Good Tuesday morning!

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Wake up sleepyheads.

It's been a dreary week here - lots of wind, rain & cloudiness. Supposedly we are to see sun today. Hmmmmm - I hope so.

kt has a therapist appointment this afternoon after school. A few errands to run here, bills to pay & a great deal of laundry.

Have a calm day - find a reason to laugh.


Good morning everyone.

Linda, hope you have a sunny and peaceful day.

Looks as if it's going to be warm and sunny here today. I'm meeting some friends to go for a long walk (gotta get that exercise in) followed by lunch out. Then grocery shopping and paperwork before I pick up the kids from school and head into our afternoon routine of activities and appointments.

Hope you have a great day. Hi to anyone who snuck in.


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:smile: Good Morning Linda, SW, and all to follow!

Linda, it's been cool here as well and the clouds are back today. It was in the 40's last night and will be 72 today. Fortunately I wadded through all my laundry yesterday - 5 loads! Have a great one.

SW, enjoy your walk, sounds like a nice day you have planned.

I have my fingers crossed that difficult child has a good day today. He had some trouble yesterday at school and was referred by the reading specialist. The principal sat down and spoke with difficult child to find out what was bothering him. He told difficult child he would rip up the referral if he got his work done (it was an important piece of his standardized testing). I told difficult child that he was surely blessed that principal thought enough of him to destroy the referral. Most students would have had a suspension. He definately recognizes he screwed up.

I have a meeting with the accountant at the office this morning. Then it's out to the west end of town to our fresh grocer to find something nice for teacher's appreciation tomorrow.

Wishing everyone a great day with as little stress as possible :angel:


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Good morning. :coffee:
Linda- I hope the weather clears for you, too many dreary days aren't good for anyone. :rolleyes:
Smallworld- Enjoy your exercise and lunch before the Mom Express this afternoon. :warrior:
I've got to call my Mom this morning. She needs some of my father's information to apply for her Ontario retirement benefits (rather than disability). Wish me luck! :hammer:
Other than than, I have to clean the fridge after defrosting it yesterday and get it cooling down. All my perishables are in the basement refrigerator, so I've been getting in a workout at meal time since yesterday, lol. :smile: Then I volunteer at the school for a few hours. I'm also hoping to take care of the dandelion invasion in my front flower bed. Duckie loves them, but I'm less than thrilled by their presence. :wink: I've cancelled Duckie's piano lesson because she either has a bad cold or her allergies have kicked up badly, we shall see which. :ill:
Have a great day. Hi to anyone that snuck in. :salute:


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G'day, everybody.

Linda, your summer should arrive soon.

Smallworld, sounds like a relaxing morning planned.

Sharon, sounds like a great principal - could you have him cloned?

TM, Good luck with your mum's stuff. We need to defrost our fridge too. It's badly iced up.

We've had a warm day today, but they warn us that Indian summer is going to fade fast this week.

Today difficult child 3 & I had to go to the city for his government test. I think this one was maths. His correspondence school is attached to another, younger school. As we were leaving at lunchtime, we saw a class of kids and teacher walking out the gate for a lesson - in fishing! Each child had a fishing rod, each pair of kids had a bucket and some bait. I've mentioned before, this school is right in the heart of Sydney, next to Garden Island where the Aussie navy docks when they're in town (and where QMII docked a couple of months ago). These kids were going fishing right beside the navy wharf - fabulous! I wish our local school had done that - we have a great spot for fishing too, right next to our wharf.

Have a great Tuesday.



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Good Morning everyone. Sorry to be so late but it's been a busy morning. It was a busy night too. Very loud lightening and thunder throughout the night.
difficult child is doing ok. He seems to be loving that we have praised him for his good decision making this past weekend. Hopefully he can build on it.
A little spy told me that difficult child was furiously cleaning his apt. since I said I might stop by. LOL. At least he cares if I am not pleased with his housekeeping skills. Evidently it was bags and bags of trash. Ugh! I can barely tolerate it but it's not my issue to deal with. It's a basket B and he is an adult.

Nothing exciting today. A workout, groceries, paperwork and maybe some potting of plants.

Hope your difficult child gives you a reason to smile.