Good Sunday Morning!

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by tiredmommy, Nov 30, 2008.

  1. tiredmommy

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    I'm heading out the door soon to Sunday School and church, after that I'll try to grocery shop for next week. Then work on Christmas cards. And maybe start baking for Christmas....

    Have a great day! :santa:
  2. LittleDudesMom

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    :snowangel: No, it's not snowing here this morning! I just felt in the "snow angel" mood.

    Good Sunday Morning Everyone!

    TM, sound like another busy day ahead for you. I'll be heading to Sunday school in about two hours. I am meeting my class at Starbucks for coffee then they will return to my house. Haven't even given my cards a thought this year! I usually buy them on sale after the previous Christmas, but I couldn't find any I liked last year. There is always the children in front of the tree and Shutterfly!! Hope you day is a productive one.

    My Saturday was crazy busy!!!! Going, going, going until company arrived at 6. It was a lovely dinner and great company! The only thing I didn't get done on my list was trim the tree. So there it sat in the family room, covered with lights and lit, but no decorations. I was just so busy with other things yesterday that I didn't have the opportunity to take down the Thanksgiving things and then bring out the tree stuff.

    Today will be busy until about 2 - when I hope to catch a nap by the fire. At 4:30 easy child will teach a class and I will go for that. The kids and I have decided that easy child and I will pick up a pizza on the way home from the gym, we will pop in "Christmas Vacation" and trim the tree while watching and eating!

    Wishing you all a peaceful and restful Sunday :snowing:.

  3. Marguerite

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    G'day for Sunday. We're just heading for bed.

    TM, don't overdo it today, you have a lot on your agenda. Although for me, I always enjoy baking. I meant to do some tonight, I just decided to take things easy. I did a lot of baking last night instead.

    Sharon/LDM, you've reminded me to get my cards organised. As for the tree - we'll buy one the week before Christmas and decorate it when sister in law and family arrive from Perth. Up at or house we'll assemble our plastic one when difficult child 1 gets back from his honeymoon and takes his (large) TV away. Then maybe we'll have room for our tree. We'll decorate it when we get the chance.

    husband & I managed to get to church this morning, we stayed for our usual chat afterwards although we decided to wait until we got home to have lunch. Most people have lunch at church, sitting on the veranda overlooking the sea. On a fine day like today, some go for a swim afterwards, it's a church where you can wear just a swimsuit if you like. Bare feet are commonplace.
    As we were leaving, the recent widower/missionary who we 'drafted' for difficult child 1's wedding last week (to save him from sitting alone and brooding) was also about to leave, to stay for a few days with friends while he tries to find somewhere more permanent to settle. Someone had told him that the project he's working on would benefit from my support, so we had a very quick 'business meeting' on the back steps. His project deals with miracles and happenstances, I felt the last-minute reference was just another such occasion!

    After we had some lunch (and I had a much-needed catnap) husband & difficult child 3 assembled a side table for mother in law and we went to visit to deliver it and I took some plants down that I've been accumulating, to put in her garden. We didn't do a lot for long, but there are some large differences now in how things look. She loves flowers and now has more.

    My pain levels have been much worse over the last few days but tonight I've been using hot packs and they seem to have helped a bit. But one more reason for getting to bed before midnight.

    Tomorrow I have a writing competition announcement to attend followed by the Christmas party. I have a short speech to give, I've just printed it to pack in my bag so I don't forget. I might get some grocery shopping done, but it could be a long shot. Tuesday is far more likely - another doctor's appointment (rheumatologist) and he'd better have some answers for me, or at least a sense of direction. I'm a bit wary of this bloke, not sure if he's the man for me. A fellow writer I met up with at yesterday's Christmas party (different group) used to see my bloke but decided he was no good for her and moved on. She has rheumatoid arthritis (and BiPolar (BP)). She'll be there tomorrow, I'm going to ask for the name of her doctor so I can be prepared. Then I have to get back for my massage therapist appointment, she's working on the torn muscle in my leg.

    We just watched the tail end of "A Beautiful Mind" - Russell Crowe should have got an Oscar for that performance. I think it was even better than his performance in "Gladiator" the previous year. A pity Crowe offended so many people by losing his temper the way he did; the Oscars shouldn't be affected by that but we know that's not the way it always works. Not that Denzel Washington isn't a really good actor of Oscar standard, but I do think that performance of Crowe's as John Nash was brilliant. easy child has a copy of that film, I miss it now she's moved so far away. I'll have to get my own copy.

    Enjoy your Sunday, pace yourselves as we move into the "silly season".

  4. Andy

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    Tired Mommy - Have a great day. Starting on cards sounds like something I better do also. The time before Thanksgiving and Christmas goes by way to fast!

    Little Dude's Mom - Enjoy your trimming of the tree today!

    Marg - Sounds like you remain very busy. The "silly season". Is that the craziness of the Holidays or does that refer to your Spring time? I know both get crazy over here. I hope you find the right rhuemotologist.

    I think we are suppose to get snow through the state today. I hope husband and difficult child miss it on their way home. difficult child tried to get me to stay in the cities last night but I have Sunday School this morning. I will be surprised if we get any kids though. Years ago we always had this Sunday off of Sunday School then our newest pastor got mad when he came to town (probably because he had 3 kids of that age). We have to have Sunday School every single Sunday. So, I started having one classroom sessions on these type of days so I didn't have to ask all the teachers to show up or find substitutes. That particular year, no kid stayed for Sunday School. I think Christmas is on Thursday this year? If so, I don't want Sunday School that Sunday either. We will watch The Little Drummer Boy today. It is 1/2 hour long. I don't know if the music leaders will be there so I may have lead an opening also.

    I think I may need a nap this afternoon also. These weekends in the cities are starting to wear me out even though they are a lot of fun.

    For those interested: I went to a Linens and Things store on Friday. They were going out of business so I asked if it was only that location and was told "No, Nationwide". They didn't have any door busting super great Black Friday deals that I saw. Everything was only 30 percent off. However, many stores will increase that percentage as they day of door closing gets closer. So, if you need any beddings, towels, ect. check them out.

    Everyone have a GREAT day. Find a way to make your difficult child laugh today.

  5. TerryJ2

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    Hi all, you are all so industrious!
    We don't have our Christmas cards yet--we're supposed to pose for a photo but that's not going to happen today--easy child has a cold and it's dreary outside.
    Maybe we can hang lights outside.
    Andy, several friends pointed out that same Linens store is fiddling with-its prices so they not only do not have 30% off, they often do not have a sale at all. Unless you fall in love with-an item, you can get better bargains elsewhere. Despite the Chapt 11 or 13 or whatever.
    LittleDudesMom, you saved the best for last on tree trimming!
  6. Fran

    Fran Former desparate mom

    Good morning everyone. It's good to sleep in my own bed.

    TM, have fun.

    LDM, yay! about the tree being up. I'm excited about the holidays this year. It's going to be busy.

    Marguerite, I missed the post about the wedding. Congratulations. I'm sure it was beautiful.
    I agree about Russel Crowe's performance. It really helped me understand (as much as I can) what hallucinations do and feel like and how they affect one's life. It was a very good movie and an excellent performance.

    Adrianne too bad about being forced to have a Sunday School class where there aren't any available kids. Takes up your valuable time.

    It's a rainy day. I'm hoping to get the tree up and get through 9 days of mail plus laundry. Tomorrow is a busy day also so staying close to home today will be a good thing.

    difficult child ate me out of house and home. I don't know how to instill good judgement regarding food in difficult child. It seems a losing battle.

    Hope your day is warm and toasty and relaxing. If you are returning home and traveling- stay safe.
  7. Jena

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    :beautifulthing: good morning, I got to sleep in today. I'm still gfgless lol. I get my little girl back later today. :) Sleeping in without anyone bothering me was great! So, today is laundry for me, food shopping, and hopefully catching a movie on tv ifi have any time left. Oh and I have to do my nails for that interview wed. i'll never get a chance during week.

    Tired Mommy - You have a busy day!! Good luck with baking! :)

    Sharon - That sounds like a great day. We watched Christmas Vacation the other night, very funny if your talking about the one I have in my head.

    Marg - you sound very busy as well. I hope you got rest last night, i'm
    sorry to hear the pain's been a bit rough past few days. sleep good :)

    Andy - Yes xmas in on a thursday this year. I hope you get your nap and their safe on their drive if you get snow.

    Terry - I dont' have my cards either, lol don't feel bad!! I went by that store as well and the sales were minimal. they tend to be pricey anyway. good luck with-the lights!

    Fran - i'm glad you got to sleep in your own bed. :)

    have a great day anyone that jumps in!!