Good Wednesday morning friends...

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  1. timer lady

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    Good morning fellow warrior parents :warrior:

    It's midweek & somehow feels that way. kt has early release today - teacher planning day. I believe it now occurs once each month. kt's in home therapist is due in today - she called off yesterdays appointment due to the snow - 3" of snow & she cancels. Must not be a native of our dear state. :crazy2:

    I am heading out to a therapist appointment with wm. Yes, I get to see wm for the first time in months. I'm excited, nervous & happy all at the same time. Silly, isn't it? :slap:

    Have a calm Wednesday. Don't forget to carve out some quiet time for you. It's most important.
  2. Wiped Out

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    Good Morning All,

    Linda-I hope things with wm go well today-I'll be keeping body parts crossed and saying a few prayers!

    We had quite a bit of snow yesterday on top of the ice still on the roads here from the weekend storm. It made for some treacherous driving home last night. We saw at least 4 cars in the ditch. It took husband and difficult child about and hour and a half to get home. He had to miss wrestling. I'm happy to say the health club is only one and a half miles from home so after difficult child was asleep and easy child was able to babysit we ventured out and got in our workout :smile:

    Today is a different day for me as I have a meeting all day-our team is going to a math meeting so we all have subs. I have a good sub so I know that the kids will be fine. I'm looking forward to a change of pace for one day.

    No major plans for tonight but hopefully a work out and I have to shovel too-luckily it's the light stuff.

    I hope everyone enjoys a peaceful day and hi if you snuck in. :snowman:
  3. LittleDudesMom

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    :snowman: Good Morinng :blizzard:

    I included the snow icons because it appears that much of our country has the white stuff this morning!

    Linda, hope the appointment with wm's therapist, but more importantly, your first visit with wm in months, goes smoothly. I don't it strange at all that you feel nervous. I would be nervous, scared, excited...... hugs...... :angel:

    Sharon, nice to have a little change in your work schedule. Bet if you do a lot of shoveling you cold skip that health club tonight!! Enjoy your day :thumbsup:

    So, difficult child comes running to the car yesterday "my science teacher said it is going to snow tomorrow!!!" Now, they are calling for snow the west and north of us. We are usually on the line because of our proxcimity to the shore and the warm air that comes over the water. We are a couple hours from the shore, but it makes a huge difference. The weather man has made a big deal about "we may see our first flurry" even thought the air is extremely dry and our temps will be above freezing by the time the moisture comes in. So he was so excited because he thinks it will be a snow day. I told him "difficult child, if it sticks to the ground you can stay home."

    It's all he thought about at bedtime last night. So about 7:30 last night I was sitting out on the back porch having a cig and all of a sudden easy child comes running out and says "Mom, did you know it was going to snow tomorrow!!!" Geeze. She said everyone at school was talking about it.

    Now you know how crazy we are around here for snow!

    Gosh, hope I can get my errands done :sled:

    Have a wonderful day and find that reason to smile :smile:
  4. Marguerite

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    G'day, everyone.

    Linda, I hope your visit with wm is a good one. It has been a while. I had to chuckle over the therapist chickening out with 3" of snow, unless she's afraid of more snow falling and stranding her at your place? Hasn't she heard of snow chains? We drove 400 km on snow chains in New Zealand, when the June blizzards covered South Island and we were in the middle of it. Quite an adventure, snow tyres and 4WD would have been nice...

    Sharon, snow on top of ice - treacherous indeed. I'm glad you got home safely. We often have delays on the road so we pack things to keep the kids occupied, as well as extra water and blankets. A good thick wool blanket is ideal bushfire survival gear in summer, too. Wool sure is versatile!

    Very hot here, incredibly humid. The humidity was down to 90% this morning, but now it's late at night, I went outside and it's condensing all around. It feels like extremely light rain, only it's not enough to even make you damp to touch. Weird.
    Tomorrow difficult child 3 has his NASA excursion. We have to be at the school by 9.15 am for the satellite hook-up at 9.30 am. It means driving through the worst of Sydney peak hour. So pray for dry weather in the morning, no fog and no morning storms to clog the roads. Can't be late for this! Not like last week, when half the kids didn't make it for their test because the traffic was so bad.

    difficult child 3 worked really hard today, I have a very thick bundle of work to deliver tomorrow. Plus I've organised another music lesson, I have to bring my laptop for difficult child 3 to show off his music composing software. husband just spent an hour or more trying to get some glitches out, with difficult child 3 hovering and offering 'advice'.

    difficult child 3 is doing OK, despite being attacked again this afternoon by the same pack of little darlings who bloodied his head in August. This time it was fewer kids (about 6) and they didn't throw anything at him. They chased him on their bikes but his new bike (only recently repaired after they chased him into the side of a moving car earlier this year) is too fast for them. They were trying to whip him with something made up out of elastic bands tied together. And calling him "Harry Pot-Smoker" (he does look a lot like Harry Potter). I suggested that next time he says to them, "And we know who gave me the scar on my head, don't we?"

    Yes, I called the police. That way they can no longer say it was an isolated incident.

    I'll try to post separately about this but not tonight, it's been incredibly hectic. Tomorrow even more so.

    Enjoy your Wednesday, everyone.

  5. mrscatinthehat

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    Linda - I hope the visit with wm goes smoothly.

    Sharon - we too had snow on ice. Always a fun combo as so many people seem to forget every year the difference in seasons.

    Sharon - isn't it funny what we take for granted with the snow your kids think of as a novelty.

    Marg - I hope those kids will one day learn not to pick on difficult child 3. I also hope your trip is a safe one.

    I am happy to say I got my candy made yesterday. Everywhere I go I keep bringing breads and candy (that means not as much stays in the house). I so love to share my baking etc. It makes me feel good. easy child has an eye appointment today otherwise not too much happening.

  6. Fran

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    Good Morning my friends. :coffee: I'm enjoying a cup and thought I would say hello.

    Linda, good luck with the visit to see difficult child. Fingers crossed that it's positive.

    Wiped out, you are extremely dedicated to the work out plan. Good for you. It's making me feel very sluggish. I have no excuse. Glad you were able to get out. How is easy child doing lately?

    LDM, it was pretty cold last evening as I walked the pups. Who knows? I'm surprised that it is this cold but I don't have any reason to know what to expect for my first winter in N.C.
    Hope you get your snow day.

    Marguerite, hope the police grab the gang difficult child's and give them some consequence. Hugs to your difficult child for having to live in a village where being a bully seems to be acceptable.
    Stay cool. I have grown to really dislike intense summer heat.

    Beth you are my hero. I am so behind that I fear I'm never going to catch up. :lights: Good for you for sharing.

    Today is another day of long lists but at least I have no appts. difficult child needs a physical before he can head to NJ. I'm going to have to try and arrange all of that today. Wish I had a Doctor. :checkwriter: He and I are looking forward to his future in the sweet state of NJ.

    easy child of course, is stressing about finals. He is convinced he isn't smart enough for college. :nonono: This seems to be his method of motivation. It's similar to husband's when he was in graduate school. easy child keeps talking about taking a semester off to work. :hammer: Hope that passes soon. I'm smiling and nodding my head. Whatever my opinion I'm sure he will do the opposite.

    Have a good day and hope something happens that gives you a bit of peace today.
  7. hearts and roses

    hearts and roses Mind Reader

    Linda, I hope the visit/appointment with wm goes well :flower:. And I hope you find some time to chill today also.

    Sharon (WO), working out sounds wonderful right now. :smile:I miss my gym membership and am hoping that H will get me one for Christmas! Enjoy your all day change of pace...(that is still work to me).

    Sharon (LDM), When I was growing up the rule was that no matter what the schools did, mom let us stay home on the first snow :snowman:! It was sometimes very awesome to be the only ones sledding on the hills behind our houses...on a combination of snow and dirt! :sled: Haha. I hope you get enough to stick and play.

    Marg, your post made my head spin :smile:- you have a lot going on. I'm glad you called the police on those little ruffians. :warrior:

    Beth, the breads and candy :gingerbread: sound so yummy - my sweet tooth is humming. Enjoy your day.

    I stayed home from work today, I need a mental health day :bloodshot:. Ever notice that you sometimes start the week off on the wrong foot and are actually clumsy?? I have been so clumsy these past two days. I need a day to do things around my house. I may end up baking some of the holiday cookies :gingerbread:. I know I have some laundry and household stuff to catch up on also. I have to find the dogs' booties because their little paws have been freezing up outside. :cool-dog:

    difficult child got an 8AM phone call this morning. She was up and dressed and out of the house before I could even blink :faint:. She is supposed to be looking for a job :geek:- she claims she's going with her friends together. Duh...last time I checked, prospective employers did not hire in groups! And she was dressed in jeans. She's not out looking for a job - I don't know what she's doing, but she was counting out change for gas :shopping:. I think our honeymoon period is coming to a close. Oh well, think I will go enjoy another cup :coffee:.

    Have a great day everyone & hello to anyone who comes after~
  8. medinstr

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    you are truely an angel, I just read your post about your family. I am having a hard time with a biological child with mental disorders let along a forster / adoptive twins. I give you alot of credit and you tell me there is hope for me being a better mom and the frustrations I feel are "normal". Thank you. And youare a gift to those children and they thank you too. Have a great Wednesday and a great week