Good Thursday morning,

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    Good morning all,

    I have a beautiful hardwood floor in my kitchen ~ as the wood is 106 or so years old there is some staining so rather than just putting on a poly it looks as though I will be choosing a stain. It's gorgeous old wood & I hate to loose the patina. I'll see by the end of the project how this will play out.

    kt is refusing to get up & head out to school. Really don't know how to get her up & moving anymore. Hate to ground her to home - that's more punishment for me. Looks like lots of weeding & working in the yard is called for.

    Golf league today, wm visit & I can relax the rest of the week.

    Hope you all have a good day with reasons to smile
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    Good Morning Everyone:bloodshot::coffee:,

    I've been having a bit of trouble waking up this morning - It could have something to do with all of the miserable weather we've been having lately. On the positive side, today is going to be an improvement from yesterday - No rain, just cloudy and cool. I'll be running errands and grocery shopping this morning - A perfect day to do this.

    After another cup of coffee, then I'm going to go for a jog first.

    As always, I hope everyone has at least one reason to laugh or at least smile today and lots of sunshine where you are... :sunny: SFR
  3. SearchingForRainbows

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    We posted at exactly the same time!!! Do you know how to delete my thread and put it here?

    Anyway, I LOVE hardwood floors!!! I'm sure your kitchen is going to be absolutely gorgeous when finished.

    I've got my fingers crossed that you manage to get kt to school. I know what you mean about it being more punishment for us when we're stuck with our difficult children at home. I hope you have a good visit with wm. ENJOY your golf game!

    Have a great day!:D SFR
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    Good morning, Linda, SFR and CD board friends!

    I merged the GM threads so they're all together now.

    I'm still child-free and loving it! Getting a lot done around the house and for myself. The girls are at overnight camp in Maine until July 19, and J is at a therapeutic wilderness program for most of the summer (we haven't discussed discharge date). We heard from his therapist last night that he is starting to open up. Progress!

    Hope you have a peaceful day. Hi if you snuck in.
  5. Andy

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    Timer - I hope KT gets going soon. I hope the weather is perfect for golfing. Have a good visit with William.

    Searching - I am glad the weather is improving for you.

    We are getting rain today. difficult child has a dentist appointment to fill a cavity this afternoon and a baseball game tonight. The rain is suppose to stop this afternoon so we will see if it dries up for the 5:30 game.

    I searched the park yesterday and can not find those keys. I still think they can be in her vehicle or room.

    Yesterday was a big day for difficult child and bowling buddy. After bowling camp, I took them to the park where they did some baseball practice and then swimming. About an hour into swimming they started to get on each other's nerves so I took buddy home before it got too bad. Buddy's mom called me in the evening to invite difficult child and I to eat out with her and Buddy since her husband had other plans and she did not want to cook.

    Everyone have a great day and find a way to make your kids laugh.
  6. Fran

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    Good morning kids. It's a little drizzly so the dog walk is postponed in hopes that it clears up.

    Linda, how do hardwoods do in the kitchen? I have some super duper indestructible type floor(I think it's cork or a special sort of formica) that the former owners installed. It's really expensive so they tell me but I hate it. The rest of the first floor is hardwoods and I thought about the kitchen. I'm concerned that it wouldn't hold up to the dogs and kitchen mess. I may go with some sort of clay looking porcelain tile since it's virtually indestructible. I would love stone but it's way too expensive for my kitchen. I'll have to pick your brain when in Cleveland.

    On a difficult child note, we hosted a retirement dinner for a neighbor last night. I posted about the good stuff difficult child did on my post about an "aha" moment.

    Today seems to be an laundry and ironing day. :badmood: I really want to go back to bed but it's a work day.

    Enjoy your summer day everyone. (except for those is the southern hemisphere) Keep warm to those 2 warrior mom's.
  7. Andy

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    Smallworld - You snuck in on me. :) I am glad J is starting progress and hope the girls are have as good a time as you are.

    Fran also snuck in - I don't envy you laundry and ironing. Get lots done!
  8. Marguerite

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    G'day, folk.

    Linda, those floors sound beautiful. I don't blame you wanting to keep them looking beautiful.
    As for kt, we have a rule for difficult child 3 which helped when he was refusing to go to school - school work during school hours. Even if the kid is sick and running a fever, I would always find womething academic for them to do, so staying home would not be a reward in any way. The only way out was for the kid to sleep (because difficult child 3 will only sleep during the day if he's REALLY sick). There were times when I had a feverish kid wrapped up in blankets watching an educational DVD. I stocked up on educational software too. The procedure would be - first, do outstanding homework and assignments. Then watch any educational TV (often on during the school day). Then either documentaries on DVD or computer software of the educational variety, usually maths revision. Or I would set an assignment, maybe a small research project.
    THis wasn't as punishment in any way - it was just the way things had to be done. So if difficult child 3 said to me (as he did once), "That TV show on mangroves was interesting, I'd like to go see mangroves," we made a trip after school (technically outside school hours but he was happy with it) to visit mangrove swamp five minutes from where we live.
    School should never become a competition between the child and the parent; it's important to stay a facilitator and at all costs insist on education wherever she happens to be when school is in. Good luck with her! I understand the exhaustion, both mental and physical. That's when I tended to use DVDs and software a lot more. Maybe both of you curl up with a documentary?

    SFR, good to see you on the morning thread. We often get duplication posts, it happens when everyone is rushing in the mornings. I hope you can shop in relaxation without everyone else having the same idea, to shop on a rainy day.

    Smallworld, enjoy your ongoing freedom. Rest while you can!

    Andy, I hope you find those keys. Could they have been handed in nearby?
    It's good to keep the contact with the boys limited to short bursts until they can learn more tolerance.

    Fran, I hope the dinner went well. About the floor - have you thought of a floating timber floor? You can do it yourself or get a tradesman in, it's like installing a thin slice of real hardwood floor on top of what you already have. But the thin slice, so it doesn't cause too much trouble for doors, cupboards etc.

    We had a productive day today for difficult child 3, he had a study day for science. Very intense, more so than the usual study days. There were a number of new students too, the school is OK in showing tme what to do and where to go, but the parents who brought them in were at a bit of a loss. A couple of them used the time they had to go shopping (the heart of Sydney is within walking distance for most people - not me) and when they returned they said that attending Study Days could get very expensive for them!
    I invited them to come sit with us in the sun (we were in a glassed-in area outside the classroom, we could see through to the kids and what they were doing but we could help ourselves to coffee). It was good to talk to them about our reasons for having our kids in correspondence school - in this case, difficult children all. One of difficult child 3's classmates today has cerebral palsy, but the others are either phobic or ADHD or Aspie (or a mix of the lot). As the kids emerged after the class was finished (a 4 hour class) it was good to see that the new kids had already made some good friends. One new girl discovered that she lives in the same street as another student - freaky, considering they both live hours away by train.
    It was good to see the way old classmates greet each other now, too. These kids are all getting on well together and getting to know one another.

    We were a bit late leaving - we had some paperwork to sort out for difficult child 3's state exams later in the year. I noticed another mother sorting out her son's paperwork also, for special provisions. Because the exams for this grade are state-based, the applications for special provisions are very tricky, there is a high refusal rate. We are bracing ourselves to have to appeal. The school is hoping we won't have to, they are very supportive of these kids and want them to have every chance to overcome the problems they have.

    Last day of term 2 tomorrow. I hope difficult child 3 will put in some work over the holidays - he needs to catch up in one subject in particular. Although his class teacher is happy with him, I want him to do some catch-up work as well.

    I saw the GP this afternoon, it looks like my blood tests were negative again, but she and the specialist both agree that what I had is whooping cough. I just didn't develop the antibodies as I should have (odd, but it happens). She also saw the tight denim vest I'm wearing to brace the broken rib. Sensible, she said. Sexy, husband reckons. Although in this cold weather, it's covered up with a frilly black cardigan.

    After school, difficult child 3 & I drove to Mrs Macquarie's Chair to take a photo for Star. The sun was out and reflecting off the water. Then we slipped back to the school and back to the expressway entrance, to get out of the city as fast as we could, before rush hour.

    Just got an email from easy child - she and sister in law are stopping over tomorrow night on their way to Canberra where they will sign the lease on their new apartment. They are moving back to the national capital. I'll miss their lovely apartment in Newcastle, it's beautiful and right on the lake. I would have liked them to buy a place there to settle. But they're thinking of buying a place in Canberra, so I just hope it has air-conditioning for summer!

    Enjoy your Thursday, everyone.

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    Hi everyone! I didn't think I'd get here tonight, but decided I need a teeny break before the next lot of work I have to do. Not planning on sleeping much tonight!
    If you're wondering why you didn't hear from me yesterday, my day was sooOO busy with the three little cherubs and No special DD12 helper, that I was thoroughly exhausted by night time.

    Amazingly, things went pretty well, just like my old nursing days - toileting rounds every hour! Feeding, watering, sending to bed!
    Working on signing 'thank you' with bubby because she has no speech; and getting Boy to say 'I want' etc rather than 'me want' He says = me can't want...' whch I find really peculiar. I hope to convince bio mum to work on that too; but since I can't convince her he has a toileting problem... well....
    Little cherub had no less than 12 soils, and nearly as many tantrums when I tried to coax her to the toilet. Maybe it will be easier when the siblings are here?
    Oh, bubby shut the door today, when I asked - "someone shut the door please".
    I took the siblings home today, and cherub stayed. She'd already told her mum she didn't want to go home for the weekend. She was easier to deal with this afternoon.
    My DD12 was at dancing workshops from 2-6pm, then had a piano lesson, so she's pretty tuckered out tonight.
    tomorrow I have some church friends coming to help with a few things about the place, so I have to prepare a list, food, and tidy up a bit.

    I have decided to try cherub on a dairy free diet for two weeks, leading into a wheat/gluten/cassein free diet. I have read some research which shows that it might help with autism spectrum, any suggestions please? The hardest part will be convincing mum to keep it up when she has her for the weekends.
    Has anyone ready the book "Louder than Words" by Jenny McCarthy?

    Have a lovely day everyone.... might check in later tonight when I've done some more work.
  10. Marguerite

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    Hi Trish. I'm not a Jenny McCarthy fan, I'm afraid. Long story...

    For info on diet and especially it possibly helping with autism, check out the Allergy Clinic at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital in Sydney. Rob Loblay, Ann Swain are the names to look for. Somewhere in my filing cabinet I have the diet guideline books. It's very mainstream (although it doesn't sound like it). We were involved when tey were doing a research project on diet and whether or not it helps with autism - they said in about 40% of cases, diet helped some symptoms. They worked on eliminating things like additive,s of course, butalso eliminating things like salicylates, amines, glutamates etc. And of course dairy & gluten. Different kids react to different groups and trying to eliminate them for sure is tricky.

    A suggestion, though - if you're trialling anything like that diet-wise, trial everybody at the same time. it makes it easier. You also need to keep a diary to write down what they ate (you need to list everything) and to also report on any behaviour observations. It's a big job!

    Then again, the way we got difficult child 3 bowel-trained was to blu-tak a mini-box of smarties to the bathroom wall. He got a mini-box for poo in the toilet. It wasn't quite as simple as that, but it was a big help. Of course, not when he was on the diet - then, the only sweets he could have were honeycomb (like the inside of a Violet Crumble bar).

    I love bribery...

  11. Wiped Out

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    Good Morning,

    Linda-I love hardware floors, wish I had some. I hope kt finally got up and went to school, if not then chores seem like a good idea.

    SFR-You are due some major sunshine!!

    SW-Glad you are getting a well deserved break!

    Andy-Sorry about the keys. Sounds like a fun day yesterday.

    Fran-I'm so glad husband does the laundry, ironing doesn't happen much at our house.

    Marg-Sounds like a very busy day! I hope you are feeling better. Thanks for the info on the Ugg boots, wish I could buy a ticket to your neck of the woods to buy some!

    Trish-After a day like that no wonder you are exhausted!

    I hope I didn't forget anyone! Today we'll head to the club and then I need to mow the lawn but not before dousing myself with OFF. Have I said how much I HATE mosquitoes!

    Wishing everyone a peaceful day:peaceful: