Good Saturday Morning

Wiped Out

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Good Morning,

I must be getting up way too early these days as I have been starting the g'morning post a lot lately. I wish I were still in dreamland right now because when the alarm went off this morning I thought I had to get up to go teach-then realized it was Saturday and I only have to work ww for a couple of hours-thank goodness!

difficult child is headed to respite for 5 hours today! My nephew is dropping off his 80-90 pound dog this morning and we will be watching him til tomorrow. This afternoon after we pick up difficult child we are going to see Spiderman. My niece is coming along which means she will be dropping off her two little dogs (4 pounds, 6 pounds). So all total we will have four dogs, ours which weighs about 65 and the other three. Should be interesting. We will have the little two dogs in the basement while we're gone to the movie.

It's a rainy day here-I'm hoping the sun breaks out at some point but think I will need to wait til tomorrow for that.

Enjoy your day-find reason to smile and laugh :flower:


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Good Morning Everyone!

Sharon- that is a lot of dogs, i hope they all get along, enjoy spiderman, i am saved as difficult child doesn't like it, doesn't it stink when you wake up thinking it's a different day

Well mornings are still short on time for me, that's why i don't always get on anymore. difficult child is doing well, i got a call from his counsler, i freaked, he called to tell me difficult child was doing great, and picks his friends very carefully, i was so excited. difficult child has his soccer game today at home, then a make up game tomorrow away, in a town i am not sure how to get to, that will be fun. Well enjoy your day everyone, the weather is beautiful here for a change!


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Good morning. :coffee:
Sharon- That is a lot of dogs! Will the kids help with walking them? :smile:
Jen- Glad to hear difficult child is doing so well. Choosing good friends is often half the battle for teens. :warrior:
Sorry I wasn't around much yesterday, I ran for morning until night. Then I was up half the night with a post nasal cough. :ill: And I was planning on pulling weeds today! Ugh!!!
Have a great day. Hi to anyone that snuck in. :salute:
Good morning everyone

This is my SECOND time waking up. Insomnia sucks.

Lots of dogs, Sharon. Lots of doggy-doo. Enjoy Spiderman. My brother say the midnight screening and he said it was great.

Enjoy your soccer weekend Jen. Nice to have heard a good report by phone, I am sure.

Tiredmommy, ick. Sounds like allergies. No fun. Tis the season!

Pixie had her friend spend the night last night (they are snoring on the floor right now) and tonight Pixie goes there to sleep over.

I am not sure what I will do with myself! A night off!

Everyone enjoy he weekend.


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<span style='font-size: 11pt'>Good Morning all. :salute: I woke up bright eyed and bushy tailed. LOL. Guess a good night's sleep helps.

Wiped out, you must really like dogs. I'll baby sit kids but I pass on dogsitting. My sister's dogs wait outside. Hope your house is still clean and standing when you get back. Enjoy respite.

Raz, glad to hear that things are going so well. Enjoy it.

BBK,how nice that Pixie has a friend and you get a break.

TM, sorry to hear you aren't feeling well. Guess the weeds got a reprieve.

difficult child is off to work. We always call to make sure he is up and ready. Trust is a difficult thing to repair. He whines every sat. morning about not wanting to go but goes and ends up doing ok. It's not a problem on Sunday. Guess it's that whole changing gears. He is working on a goal to go to a graduation weekend with his friends from school. It's in Virginia Beach at the end of May. I'm glad he got an invitation.

easy child and I are going to be working on graduation announcements and mailing senior pictures to aunts and uncles. The time is getting near.

Hope you have a productive Saturday. I am going to enjoy my coffee and maybe read the paper on the patio if it doesn't rain.
:coffee: </span>

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Good morning friends,

Sharon - I'm like Fran, I'd pass on the dog sitting. You are a good auntie. Enjoy respite.

Raz, what a wonderful update on difficult child! Gives me hope.

TM, hope you're feeling better soon.

BBK, enjoy your respite. Time alone for me = sleep. My favorite hobby is napping.

Fran, hard to let go of that Mom "get out of bed" role.

I slept in this morning. kt was up & moving early this morning & once again made me coffee. I love this child!

Woke up with a migraine. I'm hoping it passes as we're supposed to go visit with wm this afternoon.

Enjoy your Saturday! Find a reason to laugh - even at the absurd.