Got the Calgon. Now I need the bathtub..


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**Warning: Whine alert. If you feel you cannot tolerate, endure, or otherwise stomach a long tale of woe, STOP HERE. Do not proceed. If you dare to continue, the author shall be held harmless in the event the reader has any adverse reactions to the following post.

Thank you.**

As husband says, I’m burning the candle at both ends…..

However, that's fairly typical of Moms of difficult children. I’m pretty much in a state of “overwhelmness” all of the time. I come here to read, respond when I can, and just try to relax.

So, here’s the list.

difficult children-appointments, arguing, and fighting. Had to call Daughter’s school regarding two students harassing her. I talked a VP and wrote a letter. That got my house vandalized during the middle of the night. Called the police, no witnesses, blah, blah, blah..

Job-Still trying to get everything unpacked after moving into a new building. Heavy schedule (heaviest in the entire SD). Then, the cherry of my work week, I accidentally knocked my computer tower on it’s side when moving my desk. Corrupted the OS and I lost everything. I’m still trying to get everything to work right. Been on the phone with the Tech Dept and they are suppose to come help me get things going again.

Home-I’m right in the middle of a addition/remodel. It’s major. Plus I'm adding a master bedroom and bath.It will be great when done, but geez how I hate the process! I have to clean out Daughter and Sons closet this weekend (there's a ton of junk in it) because it is going to become the hallway to the new addition. Of course, fixtures that I ordered are taking much longer to get here, and decision after decision has to be made, or I can't find what I want. I’m pretty much sick of making choices at this point. Contractor ordered wrong windows. Call him and tell him to send them back and get the correct ones, etc, etc.

My house is a constant mess. I hate it! I do like order, but I don’t have the energy to keep any order right now. Plus, I need to get rid a ton of stuff. I just don't know where to start and I tell myself I'll do it when the addition is done and I have more room. I’m constantly losing things and would probably lose my head if it weren’t attached. I do attempt to get the difficult children to help, and they do, somewhat. But, it’s always a battle. Every little thing is a battle. Especially with Son. I’m so dang tired of it.

And then, the main reason I am writing this-Son is going to Science Camp with his school on Monday for five days. So, I’ve been trying to prepare for that. Of course, because of the medications I have had make the rounds with the MDs to have them sign the medication form so the camp will give Son his medications. I’m not worried too much about the camp. Daughter went when she was in 5th grade and she loved it. 5th grade goes every year. But, here is why I’m in a panic: Son has nighttime enuresis. He does take DDAVP at night. However, being a difficult child, he doesn’t cooperate with the not drinking after dinner part. So, most of the time, he is wet. He still wears a pull-up (he’s very skinny). So, I’m very nervous he is going to have an accident at camp because he wants to wear underwear at night. I’m so afraid that he’s going to be teased and hassled about it at camp, and at school.

Then, there is the fine motor skills problem. The kid can’t zip his own jacket. Have I tried to help him? Yep, and he refuses to cooperate. Always, always, always a fight (hence the ODD diagnoses). Anyway, it’s going to be very cold. Now, I’m envisioning my Son in the cold and he can’t zip his jacket. Will his brush his teeth? (Another battle).

Mainly, though, it’s all about the bedwetting.

The teachers that are accompanying the kids are have tried to reassure me that all will be fine and that the counselors there are very good and sensitive to special needs. Still, I’m on the verge of tears that something will go wrong.

Teachers told me to write a letter for them to attach to his medical form explaining everything they need to do and they will give it to the councelors.

Then, Son, who is very attached to me (though, he tries to be a tough guy at times) woke up very upset this morning. I think he realized he wouldn’t see me for five days. I reassured him that he would be fine (he was the one that nagged and nagged me to go in the first place).

Then, to top it off, I missed the trashman! :grrr:

Plus, husband was gone working.



How was your week? :crazy:


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i've been told i'm pretty darn close to unflapable, but i have to admit i'd probably be loosing my mind too. that's a heck of a lot to be balancing all at once.

yes, biggest issue is your son & all the what~ifs. hopefully the counselors are every bit as good as the teachers are telling you. he can't possibly the first child they've dealt with-who has these issues. any chance the teachers can set up a telephone call for you with-the counselors????

OMG, cheryl....that's the PERFECT emoticon! absolutely brilliant.



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have him wear his pullup under boxer shorts and then sweatpants on top of that. That way it won't show. He could even have the top of his boxers shorts peek out a little so no one will suspect anything is different. as far as the house goes i would rent a storage unit and take anythin you think you won't want there. If after five months you have not missed it then bring it all to the Goodwill. In the meantime enjoy your soak if you can find a tub (too bad you don't still fit in the sink) -RM


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Here is my hope for your difficult children trip away to camp. He gets to see the way others brush their teeth and take care of themselves and comes home really wanting to try and improve these things about his life. Most times, this is how improvement has taken place for my difficult child. I am thankful for every kid that has inspired my difficult child to be better just by being a normal kid. They did not know they were setting a good example!