Good Thursday Morning

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Good Morning All,

Hopefully most of you are still sleeping! I'm up only because so is difficult child. This is the second time this week he has been up in the middle of the night. He's been up since 2:30 and I finally just got up with-him but am hoping he falls back asleep soon. In about a week I'll be having to get up close to this time everyday (once school starts).

This morning I'm going school supply shopping with-easy child and then I'm headed into school to work for a bit. Later I need to register difficult child for school. Other than that just the usual workout and hopefully a nap.

I hope everyone enjoys a peaceful day! :kisses:


Sharon - have you talked to difficult child's doctor regarding sleep issues? That is awful early to be awake. is it storming by you and that may have woke him up? good luck with the shopping, here the stores are a mess with all the supply shopping going on.

I have been so good,(3 days) forcing myself up at 4am and going to the gym, walking the dogs and eating a good breakfast. Today I am working so won't get home until about 1pm. I know I will be too tired to go to the gym or walk the dogs. (if it would stop raining) First night back always a challenge to stay awake.

Have a good Thursday!


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Good morning. :coffee:
Sharon- I hope you can find time to squeeze in a nap. :smile:
Kjs- I'm impressed, I hate getting up very early. I hope you have an easy night tonight. :smile:
Duckie and I will be going to the park later and I must (!!!) continue cleaning for our party this weekend. And she cheers again tonight. I'm feeling pretty guilty this morning, the tooth fairy messed up last night and forgot Duckie on her rounds. :crying:I'm a bad, bad mommy!!! UGH!


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Good Morning Wiped out and Kjs,
I hated when difficult child would wake up so early. He almost never went back to sleep. Made for a very long day. Have fun with shopping and going into your classroom.

Kjs, sorry to hear about all the rain. We have been dry but since we went through some years of scary drought, I'm glad for any rain we get. Hope you get some rest today. Sounds like a long day.

difficult child returns home from his visit with his friends. We have some paperwork to do to start the process of him moving to NJ. Keep your fingers crossed it is a good fit.

husband sprained his ankle pretty badly on Sunday. Although he is working from home this week, I'd hoped for help from him with things around the house.

I think I'll pour the first cup of coffee and start the to do list.
Have a good day. Don't let difficult child see you sweat. :smile:


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Good Thursday morning everyone! Sorry can't address everyone but I have to get everyone's breakfast made so that they can all be ready for our tee-off time! I'm taking the daycare glow-in-the-dark mini putting today. I hope they all behave as we're dragging husband with us, lol!
difficult child has prep camp again tonight which he is trying his best every day and easy child is off to her cheerleading tonight, they are having a sleepover camp, she's pretty excited!

Hope everyone has a great day!


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:princess: Happy Thursday Morning!

Sharon, another one who thinks difficult child's early hours are worth talking to the doctor about. These early hours could really affect his school year. Have fun shopping with easy child :dance:!!

Kjs, good for you for sticking with your program :bravo:! Hope you find a way to continue with your work hours.

TM, uh oh, bad tooth fairy!!!! How did you explain that one :rolleyes:????

Fran, sorry about husband's ankle. Hope the boys can pitch in a pick up the slack. Great news on difficult child taking his future in his hands. This must make you very proud. Enjoy your last few days with easy child. :angel:

Christine, enjoy the golf today. I hope easy child has a great time! :smile:

Well, it's "Birthday Week" at our house! difficult child turns 12 today. Last night easy child and I took him out to a Japaneese steak house - it is his favorite place but only for special occasions since it's about $25-$30 per person :surprise:!!!!!

Today he spends a big chunk with exbonehead. He is picking difficult child up around 2 and first they will go to the peddoc (bonehead has never ever been to the peddoc with difficult child) for his Tdap shot (has to have it in order to go to middle school). Then they will go to the mall for birthday shopping and an early dinner. At 6, difficult child's new middle school is having 6th grade fun night. Come and meet, have some fun and refreshments.

Tomorrow is the big party day. difficult child is having a "Water/Dance" Party. Four of easy child's friends are invited and he is having three of his friends. We rented a huge (I stress the word "huge") slip and slide, easy child will play music and use the strobe light, and the hot tub will be open! This was difficult child's idea. He says they will have a mosh pit!!!!!

I'm going to be going to the office in a little while. I woke up this morning and couln't believe that 12 years ago I was at the hospital to have have difficult child. Where have the years gone. My baby is not a baby any more :crying:.

Wishing everyone a great day!

Good Morning Everyone :coffee:,

Sharon, I hope difficult child doesn't make a habit of getting up so EARLY!!! If this continues to happen, I would speak to his psychiatrist. I hope you manage to squeeze in some time for a nap today!!!

kjs, Way To Go!!! It sounds like you're on the path to a healthier you - You deserve a day off from the gym - I can't imagine having to get up at 4 a.m. every day!!!

TM, Enjoy the park. I hope your cleaning goes quickly!!! in my humble opinion, don't worry about the floors - Unless they're so sticky that when you walk on them, you get glued in place, why bother??? You'll have to rewash them after your party. Besides, who really notices the floors???

Fran, I've got my fingers crossed that everything goes smoothly with difficult child's move to New Jersey!!! I hope your husband is feeling better soon!!! Enjoy that :coffee:!!!

Christine, I hope you have fun with the kids mini putting today. Is that what we call miniature golf in the U.S.? Enjoy the day!!!

Sharon, You always sound so BUSY!!! Happy B-Day to difficult child!!! I hope the water/dance party goes well. Time really does fly!!! My baby, easy child, is 13 yrs. old... Last week I was thinking about the summer she turned 5 yrs. We spent just about every week day on the beach. She had the cutest little swimsuit with fish on it and a matching cover-up. She used to pretend she was a seagull and run up and down the beach flapping her arms... I miss the innocence (SP???)!!!

Today I have to call the SPED office and schedule a Team Meeting for difficult child 2. I have lots of errands to run and, unfortunately, will have to take the difficult children with me. Hopefully, things will go smoothly...

Hi to anyone who snuck in. I hope everyone has at least one reason to laugh or smile today :flower: WFEN :flower: :flower:


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Morning all! Sorry but "good" and "morning" should never be said at the same time. :wink:

TM, get a friend to write a note from the tooth fairy explaining she just had too many kids to deliver to and wanted to make sure she had enough money to give Duckie on pretty, colored paper, add some glitter and pop it under her pillow tonight. I even folded the dollar into a pretty fan for that gaffe. :smile:

I'm still packing away and almost reaching panic mode. Think that should hit next Monday since the move is on Friday. Projects for today are finish packing up the den. Take pictures of furniture I want to sell on craigslist (if I can find a way to get to them around the boxes) and post that and pack, pack, pack!

Everyone sounds so busy and productive. Hope you all have a super day.


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Well, we had storms move through last night, so I told Duckie that fairies can't fly in the rain because their wings are too heavy when wet. Then, I slipped the money under her pillow when she was in the bathroom. She then figured that she had woke up too early when the tooth fairy was actually in her room and she must have slipped out while Duckie was having breakfast. I believe her innate sense of greed has superseded all reason, lol! :rofl:


Good morning all.

Hated the early morning middle of the night wake ups with difficult child 2. Hope it gets better.

Wish I could get that motivated husband is giving me crap because I don't use Y membership I insisted on.

Glad tooth fairy made it afte the rain.

Hope packing goes well.

Hope putt putt goes well too.

Hope difficult child has a good day with his dad

And another hope packing goes well.

All is quiet. No calls from either RTCs and easy child started school today. Taking a class for Red Cross later after I am done working. Then D, easy child and I are going to baseball game tonight (and no one knows this so hopefully no phone calls then)..



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Hi, I'm appallingly late and need to head for bed. We just got in from the hospital - those darling neighbourhood kids who have been hassling difficult child 3 drew blood this evening so I called the cops. They called the ambulance.

He bled a bit from a small scalp wound, about 1-2 cm long and half a cm deep. The gang of about 6 kids, aged 6 to 10 approx, were throwing things at him. "A log" according to difficult child 3 hit him in the side of the head.

He's had the wound glued shut (it was that, or three stitches) and had a tetanus shot as well. It's just past midnight here, tomorrow will be an interesting day. Will I get phone calls/visits from other parents? Or are they going to be too ashamed to face us?

Need to get sleep, but still too wired. I will post separately, but for now I'm looking forward to a quieter day tomorrow.