Good Wednesday Morning

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Wiped Out, Aug 19, 2009.

  1. Wiped Out

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    Good Morning Friends,

    Wednesday is here and it is a cloudy one here. The temps are suppose to be in the 70s today. This morning it's the usual; drop off difficult child, health club, drop off easy child. This afternoon I'm hoping to get into school for a bit.

    I'm hoping we don't get any rain tonight because our book club is suppose to meet at the Union Terrace (beautiful on the lake). We don't usually get together during the summer. We're going to suggest books for the upcoming year. Should be lots of fun to see everyone!

    Wishing everyone a peaceful day:peaceful:
  2. Marguerite

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    G'day for Wednesday.

    Sharon/WO, the book club sounds like fun.

    We are still having our lovely spell of warm days and cold nights. Not hot days, just pleasant. It takes a long time in the mornings to warm up, though!

    Today we had a quiet day, difficult child 3 has been worknig fairly conscientiously (thank goodness) so I got some painting done on my large garden feature. It's an old sash window which husband has made a timber frame for. When I'm done it will have mirrors instead of glass and lots of plants hanging from it. I'm trying to hide the garage wall it's right next to.
    Then after school hours difficult child 3 wanted to go to the new tennis coach, she invited him to her Wednesday class since we're likely to miss his Friday class this week. It's only his third class but he's really doing well. I tihnk I'll take him on Wednesdays in future, the other kdis are older than the Friday class and I think difficult child 3 needs to spend more time with kids his age. Most of them are also former classmates of his, so they are more used to him. He was the only boy, too, so there's no machismo for him to clash with.

    Tonight I had choir, not easy when I seem to be developing laryngitis. But it was good, we had a full turnout (all six of us). But my brain feels overloaded, I feel like I need to escape, especially from difficult child 3 and his constant quesitons which require me to THINK. "Mum, you said our possum doesn't like kiwifruit. But does thast mean ALL possums don't like kiwifruit?"
    "Well, difficult child 3, have I met every possum that exists? I don't think so. I guess animals can have different tastes. We know birds do. And dogs do."
    "But what about possums? And other animals in general? Are they all the same or can they have different tastes?"

    My brain hurts... it's like it's too late at night for his ADDled brain to function, so he tries to piggyback onto my poor old brain and make it do his thinking for him.

    I've got a load of washing to put on because tomorrow is cleaning/washing/cooking day. I may have to go out to do some shopping - I've run out of my Magic Muesli and I can't get ingredients easily. I think I just heard the microwave beep - that means my (late) dinner is cooked at last.

    Enjoy your Wednesday.

  3. Rabbit

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    Good morning Friends!Hope everyone has a GREAT
    day! I have to take difficult child 2 to the local Social Security Office. Lots of Fun!NOT!

    Sharon- I admire your dedication to the health club and the book club sounds fun too! I wonder if I can find one in my area.

    Sending Hugs to all Rabbit
  4. tiredmommy

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    Good morning. :coffee:

    Sharon- Fingers crossed that your book club meeting goes off without a hitch!

    Duckie and I will be heading out to the allergist this morning for routine testing then we have cheer this evening. Please cross your fingers that we have good weather tomorrow because our girl scout troop is supposed to come over for an afternoon pool party. We're showing a 60% chance of thunderstorms right now. :(

    Have a great day! Hi to anyone that snuck in. :salute:
  5. therese005us

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    Hi everyone!
    I hope you all have a lovely wednesday..

    What a day! It was much cooler this morning for us, and the day wasn't so hot either, which was good. Still waiting on the westerlies!

    At 8.00am I had a call from a local school wanting to know if I would host 2 Japanese students. I was expecting this, as I knew there were some coming for October, so I said yes.

    20 mins later, she rang and said she was emailing the information as she wasn't sure I'd get it for Friday. Okay, why panic, October is a while away...

    So, I looked at the email, pick up students at 3pm on 21st (no month mentioned). Asked DD12 to check calendar, is it September or October says I? Neither, the only 21st is August - that's FRIDAY!!!???? THIS WEEK??

    Check email - yes, this friday! Seems someone has pulled out and can't host, so they've rung me!

    Okay, I'm calm...... right?
    Then someone drives into the property, with a view to purchasing....
    Then I have a little tete a tete with DS19
    And so the day progresses....
    I finally made my bed all cosy for tonight, and beyond, but it seems I'll be giving up my comfy bed for the students...
    Bio mum rings to say that her baby 18mos went to the doctor today and he thinks she might be autistic... surprise surprise - not.
  6. LittleDudesMom

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    :hot: Good Morning Friends!

    Sharon, hope the book club meeting holds at the lake - sounds lovely :clean:. Hopefully your cooler weather is on it's way here!

    Marg, your weather sounds fabulous. I love the garden decor :D!

    Rabbit, wishing you a great day as well :grins:!

    TM, hope the testing goes well for Duckie and some answers are found that make her future a little easier :praying:.

    theres, goodness! Hosting without time to prep - hope, with everything else you have going, you can pull things together that quickly. I would definately be in a panic :ohmygod:!

    So mom calls late last night to let me know she is not coming today. Then early this morning she calls and asks can she come tomorrow instead :2scared:? Ok, so I'm thinking it gives me an extra day - keep the thoughts positive...

    easy child starts classes tomorrow at the university! She is nervous. difficult child is looking forwad to his 14th birthday this Sunday!!! He and I watched Ghostbusters together last night!!

    Wishing all a great day :peaceful: