Good Websites for our kids?

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    Well we have been so lucky for so long. K has not been savvy to computers as far as the "games". The in-laws will let her go on play things we do not like.

    So now that she has finished up with 2nd grade she has heard kids talk about, Club Penguin, Web-Kinz who knows all of the other ones... Pokemon etc...

    I am just not going to let her get into these things. Maybe I am wrong I don't know? But the couple of times she does or has ventured onto websites like these she gets the look and then it becomes the battle to get off. I feel they are mindless and create a problem for a kid like her.

    We talked to her Psychologist/therapist and she fully agrees. Especially with K being so socially immature and all of her Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) traits...
    She will sit and rock and play for hours if we let her now. This has just started in the past few months. She also has a tendency to become house bound if we let her play too long, so this is a concern with games that she may become obsessed with as well.
    We set a timer, 30 minutes.
    The only games prior to the computer she got in May was the WII which was not very often and her DIDJ which are all educational games.

    So I NEED help with some fun sites that are also educational.

    We do FunBrain, Dance Mat (typing). We let her go on PBS Kids for fun and Discovery Kids.

    I am just so clueless when It comes to this stuff! :tongue:

    Marg had given me a few links a bit ago that I couldn't open for writing. She does like poetry. I know Susie had a bunch as well. My computer died and I lost some from you guys in the past!
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    THank you ladies! She is having such a hard time right now with "life" and wants the escape but can't take too much of certain content. Some fantasy or too long on certain sites can send her into rapid cycling or she will "get stuck" in her fantasy world. Her stimming will worsen. Her tics also.
    I suppose it is all timing with our kids. Well and content! LOL
    She loves educational sites it is sliding her smoothly onto them that is the issues. Because kids her age ONLY go on things like Yu-Gu-Oh or whatever girly things they like??? She thinks she has to. But she knows that this is not true and lots of her classmates like the educational sites as well.
    She loves talking about what she learns...

    TM- you have always had good taste!:tongue::D Actually the song hits home on many levels, but it always makes me think of my Mom and her life. I know you can relate.