Good Thursday morning friends,

timer lady

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Wanted to pop in & wish you all a good day. I've a combined neuro/rheum doctor's appointment this morning & then my day is free.

kt spent yesterday cleaning out her room - she wants teen things now & dumped a bunch of toys & things for garbage pickup next week or for donation at the local goodwill. Her goal for this week is to save enough allowance to purchase a beta fish to put in her room. I need to know if I can "parent" mom. :hammer:

Enjoy your day - keep it safe & calm. :flower:


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Do you mean a Siamese Fighting Fish? They don't need parenting, they just need a stagnant puddle or rice paddy somewhere... Doesn't she want to start with something easier, like guppies? Then when you get a population explosion you can sell the excess back to the pet store, or other kids in the neighbourhood. At least with guppies you can enjoy watching them have babies. With Fighting Fish, trying to breed them is harrowing, as they still try to kill each other sometimes.

We've had a quiet day at home. I dropped in on mother in law who's having her property worked over by professionals. Now they've ripped out a lot of rubbish from the garden beds, it's time to fill them back up again, just in time for spring. We're having fun (or sorts) planning. The gardener is being ruthless (thankfully) and before she frets too much about the precious stuff he's ripping out (which are technically weeds, in this area) I need to replace them with something nicer that can multiply fast enough to make her feel happier about the whole process.

There are trees to go, as soon as possible before summer so there's no timber lying around, a fence to repair and a new fence to put in. The front fence has to be repaired in one day or the garden will be ruined in one night, if the deer herd gains access. The grass outside her fence doesn't grow properly because the deer walk through it every night and their hooves chew it up. There are so many that you can smell them the next day.

It's just after sunset here. husband is catching the boat home tonight so easy child 2/difficult child 2 can bring BF2 home after his late shift. I think they will be moving out soon, to live closer to work.
Our little van was parked in the street yesterday and a car clipped the side mirror and sprayed the glass for 12 metres along the road - it must have been travelling! difficult child 3 heard it, he said it sounded like a tyre exploding.
Illegal street racing is an increasingly nasty problem here at the moment - an elderly couple were killed a week ago when two cars in a street race slammed into their car as it turned into their street. Our street is long and straight - I think it was possibly a racer that did our damage. It will be cheap to fix, though.

Have a good Thursday, everyone.



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Good morning. :coffee:
Linda- Duckie is allowed no additional pets (even electronic ones) ever since the horrible sea monkey massacre of 2005. She never feeds her webkinz, husband does that. She's obviously not able to "parent" yet. I hope you have better luck with kt. :wink:
Marg- Ugh about the street racing! We have a little of that on the more rural roads, it's so dangerous! Make sure difficult child 3 knows to use his ears when he's on his bike or otherwise near the street. :surprise:
I have a hodgepodge of different things to do today and Duckie has cheer tonight. Does anyone know if cheerleaders are usually expected to attend pre-season games & scrimmages? I hope not! :devil:
Have a great day! Hi to anyone that snuck in! :salute:


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Good morning all :smile:

Linda - I hope your appts. go well. I had a fighting fish, they are interesting fish.

Marg - I hope the work ends for your mum soon. I couldn't imagine that many deer, although bunnies are growing around here like mad.

TM - easy child started cheering, but I am totally clueless about what they do, lol!

Not to sure what we are doing today, it's a little chilly for the water park. easy child is going camping (sort of) with her pony and a friend or two at their barn. She is super excited, hopefully they won't get cold. difficult child has hockey tonight but at an insane time so I'm not sure what we are going to do.

One more day until Friday! Have a great day to all and anyone who snuck in!


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timer lady- Good Luck at the Dr. and enjoy the free day. Well, at least she cleaned her room!

Marg, Enjoy the day with your mother in law. Sorry to hear about your car.

tiredmommy, My son plays football and our cheerleaders don't attend scrimmages. They do attend pre-season games though. Our cheerleaders attend only the "A" games also. We have the "A" games on Fri or Sat night. The "B" games are on Sun afternoon and both teams have to go to both games. Bringing my going to, and spending 2 hours(plus 1/2 hour each way driving)at the football field -to 7! times a week! Couple that with working 9 hours a day and that's pretty much my life.

For today though,I'm off and plan on taking a writing workshop this morning. We have a college near here. That will be fun, then I'll run errands. Later, I'll go to rowing practice and watch the sunset on the water. Just enjoying the day!-Alyssa


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:smile: Good Thursday Morning!

Linda, my difficult child has had a number of Beta fish - he has enjoyed them and they require very little care.

Marg, the street racing sounds dangerous :surprise:

TM, I wouldn't think that duckie would cheer at preseason scrimmages...enjoy the day.

Christine, sounds really strange to have someone say "it's too chilly for the water park." We are still in our heat wave - we hit a record of 104 yesterday /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/hot.gif

Alyssa, the writing class sounds like a lot of fun - wish I could join you!

Gym this morning, then the office, then the grocer - nothing exciting or too demanding! difficult child wants to go to the office with me.

Yesterday was sooooooo hot! You melted just walking to your car. I'm hoping for a little relief today. Wishing you all a good Thursday.