Good Wednesday Morning

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Wiped Out, Aug 6, 2008.

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    Everyone must be sleeping in a bit this morning! It's the middle of the week already. This time of the year for teachers passes much too quickly. Soon I'll be going in to get my room ready and start prepping for the upcoming year.:teacher:

    After we drop off difficult child at camp we'll probably go to the club and then we have a 10:00 meeting about difficult child. Then it's off to the grocery store-seems we are making way too many trips there these days.

    I'm toying with the idea of going to the pool by myself today as my usual partner in crime is taking a class this week and so she can't go.

    After camp difficult child has a therapist appointment. which makes for a long day for him.

    Wishing everyone a day filled with some smiles and laughter.:kisses:
  2. timer lady

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    Good morning friends,

    Sharon, I'll say it again - you sound the most relaxed this summer than I've heard you in a very long time. I hope these services continue past know as long as difficult child needs them. Have fun at the pool this afternoon.

    The house is quiet....the sky is overcast still there is a feeding frenzy at my bird feeders. I have a therapist coming in for myself this morning, then PT & nursing. I'm hoping to convince PT that taking care of my bird sanctuary should be part of the treatment plan. :beautifulthing:

    Other than all these strangers wandering through my home it's to be a typical lazy summer day. kt is off to the beach with PCA (they ride their bikes instead of driving now). After treatment this morning I hope to have the energy to paint otherwise I'll listen to my newest book on tape.

    Have a good Wednesday - keep it calm.
  3. tiredmommy

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    Good morning. :coffee:

    Sharon- I think this time of year goes quickly for every one. Especially the kids!

    Duckie has an allergist appointment this morning, then we will head out to Barnes & Noble. They have a great summer reading program that allows a student to pick out a free book from pre-selected titles once they've read eight books.

    After all that, cheer starts tonight.

    Have a great day! Hi to anyone that snuck in. :salute:
  4. Marguerite

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    G'day, people.

    Sharon/WO, I can relate to the high grocery store costs. The high fuel costs etc are pushing up grocery prices. Enjoy the pool. And I'm glad you're the kind of teacher who always works at making the lessons fresh. I was reminiscing about an old teacher of difficult child 3's (the man is also a friend, despite his bad teaching). This man hasn't changed his teaching material in decades. He taught easy child years ago, I remember.

    Linda, we're enjoying training our new budgie. Have you thought of getting youself a bird to look after, indoors? One that you could train to sit on your shoulder? Maybe the PT would go for that?

    TM, I hope the allergist has some good answers for Duckie. And congrats to her on reading those books.

    We had a busy afternoon today. I had to organise some paperwork for difficult child 1, get some blood tests done on me, do some urgent shopping and get difficult child 3 to drama class. After drama I had to meet a client to collect a manuscript, but at drama I was asked if we were going to the dinner. "What dinner?"

    Turned out, one of the kids was having a birthday and three weeks ago, we got invited. We'd forgotten, having been away. So since it was only going to be me, husband & difficult child 3 at home, I quickly rang husband (on his way home from the city) to let him know. As it turned out, my meeting with the client meant husband got to the party before difficult child 3 & I did.
    We got home only about half an hour ago, well-fed from dinner at the club with a room full of difficult child kids and young adults. These included a number of "Black Balloon" cast mates so I shared the news we were emailed today (I posted in Watercooler - the film's been picked up for US release!). The birthday girl's Aspie brother is one of the cast mates. The girl wasn't, her mother didn't think it would be good for her and also probably couldn't handle it.

    The dinner was a good opportunity for parents to chat as well. One mother (and kid) we haven't seen all year, turns out he's been having a lot of trouble. It was good for both to get out and have a good evening.

    Enjoy your Wednesday.

  5. Andy

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    :) :) :)
    Wiped Out - Are you excited about setting up the class room? I called one of our school's teachers to tell her why there were a lot of clothes folded on a shelf in her room as well as the kindergarten mats placed on a table in her class room so when she goes in she won't wonder who put them there and why. The summer sure is going by fast - workwise I am glad, home wise I wish it could last.

    Timer - I hope all goes well with all your appts today. I also hope KT has a great day.

    Tired - I love Barnes and Nobles - Have a great day.

    I have not been on the Good Morning thread for a few days. I need to start getting up earlier again. difficult child has invites ready to mail for his birthday party. We have tracked down a stress eraser through our local GNC store - it is suppose to be added to the next truck. Using the Gold Card will save 20%. I had to go on the web site to get the product number for the local store to start tracking one down. VistaRidge Mall in Lewisville, Texas has one but my GNC staff is having difficulty calling them with a busy signal every time - Get off the phone Texas. difficult child is so excited - it should be here on the 18th. difficult child and I take easy child to the cities this evening so will be home about 11:00 pm - midnight.

    I completely forgot about a meeting last night - one person called and said she was the only one to show so we cancelled it. It is a Board of Christian Education at church that I am chair of. I have decided that after 10 years, this will be my last year of Sunday School Superintendent. Knowing our church, it may mean the last year of Sunday School but I will need to back away and find another way to help.

    I hope everyone has an Awesome midweek summer day - Find something to make your difficult child laugh.
  6. Andy

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    Marg - you snuck in on me. The birthday party was a nice way to end a busy day! Have a great evening!
  7. LittleDudesMom

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    Good Morning Ladies!

    easy child and I are sitting here drinking a cup of coffee together. We are going to the 9:30 class at the gym together.

    Sharon, summer seams to be slipping by! Enjoy your quiet time at the pool.

    Linda, hope you are able to get some painting in today.

    Marg, exciting that the Black Balloon will be released here!

    Adrianne, I'm sure you will be on to something else at church! It's the way in our church as well!

    Have a great day all!

  8. Fran

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    Good Morning friends. I have been somewhat absent myself. A combination of sleeping later, being at mom's and having early morning demands cropping up have made me not get to this thread.

    Wiped out, going to the pool alone is somewhat nice. Good book reading time. I can imagine the end of summer is bittersweet.
    I hear you about the grocery store. Mom's stroke added 8 lbs to my frame. LOL. The baked goods here are wonderful. Yum.

    Linda, good morning to you and the birdies. Sounds like a restful day. Hope you are feeling better soon. It must be tiresome to feel exhausted. Hugs.

    TM, good luck at the allergist. Hopefully all is well. My s i l wants to start taking my niece to a reading program. The baby doesn't even walk yet. I thought it may be a bit early but what do I know? It's a good way for mom and baby to meet other people. I loved story time with the boys but I waited until I thought they could sit through a story and not be disruptive to others.

    Marguerite, what a lovely birthday dinner for your family. Sounds like a relaxing way to spend an evening.

    Adrianne, it's certainly understandable to step back from being Superintendent. Others should have an opportunity to fill that position. Everyone has to participate to make volunteerism work.

    I'm visiting with mom who is doing pretty well. I think she is hiding with her oppositional behavior, a great deal of fear. We have been out visiting and socializing to take her mind off her recent strokes. Her memory isn't great but she is insistent that she said or didn't say something even when I know she is wrong. sigh. It's pretty sad. This will be my last visit for a while. I have spent most of the last 4 months in care of mom and her affairs. Time to head back and work on difficult child.
    He is home with us. husband has him on a walking routine and eating routine. He has gotten exceptionally heavy. It's a big worry. When I get home we will try to work on a few other ADL while searching for local supports.

    I'll head home on Friday and get back into my regular routine. It will be a relief.
  9. ML

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    Good Morning! I woke up early which is why I get to check in during the week. I wish everyone a great day. Sorry I don't have but a second and no time to respond individually so I hope it's ok to cheat and just tell you all. GM and to have a great d

    difficult child (I will start calling him manster)... woke up with terrible allergies. he's trying to con me into staying home but it's his last day of summer daycamp and we're off the next two days. So off to my Wed/Fri.

    Hugs to all.