Good Thursday morning....

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Ha ha, I'm up & get to start the GM thread. :flower: Darned cat. :crazy:

Today is my day to stay in & get caught up on housework, laundry & bills. No piano today - semester break.

kt has no school tomorrow so I'll be picking her up tomorrow morning for a 3 day pass.

Enjoy your day all.


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Linda- i hope you have a nice day doing house work.

Well it's 3 degrees here again, thisi s the third day of it, and i am so done. It's a good thing difficult child decided he wasn't going to play football, they put the weight up in every age group,and he does not make it, too skiiny. Well i hope you all have a nice day, i'm off to the artice, lol outside :smile:

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Good Morning,

Linda-I would not be feeling the love for those cats right now. After the housework is done do something nice for yourself.

Razzle-I hear ya about the cold! It's 8 here this morning-we are supposed to get a warm up next week. Tuesday they're calling for 55! Enjoy your day.

Another crazy day ahead. Right from work it's difficult child's therapist appointment. and then straight to wrestling. I'll be glad when wrestling is over but I know difficult child won't be.

Enjoy your day-be good to yourself. :bath: Hi to anyone who snuck in. :salute:


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:coffee: Good Morning Linda, Jen, Sharon and all to follow!

Linda, I would not be happy with that darn cat this morning :grrr: Have fun puttering around the house :smile:

Jen, I don't think the cold will be holding on much longer - we have had some spring like days dropped in every know and then. That usually means the weather trend is on the up :flower:

Sharon, I read your other post first thing when I logged on - been thinking about you. Glad you made contact with the psychiatrist. Hope the patch makes a positive difference. My difficult child actually loves going to his therapist, he really likes her and talks to her. I know some parents here have not had positive results with talk therapy. In our case, difficult child admires and respects her so it works. Wishing you good day.

It's Thursday so it's payroll day at the office, plus it's 10th of the month bills as well. Should be a busy but productive day at the office for me.

easy child and difficult child are doing well - no news is good news :salute:

Wishing everyone a good Thursday, and as the other posters have already said, take some time for you.



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G'day, everyone.

Linda, those cats again!?? Enjoy your quiet day. Might I suggest, to make you feel better, a bit of cymbal clashing every so often near the cats' basket?

Jen, I can't conceive of anything that cold. Even the inside of my freezer is warmer than that. And difficult child plays football in it? Brr...Sharon I, sounds like a busy day coming up. Go easy on yourself.

Sharon II, sounds like a busy day sorting out accounts. I hope you're not feeling too brain-dead by the end of it.

difficult child 3 crashed his bike this afternoon. He sailed right into an oncoming car that (thank goodness) was not going too fast. It will cost to get the lady's car repaired and also to fix difficult child 3's (fairly new) bike. He's only had it a few months, the brakes still aren't even bedded in yet. He picked himself up and walked away from it, said nothing hurts. I think it was adrenalin talking. He'll be sore tomorrow, I reckon.
When the lady came round later to leave her details and to talk to me, I made sure difficult child 3 got a look at the damage on her car. He spontaneously apologised to her, profusely. He also commented that it was good that he always wears his bike helmet.
husband is still talking to our insurance people - sounds like it shouldn't cost us more than $100 for the car. It will depend on whether our no-claim bonus is affected or not. It won't pay for his bike, though. We've got a local hobby bike shop who will help him fix it himself - probably the best 'punishment'.

Have a better Thursday than we had.

Good Morning Everyone :coffee:,

Running late for easy child's eye appointment. - She broke her glasses Mon. and I had to take the first available appointment.

Sharon, I've been thinking about you alot - Don't have time to read update on difficult child until later... I'm glad you posted here though!!! Hope everything is ok!!!

I hope everyone has a good day!!! :flower: WFEN


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<span style='font-size: 11pt'>Good Morning my friends. It's another beautiful spring day in paradise. Not hot but really perfect for the top down on the car.
Linda, the cats would drive me crazy.

Raz, sorry to hear it is still bitter outside. Good for difficult child for making a good choice.

Sharon, good luck with the patch.

LDM, it's good that difficult child works well with talk therapy. It's got to be a positive. Have a fun day at the office.

Marguerite,Yikes! about difficult child 3 and the accident. Glad he had his helmut on. Poor kid. Poor you. I'm sure you had your stomach drop when you saw difficult child 3 post accident.

WFEN, hope the glasses get repaired.

husband and I are continuing to enjoy the island. We went to the Train Museum and stopped for wings for lunch. Other than that it's gorgeous sunsets,sunrises and walks on the beach looking for different kinds of shells.
Today is some house maintance and a bit of a work out. I'm almost done with my novel and I'm fairly rested. I think this is what a vacation should be.

Have a good day my friends. Hope your difficult child gives you reason to smile. </span>


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Good morning...

Linda, try not to spend all day doing housework. Hope the 3 day pass with kt goes well.
Try to stay warm, Jen and enjoy your day.
Hope the therapist appointment goes well, Sharon. Does difficult child have any activities planned for after wrestling is finished?
LDM, glad to hear easy child and difficult child are doing well. Try to take some time for yourself today.
Marg, sorry to hear about difficult child's accident, glad to hear he walked away from it.

Going to warm up a bit today.. going to be 33.. LOL
We spent a couple hours in the emergency room last night, difficult child wanted to go, he was having thoughts of wanting to hurt someone. They talked to him, to us, then sent us home after he stopped having those thoughts.
Need to run and get prescriptions refilled later, but going to try to stay in as much as possible, I hate the cold.
Hope the day goes well for all.


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Good morning friends,

Life is going better here. Kanga and Tigger are both back in school. I have been able to start to get a handle on cleaning my house. I have a meeting at the school for Piglet this morning and then my mom is coming over to help me clean my house for a couple of hours, then I have to take Kanga and Piglet to the psychiatrist. Then my mom is coming back and babysitting so I can take Tigger to his first of many psychological evaluation appointments -- personality testing today.

Whew, I got tired just typing that.

Hope everyone has a rage-free day!
Good morning, everyone! We're doing OK. difficult child's parent-teacher conference is this morning. husband didn't consult me before setting it up so it's at 8:30 today and I can't go because of a big staff meeting at work this morning. I would have liked to have gone. I hope he remembers to call me. Oh, never mind, I'll call him later. Sigh. Hope everyone has a good day!