Good Saturday Morning!!

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by LittleDudesMom, Dec 1, 2012.

  1. LittleDudesMom

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    :forchristmas: Good Morning All!

    Getting a little earlier start this morning than the usual Saturday am -- Mom came in town last night and she, easy child and I are heading to the outlets for a girls day of window shopping and maybe a little purchase or two! I'm sitting looking at my tree this morning remembering how much I love waking up and turing on the tree lights -- feels so homey!

    Hope your Saturday is a relaxing one and you find some smiles.

  2. buddy

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    Good Morning back at cha! Got to go eat with my sister, mom and God daughter for my bd yesterday which was so nice. Q was gone till 8:30 so now today it's back to the real world. Got my holiday card list so I'm going to get going on that. Really fun!
  3. Marguerite

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    G'day, people.

    It's been a scorcher here, and we spent the best day in it - a family barbecue on the Central Coast. A couple of my siblings were celebrating a birthday. Because we're scattered up the coast, we had the party at a central location, at the McMansion of one of my nieces. The house used to be owned by a local mob boss, I was told today. There was a lovely swimming pool which we all enjoyed, even those who had not expected to go for a swim. They got thrown in! I finally got a start on my tan (I'm glowing a little tonight but will be brown in the morning). We had a marvellous party, most of the family are staying overnight but we had to get home for mother in law.

    difficult child 3 went to a party at a friend's house - another pool party, it's the season for them. He took himself, then left to come home to have dinner with mother in law.

    It's just after midnight here now, which makes it Sunday morning. Temperatures tonight, driving home, were still over 32C (just on 90F). Maximum today, on the coast (cooler) was 37C. Body heat. Inland it went to 42C or more. Last week I was in winter pyjamas and shivering. This week I'm stripped off and still dripping with sweat. I think summer is here.

    Tomorrow - church, then choir practice, then getting mother in law up here for a shower. her bathroom is STILL not done and it's taking far too long. Driving us nuts. The weather is forecast to change tomorrow, so it should be pleasantly cool. Still hotenough for a swim, hopefully, although I probably won't have time. Made up for it today, though.

    Enjoy your Saturday.

  4. TerryJ2

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    Aw, Sharon, what a nice note to start out the day with.
    Glad you got a day off for your birthday, Buddy. :)
    Gosh, Marg, what a climate difference. I'm glad you use it to the fullest, and enjoy the beach so much.
    SFR, interesting that you can't have caffeine before an EEG but it makes sense. Sorry! But you'll REALLY enjoy it after the test!
    I'm working on a mural at husband's office, and putting up the little Christmas village here at home, in lieu of a tree, because we're going out of town for Christmas.
  5. Marg's Man

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    Just catching up a bit ...

    Gday SFR,

    Being thrown in the pool when you're dressed for it (or at leats dressed in light clothing) is no great drama, especially when the POOL is 30 degrees and the air temperature is up near 40.

    Marg will tell you that I'm a bit of a wimp and won't get in water colder than about 21 degrees but even I was able enjoy that very warm pool.

    Marg's Man
  6. HaoZi

    HaoZi Guest

    Well, it's been an interesting Saturday. New family moved into the apartment complex. They have four kids - two 5 year olds, one girl Kiddo's age with ADHD, and a 13 year old boy who has Asperger's Disorder, bi-polar, ODD, and is schizoaffective. Kiddo has been playing with the 11 and 13 year old all day. difficult children really do find each other. They've been teaming up to avoid the 6 year old difficult child neighbor kid who likes to throw sand and sticks at other kids.

    Her other friends moved away a few months ago, so at least she is making new friends. They visited here and seemed nice enough.
  7. InsaneCdn

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    Getting tossed into a pool around here about now would be sheer insanity.

    Major storm today - 2nd or 3rd so far, usually we don't get these until Jan.
    Snow. More snow. Wind, which blows around the snow.

    Take a break.
    Shovel the new stuff.
    Shovel the old stuff the wind moved.
    Park shovel, go warm up.
    The driveway pile is already higher than I can toss snow over. Guess I'm gonna be off major snow-duty for the rest of the season!

    Let's see... if Marg and crew have +32C, we're not "quite" opposite, but close enough... if you're TOO warm, come enjoy some -15C. Complete with a snowball fight.