Good Tuesday morning friends...

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    & fellow warrior parents. :warrior:

    I've yet to fall asleep :bloodshot:& thought I'd check in; noticed no one had started the GM thread so here I am up & planning my day. I'm thinking a very long nap.

    I spent a good portion of yesterday morning watering & planting in my yard. :woohoo: Felt good to be out & about - kind of crazy to enjoy weeding, isn't it?

    Not driving much so I'll not be going to see kt until Friday. I plan on laundry, bill paying & practicing my 2 pieces for piano lesson coming up Friday. This is the 1st week I've really had time to get ready. Other than that, I finally decided on my next painting :painter:. Not sharing anymore unless I post it here.

    Here's to a good day with cooperative difficult children, beautiful weather & peace in your heart.

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  2. Marguerite

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    Linda, if you did all that weeding yesterday then you've undoubtedly earned that nap.

    We've had a fairly quiet day here at home. Last week difficult child 3 spent it entirely on the computer working through a Maths revision software package and this week so far he's been doing a Maths lesson a day, successfully. MUCH faster. Of course, setting up the gumball machine with M&Ms and letting him insert another coin for each section of work completed, may be helping!

    husband was home today so other jobs also got done - all the trimmed hibiscus from mother in law's place got bundled ready for removal. I should have helped by cutting more, but after the lecture form the doctor yesterday I should back off and stop doing anything too strenuous.

    THis evening I stopped by the pharmacy to buy a wrist brace for difficult child 3 (so I don't have to keep bandaging his wrist all the time) and also collected a copy of the local paer. I only want the employment section, we're madly applying for jobs for easy child 2/difficult child 2. I made more phone calls for her today, trying to get some legal advice. The gen is - she MUST call H/O and let them know she's being cut off from contact with them.

    So tonight I rang her to get her OK for me to send in three job applications on her behalf. "Go for it," she said. I reminded her that we expect her on THursday at some stage, if only so we can telephone her H/O together. Now she's not so sure about calling them. The alternative - she will have to put up with the ongoing harassment and will eventually be put in a no-win situaiton and get sacked for it. She will ten have grounds for unfair dismissal, but she shouldn't have to do this. She's increasingly scared to confront the bully because in the meantime the bullying will get worse.

    I really need to talk to that girl. It has to be her decision, though.

    In the meantime - here's hoping one of the traineeship applications bears fruit!

    Tomorrow is another quiet day - and I don't have to take any more prednisone! Yay!

    Enjoy your Tuesday.

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    :hot: Good Tuesday Morning!

    Linda, I'm not sure about your temps, but around here, just a little time weeding is a recipe for heat stroke! Well, not quite, but it's pretty darm uncomfortable doing yard work between the heat and humidity and the mosquitos. Playing some piano and planning your next piece of art sound like good things for today!

    Marg, glad to hear that tomorrow is planned to be a slower day! Hope difficult child 2 can come through and realize that by speaking up in this situation, she is helping all those in the future who could be treated as she is. It's bigger than her.....

    Today I will hit the office in about an hour for a few hours of work and then back home to continue to help easy child with her packing and cleaning. Her new bed came to the apt yesterday so after work we went over and set up all her bedding! She should officially be moved out next Monday.

    difficult child is counting the days now until school starts. He wants summer to continue but is kinda getting bored he says!

    Have a great day today - if you are in the heat wave as we are, stay cool!

  4. Rabbit

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    Good Morning All! Yesterday I had a bad day and I am hoping for a better
    one today! I was stopped at a red light and a woman rear ended me. UGh
    difficult child 3 and I were in the car. no one was hurt but its a hassle UGH
    Hope everyone has a GREAT day Today!

    Linda- a long nap sounds like a good idea. I will be keeping u in my prayers.
    I know u r going thru a rough patch right now.

    Marg- I hope things work out for easy child 2/difficult child 2. She is lucky to have u to help her.

    Sharon- Hope u have a great day. I like your difficult child am counting the days until school starts.

    Sending Hugs To all- Rabbit
  5. Wiped Out

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    Good Morning,

    Linda-Since you enjoy that weeding so much you are welcome to come here and have your way with the weeds! Enjoy that nap-you know how much I love naps!

    Marg-Glad that gumball machine full of M&Ms is continuing to help! I really am hoping easy child/difficult child 2 gets one of those jobs you are filling out applications for. It sounds like she is in such a miserable situation.

    Sharon-How was the beach? Did you get the warmer weather you were hoping for? I'm impressed your difficult child is counting down the days to school. None of us at the Wiped house are doing that. Enjoy your day!

    Rabbit-I'm sorry to hear you were rear ended but glad everyone is o.k. Crossing my fingers today is a much better day!

    We finally had a hot day yesterday so difficult child came with me to the pool. I was pleasantly surprised at how well he did at the pool. Unfortunately that didn't continue into the night, he hit a bit of a rough patch but then fell asleep really early.

    Today the insurance person is finally going to come look at the roof. It's been very frustrating as many people in our area have roofs already going up and we don't know yet whether or not ours will be covered. It's been a slow process with rain ruining the visit the adjuster was suppose to make.

    We'll do a workout while easy child is at driver's ed then I really should mow the lawn but we'll see.

    Wishing everyone a peaceful day:peaceful: Hi if you snuck in while I was typing this:)
  6. JJJ

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    Linda -- I have plenty of weeding that needs to be done if you are looking for more enjoyment :)

    Marg - I hope she finds another job soon. (Is an H/O a hearing officer????)

    Sharon - it must be so exciting for her to be setting up her own place :)

    Rabbit - Getting rear-ended is so frustrating. I hope the insurance claim and repair go quickly.

    Sharon - I hope your roof is approved and repaired quickly.

    Today is a bunch of running around including 2 doctor appts. I want to get some cleaning done too -- I think I am too ambitious :)
  7. therese005us

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    Hello everyone,

    I have been feeling a little more interested in gardening myself lately. After having planted more than 300 seedlings last November and having that flood, it has taken me a while to get motivated again. i did plant a little bit of garden, then we had another flood in May! I like weeding myself, it looks so lovely when it's all cleared. I might get me some seedlings by week's end and start my winter/spring garden.

    With all that's been happening around here, today I even rang my best friend and invited her to run away with me to the circus. We're both on overload (her mom's been in hospital about 4 months and she herself has had a nervous breakdown from the stress) and overdue for a holiday (of sorts).
    Anyway, this morning with 5 children to get motivated and delivered to their various activities, it was an early start.
    When it was just daughter and I, we raced about washing, cleaning etc. in readiness for my aunt and uncle who arrived just around lunchtime. By this time, I had a pumpkin soup, quiche and tongiht's dinner all bubbling away and 4 loads of washing pegged out.
    When they arrived, the Homeschooling went out the window, as we excitedly caught up on all the news.
    They will be here until Sunday.
    DS has been in a fairly good mood since being home from work and tomorrow I hope to motivate him to ring a few more butchers asking for appointments to present his CV. We must get his apprenticeship somewhere soon, it would really help us all if he's in regularl employment that's going forward.

    Cherub had a very bad day at school with accidents, could be she's unsettled with the new teacher helping her? And then I discovered she'd taken (stolen) $20 from my diary (schedule) in the car and popped it in her pocket. I couldn't work out from her limited answers, why, but did tell her it was very naughty; and explained what stealing was. I am sure she knew she was doing wrong, but she just kept saying "i don't know' when I asked her where it came from etc etc. Eventually, she told me, when she was clear I wasn't getting too angry, but just wanted the answers. As to why, well, when I suggested tuckshop, she got happy and said yes, yes, then I said no, no, it's not yours, and that's stealing.... it wasn't going anywhere though so I had to leave it.
    Well, have a happy day everyone. I have to get the table ready for my guests, and go to bed soon.
  8. Andy

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    Today is another "list" day.

    1. Work 3 hours - looks like 9:00 - 12:00.

    2. Goodbye lunch for an employee who is leaving my last job site. I love those ladies, they include me a lot even though it has been two years that I have been gone from there.

    3. 2:00 meeting back at work. So much scuttlebutt about what is going on with jobs that the people coming may have answers. I doubt it though.

    4. Find time to clean out the Sunday School cabinet and turn over keys to the new Sunday School Superintendent.

    5. 7:00 Board of Education meeting. Finding this year's Sunday School teachers will be priority on the agenda.

    I was so proud of not only completing a list of errands yesterday but also completing two items that I had forgotten to put on the list.

    Fortunately, the neighbor said she can watch over difficult child today. He was there most of the day yesterday so hopefully it will not get to be too much. Yesterday afternoon I had difficult child and the neighbor kids (H and S) for a few hours so took them to a nearby store for icecream cones. When we got back home, I set up cardboard tables with old table cloths in the yard and they did some painting projects.

    Everyone have a great day and find a way to make your kids laugh.