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Hi all -

We had the rehab graduation at the church yesterday - below is a link to videos and pictures on the church's Facebook page. My daughter is the one in plaid holding my precious grandson. I am the bawling mess next to her in the orange I don't care about anonymity. If this gives just one person hope, it is all worth it. My daughter feels the same. She is out to help others now. By the way, she is still in a very committed relationship with the preacher and they do plan on getting married one day!!!! We LOVE him!!!!! He was there to watch her graduate yesterday. Also below is a Youtube video of her baptism. LOVE my baby girl!!'s Syndrome



PG, thank you for sharing this!! It is SO inspiring!!! I remember your story well, and to see this conclusion a few years later... wow. I'm so happy for you!


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Hooray! I love hearing success stories. I know that your daughter worked very hard to get to this point.




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Thanks for sharing, PG!

Your daughter is an amazing young woman and has a wonderful life ahead of her. She gives us all such hope.

This brings me to tears, and I don't cry easily.