Got My Hair Cut


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And it's very, very, very short. :surprise: My hairdresser asked me what I wanted done and I said I didn't know. She said she had an idea and I gave her the green light.

I have had a short cut before - but this is one for the record books. The front is a bit longer - I can do some funky things with my bangs, I'll tell you. lol

Don't know what got into me. I even went two shades lighter.

husband said it looks good - don't know if I can really trust his judgment. easy child said it 'looks like a boy'. :crazy:

Almost can't wait to go to work tomorrow and get their reactions! :smile:


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You're a brave woman, Jamie. I went from shoulder length to Demi-Moore-in-"Ghost"-short once a few years ago but it took me 3 cuts in 6 weeks. I would have :faint: dead away if I had done it in one sitting.

Good for you. I hope you love it!



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My husband always likes my hair short. I try to let it grow so I can pull it back, but he always says cut it off....The only reason I can come up with for his reasoning is that I can get ready alot quicker if I have short hair......

I think short hair can really be cute, depends on the person.


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I cut all of mine off several weeks ago because it had began falling out and breaking off (thyroid issues). I am loving the freedom--especially with knee surgery in the morning.


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I do actually like it. My mother's comments were "it's short, but it's cute" and "it's your hair". It's funny because I have light brown eyes and now my hair matches them. Hee hee. Almost looks intentional.

Years ago, I used to have very long hair. Got frustrated and had it all cut off and then met my husband-to-be just days later. At the time I regretted cutting my hair, but he loved it - and still does. I have been growing it out for a while this time, but guess I was ready for a change.

Oh well - it is "my hair" after all! Just ask my mother!! :rofl:


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I love my short hair. And so does my hubby. I used to have it very long, but it is in a short short cut now, and I think it is very flattering.

And it dries so fast! Hope you enjoy it!


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I got a haircut a week ago and went a little shorter. I was going for a Jane Fonda look and really liked how it turned out.

The funny part of the story is my tutoring student's reaction to my haircut. She noticed it right away and told me how much she liked it. Then she said, "You know, it looks like. . ." and I filled in "Jane Fonda's haircut." "Who's that?" she asked.

So I started mentioning movies like Georgia Rule and Monster-in-Law and she said, "Oh, I know who your talking about. That old lady who plays the grandmother."



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I did this a year ago with slsh in attendance. She wussed out on the haircut. I went from very long hair to very short hair.

And I'll never go back to that long hair again. I love how quickly my hair dries & how easy it is to style. Much cooler on the golf course too. :rofl:

Congrats on the new do! :smile:


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Wussed out?? Hmmmphfff.... I *did* get several inches trimmed as you may recall! Linda's haircut is absolutely adorable, I must admit.

Jamie - congrats on the new look. Your mom's comment made me giggle. "It's your hair." Oh my gosh, amazing how they can make us feel like we're 14 again, LOL.


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I have always had my hair really short. I have grown it out maybe 3 times in my life. When it is long-it HAS to be permed because it is fine and straight. It gets to shoulder length and then gets on my LAST NERVE! husband likes it better long but he hates to hear me complain about it. I think I look fatter and older when it is long. About 3 years ago, I went back to short and went red and that is the way it will stay!


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I got a short cut a few months back. then I couldnt wait for it to grow back. it is shoulder length again and I got lots of layers cut in/punky like. I love it. easy to do.

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Congrats on the new haircut! I've been growing mine out now for over a year and a half and it still has a long way to go! I promised difficult child I would grow it out (I actually wanted to also). My mom, of course, thinks women over 40 shouldn't have long hair which is another reason I'm growing it out! I'm also growing out my bangs for the first time ever!

I really do miss the short amt. of time it took to take care of my short hair!


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I have to admit - I LOVE the hair cut. Took me a bit of gel and about 5 minutes with the blow dryer this morning. Was AWESOME!!

Something I loved even more - the reactions I got everywhere I went. One girl I work with is so soft spoken and wouldn't say 'boo' to anyone. When I came around the corner at work today she went "ooooh" and her hand actually went up to her mouth. Guess I look a bit different. Someone else at work said my face looked really thin (couldn't be my hind end, but at least something looks thin, I guess). :rofl:

Yes, you're right, Sue - Mom's always have a way with the sayings don't they - you got it exactly right - I did feel about 14 for a while. Jeesh, Mom!! Wonder what sayings I have that will haunt the munchkins later in life??

Think I will keep this do for a while!


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<div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: Wiped Out</div><div class="ubbcode-body"> My mom, of course, thinks women over 40 shouldn't have long hair which is another reason I'm growing it out! </div></div>
as you sure she is not MY mom?? my mom hates women who do not have short hair after THIRTY. she wants them all to have it cut around the ears and short as possible with a perm on top and the back straight. hence, two of us sisters make sure to grow it as much as we one sister got hers cut short but left a tail in the back. she is 57 yrs old. my mom had a fit and said she is going to cut off the tail while she sleeps.


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Hee hee! I don't even know what your Mom looks like, but I got a visual of someone tip toeing around in the dark to give haircuts!

The funny thing about my Mother's comment is that she has had about a million different hair styles over the years - some long, some amazingly short, etc., so I guess her opinions are only applicable to those around her - not herself. lol.

My mother is also against (firmly) any sort of coloring of your hair. She has been salt and pepper for so many years. I have had many, many colors - and my sister right now has fire engine red hair - drives dear 'ol Mom NUTS!!


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I went short about a year ago. I also went reddish. I had been trying to grow it out when I was in a store and the girl asked for my ID. She told me 'keep your hair short'. I asked her what she meant. She said, 'your picture on your ID - you look much younger with short hair.'

Younger = good!


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my mom has cut many a head. one time she chased my brother's friend thru the house with scissors. he was about 16. she chased him right up to the second floor and he jumped out the window. really amazing he didnt get hurt!

she would cut our kids hair every time she babysat...not a good cut and sometimes a "baldy bean". grrrr it made me mad when she cut locks off my baby sons without permission.

by the way she is NOT a hairdresser.

my lil sis is a hair color du jour person. sometimes du momemto..she.... no kidding....had blue hair for a long time. not soft blue...dark royal blue. also orange, red, and many bright colors.


For all you ladies out there with short hair..are any of you tall? I have always had very long hair. I was told once if I ever wore short hair I would look too tall. I am 6', and I would love short hair, but afraid I would look like a giant. So, now it is middle of my back. I like being able to pull it back, but would love a short cut. Any idea's for a short cut when you are tall?