!!!!

    I hope your Saturday is great one!

  3. hearts and roses

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    Good morning everyone~

    TM and Sharon, you both sound very busy today. I hope you take some 'down' time for yourselves as well.

    This has been a busy week having my mom here to care for and easy child's puppy as well. My mom is like a 200lb toddler and I can't leave the puppy's sight or she cries and carries on!

    My sister and I have a meeting with a lawyer to learn about CT laws in regards to getting POA and residency for my mom here in CT. My mom woke up crying this morning. She had an awful dream about difficult child (will post that on another thread) and it took nearly an hour to calm her down. She's napping now and I'm supposed to be doing housework. It's just so hot and sticky that I can't muster up the energy to do it!

    H is working today. difficult child is here this morning and sleeping. I am hoping I can take her out with me later to get shorts.

    Have a good one!
  4. Marguerite

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    G'day, people.

    TM, I hope you get some sleep tonight. The circus sounds fun - you want to be awake to enjoy it!

    Sharon/LDM, it sounds like you and your cousin had a wonderful time together. I hope you didn't blow the budget with your shopping spree!

    Jo, it sounds like you've had a very trying week. Is there any way you can somehow hook the puppy and your mother up together so they keep each other occupied and out of your hair?

    We had a successful work/play day today. difficult child 3 did more work on his film (school project, he's been on it for months now) and we also had therapist's daughter over to visit. I have been coaching her/mentoring her plus she and difficult child 3 are good friends, even though he is nearly five years older. So I sent difficult child 3 to work on his film some more while I coached the girl with a speech she's got coming up (competition). Then we had a break for lunch and some game play on the Wii (which was cleverly disguised coaching and physical fitness for both of them). Then husband got home and he sat with difficult child 3 to get over the next "hump" in the project while I did more work with her for an exam she has coming up. The girl was working on some practice papers and having difficulty with codes (relative difficulty, anyway - she was still getting them mostly right). We talked about codes, the history of codes, I told her what I could remember about some historical stuff and I think it helped her get a better understanding of the sort of questions she'll get in her exam.
    We snacked on healthy food (plus chocolate brownies) and by the time her mother collected her, she and difficult child 3 had enjoyed a really fun day; both had also got ALL the study work done that was on their schedule (and more); they'd played games and been physically active AND had a healthy lunch.

    I feel smug.

    All I need now is for difficult child 3 to finally finish this darned film project! Preferably before next Friday, when we go on holiday.

    School is back on Monday (yes - today was still school holidays - I'm a MEAN mum sometimes but at least I make it as much fun as possible).

    Have a fun and productive Saturday. Well, fun anyway.

  5. slsh

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    Good morning all! It's a rainy day in Chicago but a little rain is a good thing (it also postpones me having to stain the new wheelchair ramp!!!).

    TM - it certainly does sound like a busy day for you! I hope you got to sneak in a little extra snooze time! ;)

    Sharon - sounds like you had a great day yesterday! There must be something in the air - I spent a couple of hours yesterday helping Diva clean out her room and we're going to finish it today. OMG, the girl simply doesn't understand the concept of a trash can, LOL. I have convinced her that we have to move some of her beloved stuffed animals out of her room - there's really no room for her in there! Hope there are no suprises lurking in difficult child's closet for you! ;)

    Jo - I'm so sorry to hear your mom is struggling. I hope you're able to get all the legal stuff settled for her and get her feeling more comfortable.

    thank you actually called last night to chat. Knock me over. He didn't ask for anything, though I do suspect he wanted to get the lowdown on his staffing yesterday. He wasn't there because they took the kids to see the new Batman movie. Staffing was... so-so. I guess his pot use is on the rise but realistically there's not a doggone thing I or anyone else can do about it, short of locking him down which *they* aren't going to do. Blech! I did get him into the doctor this week and his EKG was fine, thank goodness. Just awaiting the blood work now. He is staying in school for now as opposed to going AWOL, but isn't doing the work - somehow I guess that's progress in thank you world, LOL.

    I did have a great moment this week related to him - he was sitting outside the agency as I arrived to pick him up. He was talking with some kids and a staff person and just laughing... I realized it's been forever since I've seen him relaxed and laughing. It was a precious moment - I'm glad he has them, even if it's not with us.

    Diva is struggling with depression right now - not sure why, not sure if I need to get her into a doctor. I'm leery of jumping the gun with her, having overreacted with Wee several years ago. Sigh. When does it get easier??? I'm spending a lot of time with her 1:1, talking, keeping her busy. I think she tends to fall into a lot of negative self-talk, so I'm trying to focus on positives and the control that she does have. If she's not turning the corner by next week, I guess it will be time to get more aggressive. Breaks my heart.

    Anyway - finishing up her room overhaul today, then priming Boo's room, and hopefully going to get closer to having the remodel completely finished. The contractors are done, it's just on us now.

    Hope you all have a great Saturday!! Hi to anyone who snuck in! :beach_ball:
  6. Andy

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    Good Morning All!​

    Tired Mommy - I use to be the designated flier deliverer when easy child was a baby and I didn't work a few years. My kids only get to go to the circus if some kind soul takes them - not my thing though the Shriner's Circus is not as bad as others.

    Little Dudes Mom - What a great Friday for you and easy child. Now, back to work. (just kidding) :) Enjoy your day. I am glad your uncle is doing well.

    JoG - Wow, you have your hands full - Don't get too overly worked. Now I feel guilty having easy child give puppy to a friend for 1 1/2 weeks while she is gone and feeling relieved that when difficult child has his oral surgery that I don't have a puppy to care for also. What a Warrior Mom you are!

    Marg - Smug away - you deserve it. Bet everyone felt good about your great day!

    Slsh - Your kids are keeping you hopping these days. You must have lots of energy to work with them and do your remodeling projects. I hope you have a GREAT day!

    It is also raining here. I think it is suppose to rain all day. Not sure what that will mean for the fair. Yesterday at the gate was another good day even though people were not taking directions as well. And one of our ticket takers who should not be working because she refuses to be in the sun and stand for any length of time caused such a mess at the front gate because she basically left the other person doing all the work. So posse at front gate request someone from back gate to go up but we needed all three of our people too. I get so furious at this person - if you can't do the job, do not sign on - every year I hope she will not be back. And as co-workers say, I work well with EVERYONE so if there is someone I don't think should be doing a job, then there is no hope they can ever get the job done.

    easy child came out even on her bag Wed and Thur night - I don't know about last night - I was so happy that someone helped her find $100 that she thought she was under (hadn't recorded something right). I was over $4.25 but know exactly how that happened.

    difficult child went to the fair last night with the neighbors - they were still going strong at 10:30 when I was done so I took him to finish up his fun before coming home.

    Today I work 1:00 - 8:00. I hope I can stay at back gate. I hate last day at front gate with vendors pulling out early and driving the wrong way on a one way road - there has got to be a better way! What a mess!​