Good Tuesday Morning


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:coffee: Good Tuesday Morning All,

Well, it's 37 degrees here this morning and they were originally calling for a heck of winter storm for us. But, low and behold, we are to get all rain through tomorrow. All the school kids are bummed.....can't say I'm to happy either.

Office for me today. easy child and difficult child are doing well - we all sat down together last night and watched the Ugliest Dog in America contest on the Animal Planet! So ugly they were cute.

Wishing everyone a smooth Tuesday :smile:


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Good Morning,

Sharon-Wish I had known the Uglies dog show was on-easy child would have loved it-she is a dog fanatic. Sorry you didn't get your snow.

We're supposed to be getting more snow today which means more fun driving-not. Yesterday it took an hour to get to work-I think it will be just as long today and it's supposed to keep snowing a couple of inches during the day along with a blowing snow advisory-not looking forward to the drive home. Tonight is wrestling practice for difficult child-I could really use a break from these long nights but it's not likely. I plan on making some quick chicken fetucinni for dinner tonight.

I hope everyone enjoys a peaceful, no meltdown day. Hi to anyone who snuck in. :flower:


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G'day, everyone. Hi, Sharons. I've not seen a TV show about ugly animals. I've seen some ugly animals, including a few two-legged ones, we've had celebrity pets behaving badly (including an Aussie classic from the days of live TV - Graham Kennedy's "Rover", supposed to be advertising dog food but instead resolving an over-full bladder, on live national television).

We had a busy afternoon. We had to drive 'out' and the rain was continuing. Do you know, it's been so long since I drove in rain, I had trouble working out how to use the rear wiper on the car? Talk about embarrassing!

Tonight we had a weird incident. It was dark, still a bit wet, late and a car pulled into our driveway. Then backed out, reversed up to our mailbox with lights dimmed and motor still running. I couldn't see out my window as a large tree was blocking the view. I went to the front door but some caution advised me to leave the light off. I looked out, all was dark. I heard some muffled argument, a young male voice saying, "Alright, ALRIGHT!" and then what looked like an adolescent male got out of the car, hurried to our letterbox and shoved something in, even as the car was beginning to glide away. The young man rushed back and jumped into the moving car as it took off up the road. I tried to get the number, but it was too quick.
I went back inside, told husband about it and we both speculated - another letterbox bomb? Something nastier? I got my boots on, grabbed a torch and some gauntlets to go look. husband got his boots on too, and together we picked our way to the fence, cautiously.
Just as we got to the letterbox I saw the car coming again. I switched off the torch so we wouldn't be seen and recognised the same car as it sped back past our house. They wouldn't have seen us near the tree.
Then we turned on the torch and checked the letterbox again - junk mail!

Instead of something nasty delivered by local hooligans, it was some kid who hadn't completed his after-school junk mail route and his parents were driving him round to finish the job, nagging him all the way.
We had to laugh - we've been a target of local thugs for so long that we're getting paranoid. Letterbox bombs can be nasty, but I must admit we haven't had any of those for a while. It's more of a winter thing - fireworks can be bought in Canberra (three hours' drive away) on the June long weekend. Nowhere else, no other time. So it's around then that we get the home-made pipe bombs shoved through the letterboxes. We built our letterbox with a freely movable flap at the back. Any explosion can be easily vented.

That's life in difficult child town - never dull!

Have an exciting Tuesday, everyone.



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Good morning Sharons!
LDM- I would have loved the ugliest dog contest, lol!
Wiped out- Drive carefully! It's headed our way next!
I have cleaning and school volunteering this morning. I'm bummed out about something, might get around to posting about it in the Watercooler later.
Good Morning Cyber Friends,

I hope everyone has a "melt-down" free day!!! I'm sorry I don't have time to respond to everyone individually, but I don't want my favorite sanity saver to be late for her day of beauty!!! I've finished my :coffee: (I finally found the emoticons!!! :smile:) and have to run... WFEN


Good morning!

I'm at work and am sorry that I can't respond to everyone individually.

I came in at 4am to try to get as much work in before the weather forces me home. We're supposed to receive 8-12 inches of snow today. School didn't close til 6am. I was getting really annoyed thinking I was going to have to drive all the way home in this weather (it started to snow at 1:30am) to get difficult child off to school just so they could look out the window at lunchtime and realize they couldn't find the road and send the kids back home. Our school is always the last to close.

I'm excited about the snow, though. I love the feeling of being snowed in.

Hope everyone has a great day!

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Good Morning Everyone! :coffee:

I got up at the crack of dark to find out there is no school. We're sitting in the middle of a bad winter storm. Cincy is getting freezing rain. We're north and east of them and getting all snow. They can't decide on how much.

I hope everyone has a meltdown free day. And for those of you in the path of the storm take care.

I'm on my way back to bed for a few more hours sleep. lol



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Morning all! Checked the TV at 6:30 this morning and they had already cancelled school. I looked outside expecting to see a lot of snow on my car and there really isn't much...must all be blowing around too much.

I have a car seat inspection event scheduled for today but somehow I think it's going to be a very boring afternoon. I just don't think people are going to be very excited about packing the kids up to come to a seat event in the middle of a blizzard warning. Of course, you never know! :hammer:

Hope all of you in the storm fares ok.

Have a good day everyone!


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'Morning, everyone ... :coffee:

We're getting tons of rain here, and as I look out I can see that my car is surrounded by a huge puddle that I'm going to have to forge my way through later ... carrying the dog!

I'm off work today to take one of my dogs in for surgery ... Ms. Ragan's getting "fixed", poor baby. I have finally given up my dream of having "grandpuppies" - Bostons just have too many problems giving birth and I don't want to chance it with her. But I am on such a guilt trip over this! I feel just like I did when my daughter had her tonsils out! I know she's going to be OK, but I worry. And I keep looking at it from the DOGS' point of view, what SHES going to be thinking! First off, I'm starving her :mad: - nothing to eat or drink for 12 hours. She can't figure out where the water bowl is, and she's thirsty! :frown: Then I'm going to take her to the Vets office, which scares her silly! :eek: Then I will heartlessly abandon her there with people who will be sticking her with big needles :cry: ... and then forceably removing part of her innards! :shocked: I know, I know, I'm being silly :blush:.

Hope everyone stays warm and dry and has a wonderful day! I'll be here at home taking care of my little "invalid"! /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/sick.gif



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Good Morning my friends. We have some wicked wind gusts and a drop in temps but no snow. I love getting the weather report from all over.

LDM, don't work too hard today. Sorry to hear you are getting rain instead of snow. I watched the dog show last week some time and have been thinking about getting a dog or two from one of the dog rescue groups. husband thinks I lost my mind. LOL

Wiped out, any chance you can alternate these late nights with husband? Give yourself a break. You folks in Wisconsin do so well in the snow. We are snow wimps.

Marguerite, I'm so glad it wasn't a letter bomb. Pretty funny about it just being a kid who hadn't completed his job.

TM, hope whatever it is will be easily repaired. Can you come by and clean a little for me? Thanks.

WREN, Enjoy your day of beauty.

Wyntergrace, good idea about getting into work early so that you can be ready to go home if the weather turns really ugly. I love being snowed in too.

Daisylover,stay warm and enjoy your snow day.

mustang, hope they cancel the event so you can stay home too. It's a good project though. I am still shocked that people don't use car seats for their kids or do it incorrectly. What are they thinking?

It's my errand day. Besides groceries and general running around, I have a routine mammo and my first bone density tests this afternoon. It's a bear aging.

Hope you have a meltdown free day and enjoy the snow day for those of you who have one. Be safe for those who have to drive. :coffee:


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Morning everyone :coffee:

I have tried a couple of times to address everyone and keep getting knocked off LOL. So I'll just say hi.

Snow is coming - I got half way to work and turned around. The roads are slick and I don't need to get in there that bad.

Hope everyone has a relaxing day. Try to stay out of the yukky weather.


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Good morning friends,

Man, sleep in & there's a party on the GM thread. I'm sorry not to address you individually. To be honest my brain is not fully functioning this morning.

I spent yesterday running errands, paying bills & balancing the check book. I once again found the surface of my desk - spent hours shredding last year's stuff that won't be needed for tax purposes. I believe I may have blown out the shredder. Looks like today will be laundry & cleaning.

Need to fit time in on the piano today. Now that the recital is over I'm on to new challenges in music. I need to know the assigned music by Thursday afternoon.

Have a good day all - I plan on it.


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Good morning all.
23 degrees here, some wet snow coming down, supposed to get up to 6 inches. I'm wishing it would stop. husband cleaning house today, we have a meeting with treatment team later, but other than that, not too much happening. School's here are closed.
Sharon, I wish I would had known the show was on too, would had loved to watch it with husband and difficult child.
Wiped Out, be careful out there driving. And what time is dinner? ~lol~
Marg, thank goodness it was only junkmail the alternative would had been so much worse.
Tiredmommy, sounds like you have a busy day planned, remember to take some time for yourself as well.
Wishingfor, hope you have a great day.
wyntersgrace, have a good day at work and I'm more than happy to send you some extra snow. hehehe
Daisylover, sweet dreams hon.
Mstang67, after the inspection hopefully you can snuggle up. Don't get too cold out there.
Donna, don't forget to put your waders on, and hope your dogs' surgery goes off without a hitch.
Fran, I still think it was a man that invented the mammogram machine. Hope yours comes out well.

Hope everyone has a great day with no meltdowns. And for those driving stay safe.