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I have been meaning to update. Son turned 20 on Aug. 27th. We had a small celebration at his "house". He has a supervised job at Wally World with his other 3 roommates. He is allowed a small portion for personal expenses and to pay for supervised outings. The rest is put into savings. He continues to improve physically and is benefiting from the various therapies. There is very little downtime, but is done in non stressful increments. It appears to be working for him. I remain cautiously optimistic.


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Honestly, there should be many more places like this for people like your son. it sounds amazing and I am so happy for your son and you. This is so promising. Kudos!

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That's great news, pasa. The best part is knowing you did do the right thing, back when everything was so hard, and you made the best decisions you knew. I remember how hard that was for you.

I am so pleased for you, and for your son, pasa.

Happy days! Wishing you both every good thing.




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Pasa, I am so happy to hear this! I hope you are resting in the peace that comes with good news. Just for today. One day at a time. This is so great!

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What a wonderful post to read today! Glad to hear that things seem to going positively. Isn't it nice to have feelings of optimism again?!!!