Good Wednesday Morning

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by SearchingForRainbows, Jun 8, 2011.

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    Good Morning Everyone,

    Today is supposed to be a steamy one here - In the 90's. The next few days are supposed to be more of the same with possible thunderstorms over the weekend. If the pollen levels weren't so high, it would be much more bearable. As soon as pollen season is finished, I've got to wash the outsides of all the windows - Everything is covered in a hazy green film...

    difficult child 2's last day of school was yesterday. He is so happy! As hard as it is to believe, his high school graduation is next week.:student: He is very proud of his academic accomplishments and so are we. Hoping since school is over, he'll put lots more effort into working on his ADL's. Wish he had at least one friend! Will have to look into social skills groups, etc... for him. He really needs lots of help in this area.

    I know, I really should cut down on my caffeine intake but that coffee pot is calling to me, lol... :coffee2: even though I got to sleep an extra half hour this morning.

    Hope everyone has a good day! SFR
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    Good Morning SRF and all to follow!

    Wow - graduation next week - where has the time gone? I can relate to the caffeine - I'm actually on my third!!!

    I'm actually at home rather than work this morning - have difficult child's IEP meeting this morning at 9:30 so I thought I would hang around here for awhile to prepare. I also watered the plants outside - I usually do it in the evening during the week since I have to leave so early in the am - but with the forecast close to 100 for the next three days, I wanted to give them a drink BEFORE they were thirsty - especially the few vegetables.

    difficult child got in the car at pick up yesterday really excited - they just announced the last four days of school (next Thur and Fri and the following Mon and Tue) will be 1/2 days! In our school district all the schools share the buses so high school first and so on. 11:15 dismissal - havoc on my work schedule since we are out of zone and I drive.......

    Wishing everyone a great middle of the week - 1/2 way to the weekend can't be all bad.....

  3. Marguerite

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    G'day people.

    SFR, congrats to difficult child 2! I hope you get some relief from the heat.

    Sharon, I hope the IEP goes well.

    It's been really cold here today, the coldest day so far this year, they said. Tomorrow is forecast to be even colder. The wind chill factor drops the temperatures here to almost freezing, which for Sydney is unusually cold. In the western suburbs it IS below freezing. Winter is definitely here and it is NOT my favourite time of year!

    Enjoy your Wednesday, people.