Good Tuesday Morning..

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by SearchingForRainbows, Feb 8, 2011.

  1. SearchingForRainbows

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    Good Morning Everyone,

    I never thought I would be so happy to say this but today it's RAINING!!! Rain, finally, instead of snow...!!! Lots of the white stuff has melted already. It's still in the thirties though so I'm not going to get too excited yet...

    My "favorite sanity saver" wants to play - Way too early this morning. She almost just knocked over my coffee - Not a good thing since it probably would have landed all over the computer.

    Heading back to the kitchen for another cup. And, Marg, thanks for the warning about being careful with hot coffee, lol... However, what I really need more is a "porta potty" for my car, lol... I really need to limit my caffeine intake, lol...

    As always, hope everyone's day goes well... SFR
  2. Wiped Out

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    Good Morning!

    SFR-lol about the porta potty!! I've thought of that before too but because I drink too much water! Glad it's raining where you are, nice instead of snow:)

    Here it is back to another cold streak:frostbite: It's about 8 below with the wind chill right now and tonight into tomorrow morning they are issuing a wind chill advisory so we are really suppose to dip even further! Thankfully by the time the weekend arrives we will be heading into the 30s!!

    Long day ahead because after work I have a therapist appointment. Not much else on the agenda for today!

    Wishing everyone a warmer day than it will be here:)
  3. LittleDudesMom

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    Good Morning Friends!

    SFR - we got a little excited around here because they were calling for several inches of snow tomorrow night and into Thursday - but, as is typical for around here, the forecase has changed to 30% of a few snow flurries! But, I can understand the sentiment for those of you under the ice pack! Enjoy your day!

    Sharon, it's a balmy 41 here this morning. We are forecase to be "cold" for the next several days with a warming trend beginning Friday and the promise of 60's come Monday. Sorry.

    So difficult child's annual and tri-annual IEP meeting is scheduled for today. We'll see what's been cancelled twice. Although I think there is a pretty good chance it will happen because difficult child said his case worker pulled him out of class yesterday and discussed with him "where do you see yourself in five years?" I'll let you know the outcome.....

    Wishing you all a great Tuesday.

  4. Andy

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    Searching - I hope that rain stays as rain - no ice! Take care this morning!

    Wiped Out - I live close enough to you to be included in the freezeing weather today. Wind Chill adviseries are post through I think tomorrow. Thursday is suppose to warm up a bit. I am focusing on this weekend when it is suppose to be another warm snap!

    difficult child was up so late last night. I hope he does o.k. getting going this morning.

    There are some huge issues at church that I am working on. I wrote a five page report on my feelings about how the congregation treat kids (not good!). The person I shared it with asked to pass it along to pastor which I approved of. He said it was well written and powerful. We had a very good discussion about it. There is also controversy of having the kids join the adults for refreshments on Sunday morning. I was in a meeting with that issue and starting now there will no longer be a separation. Major change for the good. I have written up a page explaining that this will happen and some "rules" (such as waiting until service is over to eat, ect.) that will be handed out in church. The first week will be interesting - can't believe the petty problems the elderly ladies are having with this. The big one now is "But when the kids leave for Sunday School we will have to all move seats again to sit together as a group for bible study." One lady wanted to still have separate tables/area for the kids to eat at. We quickly told her NO!! No more seperating the kids from the adults. Pastor did ask me why I had remained with seeing this type of thing going on along with the other 4 pages of negative observations. I get that question alot! I told him one reason was to make a welcoming atmosphere for the kids. I feel at peace that there will be healthy changes coming for the congregation - they just have to accept this 1st huge step for them.

    I suppose I better go get difficult child going. Bowling and Jr Rifle Club tonight. He may choose to skip rifle again or leave early.

    Everyone have great day!!!! :)