Good Sunday Morning!!!

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by LittleDudesMom, Dec 28, 2008.

  1. LittleDudesMom

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    :gingerbread: Good Morning Sleepyheads!!!!

    Everyone seems to be enjoying a little extra snooze this morning!

    It's going to be 70 degrees here in central va today! Talk about rollercoaster weather! difficult child and I are going to ride our bikes up to the local seminary today and ride around the quad. It's one of our fav things to do when winter weather breaks.

    My cousin and I are going out for our annual birthday dinner tonight. Today is my birthday - hers is in a month - we pick a place we always wanted to try (never do we go to a place where we've been). I buy her dinner and she buys mine!!!!

    A few little chores early this morning before the bike ride then another "Band of Brothers" dvd with difficult child. He is enjoying the undivided attention since his sissy is in New York!!!!!

    Have a great Sunday all - relax :rudolph:

  2. Marguerite

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    I agree, Sharon. Where is everyone? It's already Monday morning here, we've just had another late night movie session at mother in law's. sister in law & her older daughter are struggling with summer colds, we really should have finished earlier.

    Enjoy your warm day, what a lovely birthday present!

    Today was really hot here, but a combination of stuff to do plus the tail end of sunburn kept us away from the beach.

    We drove easy child to the station to save her an extra hour's travel, then took advantage of being "on the mainland" to do some urgent shopping. husband bought a new tap for mother in law, she's been struggling with a broken one in her kitchen for a few days. Then we tried to get in to the mall but the car park was clogged. So we headed homewards, stopping at the last town before the long road home, to do some urgent grocery shopping. The road home was clogged with tourists and many areas had been closed. We didn't have to show ID, but there have been times in the past when only residents were permitted access. Not today, thankfully.

    We got home in time for a late lunch then I got busy in the garden, watering with the hose (after 4 pm when restrictions are lifted on Sundays) and then "harvesting" stink bugs from the citrus trees. A large harvest, typical of summer. Into the dish of soapy water with them all, using vinyl gloves. I still got a hole in the glove though, and found my hands stained orange inside the glove, from those horrid beetles' excretions. Thankfully, no smell. Meanwhile difficult child 3 dug some manure and compost for me so I can continue with some gardening tomorrow after the house cleaning. If I have any energy left. I've got a lot of cooking to do, that is a priority.

    Tomorrow I have the housecleaning session that's long overdue. I've still got a lot of pottering around to do before I can head for bed, then I have to be up bright-eyed and bushy-tailed ready to work as a team on the house, cooking, washing and tidying. It will be cooler, there are more storms forecast. We didn't get one today so it will have built up a bit more, tomorrow should be a big one. Then the heat will be back for Tuesday. Although it's already hotter tonight than it should be all day tomorrow, maybe they'll have to revise the forecast. We kept opening up the doors and windows tonight to let the ocean breeze in, but there wasn't any. Instead it was warm outside, like a mohair blanket. There are flying ants swarming, mother in law was fussing over the occasional one getting into her kitchen. We were inside at sunset otherwise we'd have seen them against the sunset.

    New Year's Eve and New Year's Day are going to be hot and sunny here. We'd like some rain before then, to keep the bush safely damped down, safer from fires. But it is so dry at the moment, it wouldn't take much. Holidays are the most dangerous times for us, especially summer holidays. Especially after Christmas, as kids get bored and up to mischief.

    Oh well. I'd better head for bed. I need my sleep!

  3. Andy

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    Little Dude's Mom - Happy Birthday! Enjoy the bike ride and dinner!

    Marge - I hope you have a good night's sleep, you have had a busy day today!

    I will show a movie in Sunday School this morning. This afternoon I am going into work for awhile. It will be nice to work with no interruptions.

    The thermometer I gave husband for Christmas stated zero degrees outside. husband said it does not go below zero so I don't know how cold it is.

    Now easy child is unable to go to my parents tomorrow. She and a friend are taking another friend to the airport in the town one hour from here. I will leave her towels with my mom and when they are embroidered, easy child will drive over for a visit to pick them up.

    difficult child was up earlier to let puppy out but went back to bed. Even puppy went back to bed!

    Everyone have a great day! Find a way to make your difficult child laugh.

  4. Wiped Out

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    Good Morning,

    Sharon-Happy Birthday:hapBday: It sounds like you have a really nice day planned-enjoy the weather and dinner!

    Marg-Sounds like you had a busy day which will be followed by another busy day-be sure to get in some good rest!

    Andy-Sounds cold where you are! Don't you love when everyone goes back to bed? Every once in a blue moon it happens here.

    I just got back from church and the kids are already arguing! Later I'm going to the health club and other than a nap I'm not sure what is on the agenda for the day.

    Wishing everyone a day filled with peace:peaceful: