Good thoughts pleasee


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easy child 2 came home today and said that there was a permanent route opening up at work and that he had applied for it. He has been training for this for almost 6 months now. It is just what he had hoped for and said that if no senior people wanted it he would get it. So please think good thoughts for my guy. this is a big step toward his independence. -RM


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<font color="brown">well let's hope none of the senior people show an interest.

i don't mean to be dense, but what kind of route are you talking about?

kris </font>


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Good thoughts coming. I know how important work is in the self esteem building part of a young person's life. It gives them value in their world. Fingers crossed.


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I wish your easy child well. I am also glad to hear you have him and you can be proud of him. it takes some of the focus off difficult child. My son Nick is my easy child and I try extra hard to make time to talk to him and be interested in his world. ant used up a lot of my energy back in the day when he was deep in doodoo. easy child's deserve attention too!


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What exciting news, RM. I'm definitely sending good thoughts. WOW- that would be just wonderful!



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Thank you all. This guy has overcome so much in his lifetime I often say I should write a book about him. He has his moments but overall he has been a joy to raise.
Thouse of you who know a high functioning Aspie will understand how much diffucultiy they have in the job market. My easy child has a college degree in economics and graduated :censored2: laude but was unable to secure a job in his field and has had much difficulty maintaing employment because of his memory problems and quirky behaviors. He applied at a local snack food company that services food and convience stores. They are very reptable and employment there is sought after in our community. easy child 2 has been training for a sales/service route of his own. Once he gets that he will be pretty much set for an independant life. The company promotes only from within and pretty much everyone in management does route sales to start. Of course not everyone moves up to management but they pay the sales force well and it isn't a commision job it is salary and benefits. you can live on it and raise a family on it. -RM