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Need some info/advice and well you guys are a wealth of information in an amazing amount of areas so I thought I'd ask here. I don't have much spare time these days for research or whatnot.

Nichole and I ripped out the old carpet in the dining room. It was threadbare and looked awful. Original wood floor was underneath, not in too bad of shape. Needs sanded down, a nail here or there is about all.

Granted, I should have finished it when I first ripped out the carpet. But big projects such as this require help and I have to work with people's schedules ect, not to mention my own. So it didn't happen. Now I'm staring at an unprotected ugly floor that I worry is being damaged each time we enter the house especially if it is wet out.

I thought about putting in a snap floor. I just can't get myself to part with the funds to do it. Truthfully, I need that money elsewhere. Re finishing the floor should cost me nothing more than the stain and sealant as I have not one of the sanders but two of them.

Sound good??

Um. Yes. Cost wise.

However my dining room is the single main room of the house. You enter the front door into the dining room. You can't go into the living room without entering the dining room. You can't get to the kitchen except by entering the dining room. Now there are two doors leading to the upstairs. One in the (you guessed it) dining room and one in the bathroom which is off of the kitchen. So you can come into the house and go directly upstairs via the bathroom. Otherwise to go anywhere else in the home you have to enter the dining room. ugh

This has been the main issue all along. I have LARGE furniture in the dining room which will have to be moved to do the floor. It will wind up in the living room and or kitchen. This gives people no where to go while the floor is being worked on. Know what I mean??

Now sanding won't take that long. Not with 2 sanders. Staining isn't bad and only takes and hour or so to dry. But I'm told the sealant takes like 8 plus hours (can't recall exactly) and I just can't fathom not having access to that room for that long a period with other rooms being overrun with furniture from that room. To make it even worse? After the first sealant layer is dry you're supposed to sand it to rough it up and then apply yet another coat. omg

Has anyone here done hardwood floors?? The sealant part of this is the issue. Is there any sealant out there that I can buy that does not take that long to dry or at least doesn't require a 2nd coat? I, at this point, don't care how expensive it is. I can afford it since I won't have to rent the sander.

I just can't imagine that people can willy nilly just take a main room like this and redo it while in the process not have access to it for what would amount to 2 days.

Even if I cleared space and moved the dining room furniture to the family room (it would be hard on it, it's not heated out there) so other rooms weren't overrun with furniture it would not help much. We'd still be confined to the kitchen for 16 plus hours.

My sis and I did her husband's grandma's house. Both of her main rooms.........living room and dining room at the same time. There is no way in hades the way her house is set up that she could not have had access to those rooms for that long. Not possible. I do remember sis finishing the next day but that is because sanding 2 large rooms with one sander took forever, pretty sure it had nothing to do with the sealant.

Now off to look and see if a quick dry sealant exists. I find it hard to believe when you can buy something for say a wood table that doesn't take very long to dry.


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Floor sealant takes longer to dry because it's a "harder" formula... one that wears better.

If you skip the stain, you can do the floor in parts.
You can't stain part at a time.
But you can do sealer in parts.

Skip the sealant entirely, and do it the old fashioned way: WAX.
But it means you'll be waxing "forever", including stripping wax. (been there done that as a kid)


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My one and only experience was over forty years ago....maybe 50. We rented the sander and we rented a buffer. The wax was called "bowling alley wax" and you could use one or two coats. The floors were beautiful and you could do 1/2 a room at a time although we shipped the preschool kids off to the sitters and got the job finished in one day with one adult helper. Hard work but beautiful results. Good luck. DDD


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Having been in your house... I have a suggestion.

Move furniture into kitchen and living room. Sand. Stain. Then... Put coat of sealant on and go to work.

Poof! 8+ hours and you come home. Get some sleep. Rough up first coat & tack cloth it, then another coat of sealant. And go to work.

Then? Move furniture back and enjoy.


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sand stain seal. husband installs floors for a living. He said hire someone. It'll be worth it he said