Good Tuesday morning friends......

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    Good morning friends. :good_morning:

    I'm sipping my hmj & appreciating the quiet of the morning. I've been absent over the past several days - down & out. My cat bit me & I developed quite the infection from that cat bite. Wasn't aware how dangerous cat bites could be. It's slowly healing - thank goodness.

    kt's anxiety level is on the rise; school starts in a week. We're keeping her busy & focused. Yesterday, she & her Integrated Listening Systems (ILS) worker went to the library to research help for our cat. Teach him not to "attack mama". She wrote up quite the report for me.

    I see GP this morning, then kt, PCA & I are off to the art store. My favorite brush is toast ~ need to pick up 2 or 3 of that size, I think. :painter:

    It promises to be a beautiful day with-o the humidity; NO A/C! kt & I spent time out in my bird sanctuary yesterday & I hope to do the same today.

    Enjoy your Tuesday. I hope it's calm & you find a reason or two to smile.
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    G'day Linda, and all to follow.

    Linda, sorry to hear about the cat bite. All those steroids probably made it easier for the bug to take hold. You're doing well if you're already on the mend after only a few days. I had a work colleague who was off for two weeks because a cat bite turned septic.

    Enjoy your relaxed day of painting!

    We've had an - interesting - day today. husband had the day off anyway, he HAD intended to stay home and get some jobs done. Then the nasty affair of the credit card fraud yesterday afternoon got in the way of THAT. We had to go in this morning to sort out the problem, fill in reports etc. We HAD planned to go into the city to the science week exhibitions (supposed to be happening for ten days) on Wednesday, so we decided to reschedule for today.
    We rang our friends and reorganised. Then headed for the bank this morning so we could get it all dealt with then head for the city with our home-schooling friends.
    At 10 am husband & I were still in the bank, filling in forms. Our friends met up with me (I kept ducking out to the foyer to make sure difficult child 3 was reading his maths notes) and decided to go ahead into the city, to meet us there. A good thing - the bank fraud officer wanted us to report the problem to the police and to drop back in with the incident report number. So husband sent me and difficult child 3 off on the next train while he saw the cops.
    So at one point, three groups of us were all on consecutive trains heading in to the heart of Sydney. All checking up on each other by mobile phone!
    difficult child 3 did get some schoolwork done on the train (good) and we met up with our friends at the first destination. The Science fair is spread over a number of buildings, it has been really built up as a big event.

    The reality was very disappointing. The first place - my friend asked where the display was, the receptionist pointed vaguely towards the other end of the foyer and said, "Down there."
    "Is it in a hall, or special room anywhere?"
    "Nup. Down there. Can't miss it."

    The display itself was small, about half a dozen cabinets, the lights were off, there was no general information.
    Because we'd checked online, we did know that there were supposed to be more displays elsewhere so we set off to find them. No maps anywhere, no signposts. And finally found (by asking) another display in another building. This one was quite good, on Leonardo da Vinci. But we had lost a lot of time looking around trying to find places. difficult child 3 was getting increasingly frustrated with my friend's younger kids (the middle one - very bouncy). All good kids, but following different rules.

    Overall, the day was disappointing. I'd hoped it would be a worthwhile alternative for regular schoolwork for difficult child 3, but frankly we should have stayed home and hit the books. I unfortunately had a really bad day with arthritis in my hips so all the walking around trying to find the next exhibit without the benefit of a map, didn't help.

    A few good things - at least what we DID see was good; difficult child 3 got on well (mostly) with the other kids; husband was relaxed by the end of it all despite a frustrating, worrying beginning; everyone stayed happy (despite me feeling annoyed by the lack of organisation of something so important as this Science Week thingie). We also crossed paths with an official motorcade for the Prime Minister of East Timor, who happened to be visiting people in the building where the first exhibit was. It made it a little bit more interesting for the younger kids, especially.

    Tomorrow - we're staying home, except for a drive to the highway to collect psychiatrist's daughter from school (psychiatrist is recovering form surgery, won't be able to drive for several months).

    I am so tired!

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    :D Good Morning Friends,

    Linda, I'm glad you are feeling better and planning a trip to the art store - I know that always makes you feel better!!!

    Marg, sorry the day was not as great as know what they say about "best laid plans........."

    I, like Linda, have not been around much lately. The trip to the shore, difficult child's birthday, my laptop being on the fritz, trying to squeeze all the missed summer activities into the last week, all are responsible for my lack presence here.

    Today is a typical tuesday in that I'll be at the office shortly. After that, difficult child and I will be going to see the new mummy movie. I've not heard much about it, so I'm not sure how good it is.....

    easy child is babysitting from 8-3, then working at the gym from 4:30-6:30, then she has a DECA board meeting at our house at 7:30!! She's busier than I am!

    Wishing everyone a great Tuesday :peaceful:

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    Good Morning,

    Linda-I never knew cat bites could be so bad-I'm glad you are healing. Enjoy the trip to the art store.:painter:

    Marg-I'm sorry the day was disappointing. It's great though that difficult child 3 got along well with others and that husband finally relaxed.:D

    Linda-Wow-your easy child sure is busy-she takes after you:D Enjoy your day.

    As for me, I'm tired! So tired that when I went to hit the more button for graphics, I hit the submit reply button instead so now I'm "editing" my reply. I stayed up too late playing Wii.

    Today it's back to school to continue to work on my classroom. husband is going to his school, easy child has cheer practice and difficult child returns from respite at 1:00. We then have two meetings, one with an in-home and then difficult child has a psychiatrist appointment.

    At some point, probably late I will get to the health club.

    Enjoy your day, I hope it is free from disappointments. :peaceful:

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    Good morning everyone!:D Just got difficult child on the bus and drinking HMJ. Not much on the schedule today other than occupational therapy. I don't think I posted about my latest incident. :anxious:

    A few weeks ago I grabbed a knife to cut brownies, just happened to be a new steak knife. It slipped off the brownies an went into my left hand. It cut all the tendons to 3 of my fingers an the ulnar nerve. So I had surgery. I'm in this horrible brace now going through therapy. :( I got some of the feeling back in my hand. I'm off work until at least Sept 17th. I tried going back to work a couple of weeks ago but I wasn't doing very well. My boss told me to get the doctor to take me off work until it is healed.

    Do yourself a favor and don't ever use a steak knife to cut brownies even if you do overcook them.;)