Good Thursday morning, friends.

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by timer lady, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. timer lady

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    Good morning fellow warrior parents. :good_morning:Hard to believe it's Thursday already.

    I spent yesterday working on paperwork & sorting clothes for donation. The epilepsy foundation is picking up donations tomorrow & I've been sorting out clothes & other items to set out for them. Pretty much sat, refolded & bagged clothes.

    Today is a quick run to GP's office for blood work & home to pretty much paint all day until kt gets home from school :painter: Gotta love days like these! :painter::thumbsup:

    Enjoy your day! May all your problems be small & your joys be memorable. :flowers: Don't forget to hug your loved ones as they come & go.

  2. LittleDudesMom

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    :good_morning:Good Thursday Morning Everyone!!!!!

    Linda, sounds like a nice day for you. Have fun with the painting :painter:.

    Just heard our weather forecaster saying that because we didn't have a cold winter and are low on our rain totals, we will most likely have a bad allergy season. Timely though because I called the pediatrician yesterday and had them call in some medicine for difficult child. I figured I would start giving it to him now to "build it up". So, along with the lovely warm temps, flowing trees, and budding flowers :bunny_ears:, a little downside shows up.

    Another day at the office for me. This afternoon I will put the children to work. I have some storage bins and odds and ends that need to go live in the attic. Just making sure they earn their allowance :salute:.

    Hoping a pleasant Thursday for everyone.

  3. mrscatinthehat

    mrscatinthehat Seussical

    Well, Today we head out in about an hour. We have family session, IEP and conferences today for difficult child 1. I am so not looking forward to the long day. Of course we aren't sure if she knows yet about the upheaval that is going on.

    I did hear back from the governors office and they said that the director of dhs is going to be contacting us. We shall see how that goes.

    On top of all these lovelies I didn't sleep last night. I am hoping I can nap in the car. I have to go wake husband soon. Not fun.

    Hope everyone has a good day.

  4. Marguerite

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    G'day, everybody.

    Linda, sounds like a lot of spring cleaning going on at your house. Enjoy your painting!

    Sharon/LDM, it's good to plan ahead. Here's hoping it's not too difficult a spring for difficult child.

    Beth, I hope you get that nap you need - just not while you're driving!

    difficult child 3 & I are going on a school excursion tomorrow, to Sydney Wildlife World and Aquarium. He went last year (but not to the Aquarium) but I missed out because I was sitting with easy child 2/difficult child 2 who was having her appendix out that day.

    I'm going to be brave and take a risk - I'm planning to walk from the nearby station, rather than take my electric wheels. It's about four blocks from what I recall. Then on the way home we'll do some shopping, get some business done and see the doctor. Here's hoping difficult child 3 has the stamina - he's been sick all week.

    Also, wish us luck with easy child 2/difficult child 2 - I need to post separately, but she's definitely earning difficult child status at the moment in a major way.

    Enjoy your Thursday!

  5. gcvmom

    gcvmom Here we go again!

    Hope everyone has a great day, too :D

    I have about an hour of my free time left this morning before I'm running non-stop until dinnertime. Of course, I choose to spend it here :D

    At 10am I have library duty for my 3rd grader,
    then a dentist appointment for a cleaning,
    then at 1pm I pull difficult child 2 out early for a visit to the pediatrician to check out his laryngitis that was supposedly a self-limiting viral episode a month ago :)rolleyes:), and THEN we get to drive 45 minutes to the south part of our county to follow up with difficult child 2's neuro to discuss his brain MRI and bloodwork results to figure out what's causing his movement disorder (choreoathetosis).

    Can't wait for Friday!