Good Saturday Morning

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Wiped Out, Nov 22, 2008.

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    Happy Saturday Friends,

    It's a tad warmer here this morning-all the way up to 20! Yesterday was bitter, at one point I hear 3 degrees with the windchill factored in:2cold:

    We did finish most, maybe even all (I always forget something) of our Thanksgiving Day grocery shopping. This year I bought a 23 pound turkey. We're going to have about 16 of us and I am hoping for leftovers as well!

    This morning I'm off to work and then it's a day of cleaning and trying to get everything as ready as possible for Thursday. I hate that we have to work the Wednesday before Thanksgiving-I could really use the day to prepare and the students' minds are elsewhere!

    I'll also have to watch my football team probably get creamed by Ohio State, our main rivals-grrr!

    Wishing everyone a calm Saturday, one where your difficult children act as pcs and your pcs even act that way too!:flower:
  2. Rabbit

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    Good Morning Friends.
    Sharon -thanks for the calm Saturday wish.
    A calm day is just what i am hoping for!
    I am looking forward to Thanksgiving
    It will just me, my 3 difficult children and of course
    Bob, my new difficult child kitten. Hope everyone has a great day and weekend. Can anyone start the Good Morning thread? Hugs Rabbit
  3. Marguerite

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    G'day, folks.

    Sharon/WO, a 23 pound turkey! Have you got an oven big enough to fit it in? And a block and tackle to hoist it up to swing it into the oven? Wow! Maybe you should do a feast Aussie-style (or Kiwi-style) - dig a huge pit and barbecue everything in a pit fire, or alternatively wrap it all up, place the wrapped food on the coals, cover over the food and coals with wet sacks and/or leaves, then a tarpaulin, then dirt, then relax and wait a few hours before digging up the feast.
    Maybe that's what we should have done for the wedding feast...

    Rabbit, I hope you get your calm Saturday wish! And yes, anyone can start the Good Morning thread, although my own personal rule is that I must wait until it's past midnight (ie definitely AM) wherever the server for Conduct Disorders happens to be (it has moved a couple of times). I once started the Good Morning thread when it was that morning Aussie time, and it thoroughly confused everybody! We're 19 hours ahead of the CD server, if I didn't "play fair" I would always be starting the Good Morning thread and nobody else would stand a chance!

    Well, it's after 11 pm here and we had a lovely wedding today for difficult child 1. Too early for photos yet, plus husband is anxious about our security and so will need to be reassured that we are posting photos safely.

    It was NOT typical November weather for us - it felt like late autumn, frankly. It began with sun, then a rain storm blew in followed by a windy change and cold weather. easy child & I (and a friend) went to the church to decorate the arbour on the front lawn beside the beach. We were struggling with the wind so strong but the sun had come out again. By the time the bride arrived (by boat, then walking barefoot across the sand to our stretch of lawn) the sun was out and warm despite the cool breeze.

    Everything went well although the bride (my DAUGHTER-IN-LAW!) has a sore throat and laryngityis. She pushed her voice enough to get her vows out audibly, but had to whisper after that.

    I will have to post separately in Watercooler, maybe tomorrow. Or maybe husband can post, whoever gets to do it first. Right now we're both very tired, we all waved the pair goodbye than after a quick clean-up, we headed to the local club for dinner. No way was I cooking tonight!

    Just before we left the dinner, we had a final quick talk to easy child 2/difficult child 2 and BF2 about their choice of wedding venue. We now have it firmly chosen and on Monday I will call the place to confirm the booking. Meanwhile at today's wedding, easy child's uncle offered to use his boat as HER "bridal car" for HER wedding. Meanwhile easy child 2/difficult child 2 used today's wedding to recruit her flower girl.

    So we were STILL doing three wedding stuff today, of all days!

    I just checked the forecast - tomorrow will be like today was, windy and unpredictable. But tomorrow we don't have to do anything special, just be with family. Maybe go for a short walk.

    Enjoy your Saturday, everyone. husband & I will be sleeping ours off while you get up and get going with yours.

  4. timer lady

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    Good morning friends & fellow :warrior: parents.

    Sharon (with-o), that's the size turkey my sis bought; that along with my baby bro purchasing a 17 lb turkey to fry. Get as much done this weekend so you can enjoy your company this coming Thursday.

    Rabbit, hope you have a calm, peaceful day ahead.

    Marg, (tears in eyes) congrats to newly wedded couple. How are you doing ~ real emotional? I hope today is a day of rest for you before you take on the next round of weddings.

    Bitterly cold here this morning with a dusting of snow on the ground. I'm wrapped in my comforter sipping on my hmj & enjoying some quiet this morning before husband & kt get up & moving. I believe I'll pop in my book on take to listen to & paint a bit :painter:.

    I'm in the process of wrapping up traveling plans for the upcoming holiday. It doesn't appear that husband will include himself in our little (6 hr one way) trip to my families for Thanksgiving. I may have to leave Tuesday night with kt & drive a couple of hours to a motel. Take my good time on Wednesday. My brother thinks that his wife is coming to town early next week & may drive us home for the holiday.

    Whatever ~ have a good one.
  5. Andy

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    Wiped Out - Stay warm this weekend and double check that list. People usually forget either the largest main item or the smallest littlest item so, remember the turkey and the black olives (or maybe cottage cheese are smaller if you measure the little curds?). Or it could be a condiment - do you need dressing to make that coleslaw?

    Rabbit - Yes, anyone can start the morning thread - how early can you get up? I am usually the last one to sign into the thread (not always but it seems a lot of the times). And there is no time limit to respond to the thread so even afternoon/evening if you want to post on the good morning thread go ahead. I hope you have a great weekend.

    Marg - The wedding sounds beautiful. So glad the rain and wind stopped for the ceremony! Sorry that the bride has a sore throat.

    Timer - If sister in law comes to give you a ride, who will bring you home? Does KT like motels? If so, going early and taking your time traveling may be fun. Where ever you stay the night, you can go to a movie?

    difficult child is going to the "farm" with husband today. I rounded up snowpants, sweatshirt and scarf. I bought him new hat and mittens last night. (we are all in need of those this year - time to toss the ones used for many winters past) Now I need to pack food and water. It is very cold here and I hope husband makes a short day of it if difficult child starts to get too cold. Though I think he will be bundled up for it.

    easy child is in the cities so I get the house to myself. I think I will find the kitchen an set up the area for the Christmas tree. Not sure if I can move the table away on my own so may have to wait on that part.

    I think my Creative Memories consultant has an open house today so I will look for that flier or call her and go over to pick out Santa presents for myself.

    I better get to packing the food - husband is anxious to get out the door.

    Everyone have a great day. Find a way to make your difficult child laugh.

  6. Jena

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    Good morning everyone!!! :)

    Sharon - I hope you have a good day at work today!!! You have a busy day, work, preparing for thanksgiving and football!! I'm tired just reading it LOL!! Also, you guys have school on wed?? Wow, difficult child is off wed thru friday.

    Rabbit i hope you havea great peaceful day today!! :)

    Linda - Im sorry to hear husband won't be joining you for holiday. I hate to see you do that drive you and kt alone. You had better take your time. Is it snowing there yet?? I hope road's are good. I hope you have a peaceful day today.

    Andy - Good for you, you have the house to yourself!! Sounds like he will have a cold yet fun day at the farm. Hope you get some rest today and have a good day.

    Marg - i'm glad to hear the wedding went so well, it sounds great! I hope you and husband get the rest you need today :) I'll look for your post about wedding tomorrow when you tell us :)

    Me, my pain has subsided somewhat which is great! I'm actually getting used to it which is kinda disturbing. difficult child and I will be going to yet another playdate of her's at 1 today. it's a new friend from school, so she is very very excited. Than after that its our usual sat. food shopping, cleaning and probably pizza night tongiht and maybe a christmas movie. easy child is adorable..........shes joined track with her two best friends. Their running through town right now in 20 degree weather. I'm actually very proud of her right now. She's come around after our talk the other day and seems to be understanding my decision. yea me :)

    Have a great calm day to anyone that jumps in :)