Good Thursday morning, my friends....

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by timer lady, Feb 21, 2008.

  1. timer lady

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    Another chilly morning out there - not even going to mention how many degrees that it's below zero again - it's just getting old. :blizzard:

    kt was sick yesterday; missed school running a temp with stomach & cold symptoms. As she went to bed last night she was still running a temp - I believe I'll have her home again today. I called pediatrician doctor yesterday to try to get kt in - there are no appts for the next week or so with this virus that is going around. If I need an excuse for school to just call & she'll fax one to the school.

    I spent yesterday working on laundry & sorting books out of one our bookcases for donation. I seem to be in a spring clean mode. Rule of thumb - if it hasn't been touched in 6 months & needs to be dusted, it's outta here. Believe it or not, I'm the only one who thinks this is a good idea. :soapbox: The rest of my family are protesting but will do little to "show me the money" & take care of these things. I hesistate to admit this, but I'm being a bit brutal with the spring clean - must be because it's still winter. :rofl:

    Enjoy your Thursday - hope it's a calm day.
  2. Wiped Out

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    Good Morning,

    Linda-I'm sorry kt is sick.:ill: I hope she feels better soon. As for the spring cleaning, good for you. I'm horrible about getting rid of books. If I did though then maybe I'd have room for more! I know I don't have the right idea on the spring cleaning!

    It's frigid here too this morning.:frozen:We may be setting a record low. I know we're at -14 right now and the record is -15. I am so going to appreciate SPRING this year.

    A bit of a change today in the routine. I'm taking a visitation day (we can take one a year). I'm going to look at a middle school with the spec. ed teacher I co-teach with. We'll look to see what they are doing and at the same time I can check it out for difficult child.

    After work difficult child has a t-doctor appointment and then wrestling. I can't believe I have hopes of going to the club because my energy gets drained quickly on these long days. I can't wait til we change the clocks in a few weeks so we have more daylight!!

    I hope everyone enjoys a day filled with peace!:peaceful:
  3. LittleDudesMom

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    :i'mback:Good Thursday Morning Everyone!!!!

    Linda, I've a sick difficult child home as well since I picked him up at 1 on tuesday, he'll be again today :ill:. There is nothing wroing with a good spring clean!

    So I doctor'd difficult child yesterday amid seen loads of laundry! Thank goodness it is done! difficult child will be home again today with a bad cold. Thank goodness it is not the flu! One reason I am keeping him home is that his school is a hotbed of the flu. Since he has such a bad cold and his defenses are down, I'm sure he would catch anything that was going around and I would rather he not share!

    I'm going to get out to the office real early this morning because he will sleep until 9 or 10 if undisturbed!

    easy child is real excited about Saturing because she will be actually working with photographer to shoot a wedding! :picture:She will actually get paid for this one and the photographer wants her to actually shoot with her rather than just shlepping the equipment around. She is interning for this photographer to "get a feel" for the business since she wants to major in photographer and minor in business and spanish in college. And, it won't look bad on her application.

    Wishing everyone a great Thursday - oh, I forgot to mention, guess what happened at my house last night????? We had a few snowflakes :sled:!! I know, don't groan at me those of you in the midwest and northeast, we have been waiting all year for snow. Although I wouldn't really call what came down last night a snow event. It just dusted the grassy areas. But it sure looked pretty coming down.

  4. LittleDudesMom

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    Hey Sharon,

    you slipped in there on me! Hope you have a great day - peace :peaceful: back at you!

  5. Marguerite

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    G'day, people.

    Linda, I think kt had my bug yesterday. And I don't know how you could throw out books - we only chuck out the dud ones (usually give them away). We'll go back and re-read the good books sometimes years later, plus we use them for reference.

    Sharon/Wiped, how come it's so cold where you are? February surely isn't a time to be setting record lows? Sounds like you have a busy day coming up - hopefully it will keep you warm!

    Sharon/LDM, I hope difficult child feels better soon. Good decision not to send him to school. Exciting news about easy child's photography job.

    I had an uneventful day with my cleaner - seems he chose to behave himself. I'm beginning to think he's not as guileless and stupid as he seems... I can't do anything until he gives me serious cause, above and beyond what I've already been putting up with.
    Struggling to get difficult child 3 to keep up to dat with schoolwork - he falls behind every year because some subjects just take too long, now and then, and with him only able to work effectively when medicated, homework really isn't an option. He's gonna have to work his little buns off tomorrow.

    Enjoy your Thursday.

  6. KTMom91

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    Good morning from CA! Miss KT had a meltdown last night and my mother came to save her, not sure how long she's staying over there this time. It's just starting to rain, and I have a semi-feral cat to take to the vet to be fixed, car insurance to straighten out, and an expensive trip to Target planned for today. I need to get to church to change bulletin boards in the classrooms, but we'll see.

    Have a wonderful day!
  7. dreamer

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    Linda, I do not think I could toss any books. I still have some of my HS textbooks (amuseing to look at them and see how some things have changed) All my textbooks from college, and all my recreational reading. OK I admit, husband often says we are gonna hafta buy a seperate house just for my books! (He does not read, never ever)
    I did not keep ALL the childrens books, but I kept a lot of them.
    I do, however keep looking at my clothing closet......and my jewelry box (I used to sell Avon for 25+ years and have almost all the jewelry thye made during that time, but never wear any of it) The kids found it laughable and fun recently when I dragged out an outfit I wore the day Imet husband just about 25 years ago.....and the dress I wore for our first anniversary.......LOL. we do have lots of things some of us have not touched in 6 months. Sometimes it is becuz my health stinks, sometimes cuz I have been at Ronald McDonald House too much.....6 months does not mean much here as a good timeframe for decideing we do not need or want something, anymore. Yikes our house is full. I think my kids inhereited my thing for haveing "things" I feel cozy surrounded by our treasures. I think they do, too.

    I hope kt feels better soon. My easy child is home yet again today. I wonder if the bitter cold is whats helping keep her miserable? Yup- it is nasty wicked bitter cold,.

    Wiped out, yeah, I heard we might be doing the record breaking on the cold, too. Gosh this winter is loooong. Gosh you always sound SO busy! THat does sound interesting to visit a school, tho. When are we changeing the clocks this year? IIRC, the date has been changed?

    LDM, how exciting for easy child!!!! that is SO cool! As for the snow? LOL.....well, I have to say even tho we have mountains of it piled everywhere here, a new dusting of it does sure look pretty. Freshens things up.too bad the prettiness wears off so fast. So much of our snow this year fell dureing fog. or mixed with rain.....bleah. LOL

    Marg, the situation with cleaner would have me exhausted. I hope your difficult child 3 can keep up better, be caught up etc. My son had a little slowdown here on his progress, but, I think part of it is simply being winter, and dreary outside etc, reduced sunlight etc. And part is man this kid is on a growth spurt, maybe he is useing all his internal resources to grow? LOL I alternate between shock he is growing so much, pride in what a fine young man he is becoming, incredulous just how tall he already is, seemingly so fast! LOL. And a little sadness my "baby" is not a baby anymore. LOL

    I spent yesterday buried in paperwork from Veterans Affairs and Social Security, spent several hours with our VA person here. All becuz of easy child coming of age and college etc.....and some becuz of difficult child and her disability status. The VA person was begging me to come back to Marine Corps League, and meeting is tonite. I am still decideing. BUT today I plan to do something far more phsycially active than darned paperwork.
    And while it might be record breaking cold, it IS sunny outside, VERY sunny. It has me thinking of my gardens in the yard. :) My hands are just itching to get into my dirt.

    Hey, it is almost the weekend.

    Happy Thursday to everyone!