Good Thursday morning

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Good morning sleepyheads! Time to wake up & face the day. :smile:

Piano lessons for me today & more yard work. Heading out to scope out plantings for my flowerboxes.

Have a good Thursday.


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Good morning Linda & all to follow, :coffee:
Enjoy your piano lessons & yard work. I have some dandelions and other weeds that are calling my name. They might make it until the weekend, though. :wink: I have volunteering this afternoon & I'm supposed to get together with a friend for lunch. :smile:
Have a great day! :salute:

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Good Morning,

Linda-Great minds must think alike-I was posting at the same time :smile: Enjoy the piano and yard work :flower:

Another long day ahead. This morning will be a nice change of pace because I will be at a meeting before going back to school this afternoon. After work it's difficult child's therapy and then somehow, someway I need to try to find the energy for a workout as I haven't worked out since Sunday-it's just been a draining week. Funny thing is I know I have more energy when I work out. :smile:

I hope everyone enjoys a peaceful day and finds something to smile about or better yet laugh about. :smile:


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Good morning all

Linda - enjoy your piano lessons

TM - I hope you enjoy your lunch with friends, have a glass of wine for me?

Wiped out - I hope the day isn't too hectic for you

Its a lovely day here, we are having a spate of warm weather thank goodness. 64 degrees today and rising .. apparently we are in for a 'scorcher' this bank holiday (may day)

Sorting the house out, boxing up difficult child's things in case he wants them, if not they can go into the loft till he does!

Have a good day. Hi to anyone who snuck in
Good Morning :coffee:,

It's been awhile since I've made it here! Yesterday my internet service was down. I missed all of you...

Linda, Enjoy your piano lesson and have fun with the flower boxes.

TM, Let the weeds and dandelions call your name a little longer!!! Yard work is like housework - It's always there waiting for you... Enjoy lunch with your friend!!!

Sharon, I hope you get that workout in :smile:!!! You're so right - My energy level increases once I've worked out too. I find I need it the most when I want to do it the least. I hope the rest of your week isn't as draining!!! Take some "me" time if you can :bath: :flower:, etc...

Lisa, I hope you get to enjoy the beautiful day you're having in spite of having to do some house work. :flower:

Today I have a bunch of errands to run. I also plan on enjoying our beautiful spring weather - I'm going to take my favorite sanity saver on a long walk. My house really needs cleaning but I think I'll save it for another day... Life has been really stressful lately with difficult children and I think I'll spend as much time outside as possible with my favorite sanity saver instead.

One more cup of :coffee: and I'm ready to go... Hi to anyone who snuck in... WFEN :flower:


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G'day, everyone. My day has been busier than expected and it's still going.

We WERE planning a short shopping trip. difficult child 3's Friend's mother came too. mother in law had to see the doctor but on the way there she broke her glasses. The last pair. I rang the optometrist and had to make an appointment for mid afternoon. We did our shopping, difficult child 3 went home with Friend's mother (who bought him the expensive toy I'd been making him save up for) and we finally got home at about 5 pm. I dropped off Friend's mother's shopping and went home to collapse for half an hour.

I had been rung this morning by a hippy friend of mine who needed a babysitter, she and her husband had a rare opportunity to mix business with pleasure and attend a music conference together. She had lined up another friend to collect the boys from after school care, and I was to collect them from her at 7 pm. They had been fed, we were told. I bathed them (they had to put school clothes back on) but then they got hungry again, so I gave them a second dinner and some chocolate cake I had defrosting (I needed to make space in the freezer). Meanwhile difficult child 3 has been keeping the boys entertained with computer games and a DVD. I read them all a story.

Then hippy mum rang - they missed the fast train from the city, had to wait an hour for the next train, then another hour's travel, then a half hour drive. It's now two hours past difficult child 3's bedtime. Her boys are night owls, so they're doing OK. difficult child 3 is getting a bit irritable, I might need to send him to bed and take over. easy child 2/difficult child 2 is currently supervising while she does the washing up. husband is getting ready for bed - it takes a lot to break his evening routine! Plus, I can get away with less sleep than he can.

easy child 2/difficult child 2 is now nervous about the proposed film role - doesn't think she can "make out" with a total stranger, and she's worried about boyfriend getting upset. I thought it was too good to be true. I think it's going to be a matter of talking to the producer, see EXACTLY what they want, because chances are the boy they hire will feel the same. There are ways, and there are ways.

I'd better go - I can hear things getting heated in the kitchen. Time to dig out a midnight screening!



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<span style='font-size: 11pt'>Hi kids, just a quick hello as I run out to the dentist. We had bad storms and pretty bad winds. Dallas had tornado sirens going off. Our community seemed to miss the worst of it but all the new mulch seems to have washed off into the driveway. :hammer:
At least all the new plants are adequately watered. Sheesh.
difficult child is working and doing ok so far.

husband is in Calif. where one of the lead articles in the paper is that difficult child's with mental illness die 25yrs earlier than their peers. It's believed it's a combination of obesity and antipsychotics. :crying: Our experience so far, seems to support this claim. I hope we can change the tide. It's difficult when you can't change their thinking.

Have a peaceful day. Give those who suffer some extra kindness today. </span>


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I hope everyone has a wonderful day... yucky weather here also. The weeds love it! Going to look for a B-day present for husband??? difficult child 2 and husband are all in a week and a half... what to get??? The opr guy has been through so much and does so much for us... his golf clubs are new. hmmm maybe a new bike?

Anyway... I hate shopping. Would rather be gardening! The strawberries and raspberries are looking good!