Good Sunday Morning


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Sunny and perfect here in Wisconsin.

Getting packed up to go to the firing range to meet up with Jumper and her boyfriend. I can't believe even now that this is me...learning to shoot. I was so anti gun. Anyway after that we get Sonic and eat Mexican at our favorite restaurant. Heard from Princess for mothers day. Wish she could be with us. She and her SO like to shoot. We'll miss her.

Hope everyone makes today a great day. If no kids are there, baby yourself!!

Have a great day, one and all.

pigless in VA

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Good morning, SWOT. You will always be MWM in my mind. You and I have done a flip flop on our views on guns. I used to be where you are now, but after two suicides via handguns in my family, the thought of guns gives me the willies.

It is beautiful, sunny, and cool here this morning. Happy Mother's day to all the great moms at the CD board. :moms_day: You gals are the bomb.

I am headed out into the yard to move some plants around. Gardening is my best therapy.


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Slept until I woke up; what a treat. Daughter worked last night so both kids here for the night. Looking at the beautiful flowers my youngest daughter sent and miss her so much. I'll be up in Seattle for the summer, though, as soon as my school district lets us go (first week in June in my case). She has a history of pre-term labor and they've kept her on progesterone for her entire pregnancy. Her new doctor is taking her off next week, so I'm hoping baby girl sticks around to bake longer or I'll be up there sooner rather than later.

Difficult daughter (mother of Difficult grandson and Perfect granddaughter) is taking the day off work (she works two jobs) and is coming over later to make us all brunch. She's nearly 40 and I'm not sure she's ever cooked us a meal before. It was her idea, and I think the kids will get a kick out of her in my kitchen cooking for all us. My hubster and myself feed them dinner every night and they love to help out in my kitchen.

It's foggy and cool, and its very quiet. I fired up Big, Black, and Ugly (my espresso machine) and getting ready for my latte. Have a great day, everyone!

Scent of Cedar *

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Our weather today is sunny and cold, but very nice. No further woodtick issues since using the Frontline drops though I did find one on the stereo. I can only think he must have fallen off me. What would a woodtick be doing on a stereo. Into the duct tape he went, poor thing.

I know, you guys. I am woodtick fixated.

I was thinking about Mother's Day this morning. In the sense of how it changed me, that I became a mother. Always before, Mother's Day was so hard for me. I was all bitter about what everyone else seemed to have, and what I deserved, and etc.


Today is different. Somehow, I feel so fortunate in my life and my kids and grands. I hardly recognize myself. It's the strangest thing. I don't feel angry or ashamed at myself for all those other years or the way I felt then. This is new for me, too. I am just happy with this day as it is. But I don't understand how I got here, exactly.

Wishing everyone a very nice day, and a special Mother's Day, whether we are officially parents or not.


pigless in VA

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I fired up Big, Black, and Ugly (my espresso machine) and getting ready for my latte
That made me laugh. I am forever naming odd things.

Cedar, I think that tick just likes music. I have to share with you that one of my former husbands had a gross saying he would trot out after he ate a large meal. "I'm as tight as a tick." Feel free to use that anytime. I'm glad you're in a place to enjoy being a mother and a grandmother.

Ferb gave me the nicest, sweetest card, and he meant it. The boy is maturing. Candy gave me a nasty teen girl attitude for which she will be sorry on Monday when I refuse to give her a ride to school. Rozzy gave me a mole. Bingo dug about 7 new holes.

Tanya M

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Just got home from Chicago. We go every year to my sis-in-laws to celebrate Mother's Day and 3 May birthdays. We pick up my mother-in-law and she rides with us. It's an hour 1/2 drive. I tolerate my mother-in-law, even my husband has a hard time being around her. She can be very negative, noisy and gossipy. It can make for a looonnnggg drive. The weather was very mild today, nice to sit outside with a light jacket. Sis-in-law had quite a spread of yummy food. Always enjoy spending time with her.
I hope everyone had a nice day.
Back to work tomorrow.:eek: