Good Sunday morning, my friends....

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It was a beautiful day yesterday. Moderate temps, sun shining & a gorgeous breeze. I can see signs of fall but nothing too blatant - just a hint here & there. I've noticed the robins have headed south for the winter.

I spent most of yesterday napping. I expect I'll be doing the same today as well. In between all the napping husband & I spent time talking & just enjoying one another's company. It seems like it's been too long since we've been able to talk without kt in the background adding in her comments or trying to hear things that are just not kt related. And if it isn't kt related - kt will make darn sure it turns that way.

kt will be home from respite this afternoon around 5 or so. husband & I have set up a 10:30 time to check in with one another & spend at least a half hour talking. Sounds like a plan.

Enjoy your Sunday. I hope you have a calm peaceful day.



Good Morning all

Linda - sounds like a very relaxing weekend for you. Nice you and husband have time to talk.

I laid down for a nap after work about 3 yesterday afternoon and didn't wake up until 1:30am. I guess our "date" will be today. Maybe a movie and dinner or something like that.

I took the dogs for a 1.5 hour walk at 2am. I am a little afraid to walk that late, have seen a lot of coyotes around. Also, people coming home from the bars. I kept on the main roads and stopped to talk to my buddy working at the gas station. I see him everynight I work when I stop for coffee.

Didn't see difficult child on Saturday at all. He spent the night at a friends and he was talking to me online when I was at work at 4:30am. Didn't see easy child either. Thought he would be coming home while I was up this morning, but he is already home. Wonder if he is sick. lol.

Have a great day everyone.


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G'day, friends.

Linda, you need your rest right now. I'm glad you're getting some. Enjoy the peace.

Kjs, you sound like you needed the sleep too. I sometimes used to go for a walk in the middle of the night, if I couldn't sleep. Sometimes I'd take pencil & paper, and sit and write while watching the sun rise over the ocean, while sitting at the lookout. Very therapeutic.

Niece arrived from Perth this morning. We took her down to the mini-train track - she's never been there - then left early, using my health as an excuse, to have a look at a medieval fair we'd seen advertised. It was woeful. They charged us $10 a head to go in, for a total of about 12 allegedly medieval-themed stalls which included a Turkish Gozleme stall (NOT medieval!), a Mr Whippy truck, a fast food stall and a lemonade stand. Oh, and a stall selling trashy plastic jewellery (also definitely not medieval). There was a display of redcoats and early guns, as well as some swords, but these were fairly ghastly, poor quality imitations. Muddy underfoot, smelling of sheep - at least THAT was authentic!

There was supposed to be jousting on horseback, but we have a really serious outbreak of equine flu at the moment, it's stopped all movement of horses in the country and could kill this year's Spring Racing Carnival, including Melbourne Cup Day! All race meets in the country have been cancelled until further notice - really bad news. And to cancel the Cup - it's like cancelling the Kentucky Derby! Worse! It's known as the race that stops the nation. So no horses, no jousting. They had cut the entry fee to $10 from $15, due to the lack of horses. As it was, we had looked at everything thoroughly in half an hour. Pretty poor value.

I'm still fighting my bladder infection, plus I feel like I've got a horse-sized dose of flu myself. And the GP said my last test result is not good - I could have diabetes. I'm hoping to get a blood test somewhere, tomorrow. I might get them to listen to my chest while they're at it.

Fed up with feeling sick!

Enjoy your Sunday.


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Good Morning My Friends!

Linda- enjoy the time you get to rest

Kjs- your brave to go for a walk that late, i also owuld be afraid of the people coming home from the bars

Marg- isn't it a shame they make you pay so much for a bad fair, i hope you feel better soon.

So difficult child and i went sneaker shopping, and oh man what a mess. Turns out he is in the odd size of a boys 6.5, the only thing most brands don't make them that big, or they were out. He fianlly found some skate shoes, that he loved and all was well. i need everyone to say some prayers and keep their fingers crossed for difficult child and i. The town we live in has made some beautiful luxury apt. homes, way out of my price range. However they have put a bunch up as affordable housing, and i could afford it. The only thing is it goes by lottery, and we just need some luck. So they will be picking in a few weeks. Here's to hopefully a new start. My fingers are crossed. Have a great day!


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Morning ladies,

Linda, I'm glad you're getting your rest. Enjoy the talk with husband, they are always a good idea.

Kjs, hope you get some sleep, you sound like you could use it. Enjoy your date.

Marg, glad you're spending some time with your neice. Enjoy it. Hope the infection gets better soon :frown:

Jen, my fingers are so crossed for you, toes and everything else too, that you get the apartment. I hope so, you deserve it! Good luck, let us know how you make out.

Not much planned here today. Stopped with the boys to see Dylan yesterday, and they played some football and basketball. The boys all interacted nicely. I felt like I was in someone elses shoes LOL! Seriously ~ was fun, and Dylan looks great.

SO's family is doing a bbq and we're invited. I have groceries to get. Blah. Other than that, I think I'll follow Linda's plan and take a nap LOL!

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Good Morning!

Linda-Sounds like a well deserved peaceful, relaxing weekend with husband! :flower: difficult child is the same as kt-every conversation must be about him!

Kjs-You must have really needed that sleep! :flower: Walking the dogs at 2:00 a.m.-you are way more brave than me! Glad difficult child had a night away!

Marguerite-Sorry the medieval fair was a bust. Every year the 6th grade students at the middle school put one on and I take my elementary students there (no charge except for what they decide to buy-prices range from a dime to fifty cents)-it is always lots of fun. I'm sorry to hear you are still not feeling well. :ill:

Razzle-Crossing my fingers and keeping positive thoughts you get into the apartments! :future:

We had a nice night. easy child had a sleepover (still there) and husband, difficult child, & I went out for a nice dinner. difficult child fell asleep on the way home and husband & I had peace and quiet!

In a bit we'll go to the health club. Later husband is taking easy child clothes shopping for an upcoming photo-shoot she has and I will take difficult child to the pool.

Tonight difficult child goes to respite at 5:00 for an overnight!!! We will pick him up at 12:30 tomorrow after we attend a meeting for work in the morning.

I hope everyone enjoys a peaceful day-hi to anyone who snuck in! :dance:


Morning all..

Linda glad you had lots of naps. Having time to talk to husband is a great thing.

KJS sounds like you needed the nap too. Hope the dogs enjoyed the walk with you.

Marg glad your neice got in. Sorry the fair wasn't up to par. Sorry to hear about the infection. easy child used to ge tthem all the time. She learned cranberry was her friend.

Jen will keep good thoughts about the apartment for you.

Janna BBQ sounds like fun.

Sharon things sound good for you at the moment.

husband and I had a great time at the wedding and reception yesterday. First time we have done anything like that in very long time. easy child was at friends all night and no calls from either difficult child (we made sure neither of them knew we had plans for the night or we would have gotten calls). husband even kept the phone on silent so if he had gotten a call it would have been discovered when he checked the time on it.

Not sure what today holds. easy child has another B-day party. husband is still snoring and I am taking a break from picking up the distruction the cats did last night. (They are so difficult child about being left alone so long).



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:princess: Good Sunday Morning!

Linda, sounds like you had a wonderful Saturday - here's wishing Sunday is just as lovely.

Kjs, you must have really needed the sleep! Hope you and husband can get away to celebrate tonight.

Marg, sorry the fair was a bust!! Hope you get some health answers soon.

Jen, I have the opposite problem with my difficult child - he wears a size 7.5/8. We have no problem finding sneakers (he loves vans), but when we went dress shoe shopping for his fifth grade graduation - all the dress shoes were "big man" shoes!!!! Good luck with the lottery - we'll be keeping things crossed for you.

Janna, glad the boys had a good time visiting yesterday - nothing does a mother's heart better than her children getting along! Have fun at the bbq.

Sharon, you guys enjoy your respite and your nap!

Beth, glad you and husband had some good alone "grown-up" time last night. I hope the peace continues today.

Well, I never got my nap yesterday and I was so tired from the "birthday week"!!!! There just seemed to be so much to do around here - loads and loads of laundry, outside work, getting the house in order since we are leaving today (I have to have my house clean before I go away because I love coming home to a clean house)............ The next thing I knew, it was 5:30 - company coming at 6 - no time to nap for me!

We are heading up to Maryland in a few hours. No rushing this morning. I'll take my laptop and see if I can piggy-back on a neighbor's unsecured wireless! Otherwise, I'll see you guys on Tuesday. Be good! :thumb:



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Good morning. :coffee:
Linda- I'm glad to hear husband & you have carved out time to reconnect. :flower:
Kjs- I'd be worried about you walking at that hour too. The drunks really make me nervous. :surprise:
Marg- Wow. I really hope it's not diabetes. If so, job #1 will be getting it under control immediately. :doctor:
Jen- Fingers crossed, prayers said and good thoughts coming that you win that housing lottery! :angel:
Janna- It sounds like you had a great visit yesterday, I'm glad the boys got along so well. :bravo:
Sharon- It sounds like you're having a wonderful weekend! Enjoy the respite tonight. :kisses:
Beth- Your husband was wise to turn off the phone. My friend's 17yo called 3x over 3 hours yesterday. She never gives her Mom a moment of peace! :hammer:
Well, our party went well. A little rain at the end but everyone was getting ready to leave anyway. Tents are down, furniture is packed. I just have to finish emptying the coolers and wash the floors today. Duckie behaved remarkably well for as tired as she was. We had a hard time before the party started, but she improved once the other kids showed up. :dance:
Have a great day. Hi to anyone that snuck in. :salute: