Good Thursday morning

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Good morning cyber friends. My cat woke me up because husband forgot the shut the bedroom door tight. He (the cat, not husband is in his manic middle of the night, run from one end of the house to the other mode.

The storm predicted for MN has begun - a couple of inches over the night & another lull before more snow hits this morning; most likely during rush hour.

Thankfully, nothing going on today except piano lesson - I fear the music academy I attend may close early today.

Enjoy your day; stay warm & calm.


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Good Morning Linda and everyone to follow

Linda, we don't usually hear from you so early in the morning! Hope the cat has calmed down and is resting! Hope the storm is not too bad and you can get your lessons. If I could, I would magically bring that snow storm right here.

I have a meeting at 9:15 this morning with the principal of one of the middle schools I am considering for difficult child next year. I need to ask some really specific questions regarding their Special Education program - I have a couple concerns about this school so I need to address them because I have to let the county school know next week whether we are taking the tuition spot. I am feeling consumed by all this....... I just need to make sure that I find the right fit for difficult child and he gets the supports he needs

After that, I will be at the office but I need to work fast. difficult child will be home again today - he has a really bad cold. easy child is full of herself since she passed her road test yesterday! Her first question upon pick up yesterday was "If I pay for it myself, can I buy a parking pass so I can drive to school?"

Wishing everyone a great Thursday.



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Good morning ladies,

Linda, funny about the cat. I hope your academy stays open today. My fingers are crossed for you.

LDM, you make me laugh when you talk about easy child. Eek. You're a braver woman than I LOL!!! Good luck with the interview for difficult child today. I hope you find the best place for him to be. It is hard, but you'll feel alot better once you get him in the right place.

They're calling for alot of rain here (NO snow thank goodness, sorry LDM) over the next couple of days. There's a flood watch (or warning, can't remember which) for our area tonight and tomorrow. I wish it was summer.

Dylan goes for his first karate lesson tonight. He'll get 2 individual lessons with an instructor first to see if he likes it. If so, he'll continue. If not, well, the 2 lessons are cheap enough.

Nothing else exciting going on. I'm very tired this week. Looking forward to the weekend.

Enjoy your day everyone,



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Good morning!
Linda- My cats are like that as well. They think 3am is the perfect time for breakfast. Drive carefully.
LDM- I can't believe you are already facing the driving dilemma with easy child! Good luck at your meeting and I hope difficult child feels better.
Janna- I hope Dylan enjoys his karate lessons, it could be good for him. Stay dry.
I'm absolutely exhausted after a busy week so far where I haven't been able to sleep well for a host of different reasons. A nap may be on the agenda. My knees are actually sore from kneeling down to straighten up and comb the hair of the better of 300 kids yesterday. Yes, I used a fresh comb for each one! But boy am I sore!
Have a great day! Hi to anyone that snuck in.


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G'day, good friends.

Our afternoon storm missed us today, but hit further north. A good thing, too - they're still cleaning up in Campbelltown. The kids at that school got a flood day (back tomorrow) while today, kids, parents and staff shovelled mud out of the school grounds (and in some areas, the buildings). Yesterday afternoon was potentially nasty.

Today is the first day of autumn for us, but the weather is still high summer. Still, the news announced that this is the third week in a row when the dams have increased their water supply (by 0.2%). That hasn't happened for 18 months. We're still at 39% approx, but it buys us more time.

Linda, your careful pointing out that it's the cat and not husband who is manic at night gave me a mental picture of your husband running madly up and down the hallway in the middle of the night.

Sharon, good luck with your meeting and I hope you can catch up on your work so you can be home with difficult child with a clear conscience.

Janna, hope the storm is not a problem for you. And I hope Dylan enjoys his karate. difficult child 1 is doing karate right now, he's enjoying it. He did karate back when he was about 8, but his instructor was psychotic. Treated him really badly and then wouldn't allow him to tell anyone about it. Luckily for difficult child 1, someone else snitched. Then the instructor had a breakdown and classes were cancelled due to lack of instructor.

Have a good Thursday, everyone.



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Good morning all.
Linda, I hope the cat calmed down enough for you to get some sleep. Our cat does the same thing. ugh..
Sharon, sounds like you have a busy day planned, don't forget to add some me time in there as well.
Janna.. we're to get that rain as well.. supposed to start around 3 this afternoon, better than snow, I think. :smile: Hope the karate lessons go well.

Nothing major planned for here today, husband payday, so we have to pay bills. ~grumble~.. Had a good day yesterday and just holding onto that, since I know they're few and far between.

I hope everyone has a stress free day.


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Good morning all,

We're having another try at having a good day. I was able to get up early and get about 1/3 of my paperwork done so I'm off to a decent start. Kanga starts youth group tonight and my mom is coming to watch the younger 3 so husband and I can go out on a date.

Here's to a rage free day for all of us
Good morning all,

Linda, at least no one was injured by the crazy cat run. My older sister was once clawed in the forehead when our cats were chasing each other around in the middle of the night. Very scary for our parents. They woke up to her screaming and she had a little blood on her forehead. Hope you get to your class okay. We had hail last night and hopefully no rain froze overnight.

Sharon, Good luck with the meeting. I hope you find the good fit you're looking for. Janna is right you are very brave when it comes to easy child driving. I shudder to think about difficult child getting his DL. The insurance alone is scary. Be sure to see if she gets some kind of discount for good grades. Some insurance companies have a driving program where she can get an additional discount. I think State Farm has "Steer Clear" and I'm sure other companies do similar things.

Janna, I hope Dylan likes karate. Seems like he could really benefit from it.

Besides the parenting support group tonight I have no big plans for today. Just hoping the hail storm last night didn't do too much damage to the area. I work in insurance and it's always a busy day after storms. Oh well, the day will go by fast.

Looking forward to the weekend. difficult child won't be home this weekend as he's on a 2 week "freeze". I'll visit him Sunday. I plan to catch up on some sleep this weekend.

Hope everyone has a great Thursday.


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Good Morning All,

Linda-I'm sorry the manic cat woke you so early! I hope you are back to sleep by now. Stay safe if you do go out for your piano lesson.

Sharon-Good luck with the middle school visit. I know I'm really worried about that for my difficult child but he has one more year of elementary left after this year. Congrats to easy child on her driver's test!

Janna-We're only getting rain here too-north of us they are expecting a ton of snow. I hope karate goes well for Dylan!

TM-I hope you get that nap-after combing that many heads you more than deserve it!

Marguerite-Wow the first day of autumn already? It must mean our spring is on the way!

Joanne-I'm glad yesterday was good for you-I hope today is too.

JJJ-Enjoy the date!

Sylvia-I hope your day is a peaceful one.

They cancelled our weather advisory but if we get a lot of rain it will be flooding in the area.

Today is day two of difficult child's suspension. I made him put in a full day yesterday and have more planned for today-he was being good for him and he still exhausted me more than my entire class. I think it's because he still isn't reading and so he can't work independently at all!

Later this afternoon we are starting his new therapy. They finally called last week to say they had an opening. It's been three months and with this suspension I think it is good timing.

After that difficult child has wrestling so it looks to be a long day!

I hope everyon finds something to smile about today-hi to anyone who snuck in! :salute:


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<span style='font-size: 11pt'><span style="color: #3366FF">Good morning my friends. Seems a lot going on between snow storm warnings, crazy cats,school choices, sore knees,floods, karate and dates. :smile:
Our winds were blowing yesterday. The house painters had to do the garage doors a second time since all the leaves in the yard stuck to the wet paint. It was warm at least but it cooling down a good bit today.
Hard to imagine it's March 1st. "In like a lion and out like a lamb?"
It's a busy day. Lots of running around. Hit the gym for a workout and a half. easy child has a visit with the epileptologist to review blood work and sleep study done last month. LDM,I'm a big fan of teens driving. easy child will meet me at the doctor's office and return to school. Works well for me. It's the first small fender bender that will give them their wake up call. easy child really got a sense of his own mortality after that little mishap.
Hopefully I'll fit in a hair cut. Next week is spring break for us so we are planning to enjoy a little down time.
difficult child is washing dishes on the weekends. :bravo: All honest work is honorable is what I keep telling him. He has to prove he can be dependable. We will see. The jury is still out. At least it will give him some pocket change.
Like Wiped Out, hoping you find a reason to smile today. JJJ enjoy your date. Maybe even find an isolated parking lot to neck in the car. LOL. :smile:
Have a rage free day.</span></span>
Good Morning Everyone :coffee:,

Linda, I hope you get your piano lesson today and the weather isn't as bad as they're predicting... Stay warm and drive carefully!!!

Sharon, I hope things go well at your meeting this morning. I know how hard it can be to make decisions concerning difficult children!!! I hope you find the right fit for him. If possible, take a bit more time than usual for yourself during the decision making process. I've found that this sometimes helps me as making difficult child decisions can be so STRESSFUL!!! Just think, maybe this can help take your mind off easy child and her driving :rofl: :hammer:!!!

Janna, I can't wait to hear how Dylan's karote lessons go! I hope he enjoys them. I'm with you - I wish it was summer too...!!!

TM, I hope you get time for a nap. Maybe you should plan a hot :bath: and :smile: for this evening. You're amazing!!! I don't know if I could survive 300 kids in one day!!!

Marg, What a story!!! And, I think snow is bad!!! I hope you have a good day!!!

jodyice, I'm glad you had a good day yesterday!!! Bill paying is NEVER FUN :grrr:!!! I hope you get it done quickly!!!

JJJ, Way To Go!!! I'm so glad you and husband get to have a date night tonight :smile: !!! ENJOY :smile:!!!

Sylvia, I'm glad you're getting a break from difficult child this weekend. I hope you have the time to rest and get in lots of quality "me" time :bath: :smile: :flower:!!!

Sharon, I hope your day goes well in spite of difficult child having to be home again. I'm glad he is starting his new therapy today!!! It's good he has wrestling afterwards. It gives him an outlet for everything and hopefully will be exhausted when he gets home!!! Please take some time for yourself :flower:!!!

Well, I've got to clean up around here a bit, have some more :coffee:, throw in some laundry, and get to work.

I hope everyone has a good day!!! WFEN


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Goodmorning, not sure what I am doing with this computer here this morning, here. easy child had an overdue library book to return here.
Manic cats must be the order of the morning. Our 3 lil kittens were wild aout 4 am, too. My aaunt used to say animals get wild when the weather is wild, well, the weather sure has been wild. Yesterday while at laundrymat it began to- I am not sure what? hail? freezing rain? sleet? Looked like tiny tiny snowballs, hard as little rocks. Then around the time our lil kittens were being so wild, it was a full blown full scale thunderstorm. ANd the kitties woke up the dog, LOL, it was quite busy here!

First of the month-payday, means the months bills get written and a trip to military base for a big grocery shopping.
I also need to find a new primary doctor, my one of 20 years made me mad last time, charged me as a new patient, and got strange on me, but I think my gall bladder is acting up- and darn that meant I could not take my injectible medications- cannot take them if sick. :-( I sure did not feel good the last couple days.
I wish I could say I am a fan of teens driving, but, I'm not. easy child has had her permit a year......our local paper has been doing a special thing for approx 2 years on perils of teen driving and there havew been quite a few horrific sensational very publicized very very nasty teen driving accidents, and our HS and our town has lost so many many kids to car accidents the last 2 years, and many more are inpatient in rehab places........It would be a HUGE help here, cuz we do not have public transportation here, not even taxicabs, and husband no longer drives, and sometimes I can't, and we have noone who can help us out. The insurance for easy child is a huge problem, too, financially, it is about 4 times what mine is, mostly due to my dhs previous driving record. NO WAY can I afford it and easy child works and she still cannot afford it, either. (IIRC it was gonna be over $400 a month EXTRA)

Janna, my girls LOVED Tae Kwon Do, they bothbegan in like k-garten, did not do competetions, but both got their black belts. My lil guy did not do so well, and he dropped out after one year. It was beautiful to watch. It was so graceful and good self discipline came from it, and great exercise.

Good day to everyone!


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Morning's Grey's Day!!! er........I mean Thursday! hee hee.

Not much planned here. Have to gather ingredients for some special cookies I make. difficult child is working with an intern every Friday afternoon after school on independant living skills and they are making them tomorrow in the high school's home Easy Child lab. Should be interesting! (I'm going to make the intern eat them first!)

Other than that, not much planned today besides a psychiatrist appointment. Gotta love the weather here. Yesterday was sleet and this morning I woke up to one of the dogs plastered to my side as it is thundering out and she's not a fan of it. We have a flood watch in effect until this evening. Weird.

Have a good day all and Morning to anyone who snuck in even though I'm late in getting to this!