GREAT camp experience!


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I picked up my difficult child at camp this a.m. (It runs from Sun. to Fri.) I was very, very late... my dad, 86, likes to sleep late, so getting him up and out of the house by 9:30 was impossible (by the way, he's in town for the wk.), not to mention the fact that I misread the brochure and I was supposed to be there at 9! AND I got lost between 80 zillion dorms that looked alike. :crazy:I walked my poor dad everywhere (and the worst part was that he kept asking, "What are we doing here?" :eek:) I missed the parade and the slide show. :frown:

It was an All Arts & Sciences camp, and the kids get to pick two subjects. difficult child refused to choose (one of those bad mood days) so I chose "the Science of Sports," and "Forensics."

He stayed in an A/C dorm with-another boy, who was 2 yrs younger. He said the other boy was so fidgety, he stayed awake half the night, and one night, fidgeted himself out of the top bunk onto the floor! :shocked: Very hyper (it was everything I could do not to mention the similarities to difficult child). difficult child said he was so tired, he let the other kid just sleep on the hard floor all night.
I guess the counselors didn't know about it, because difficult child got an award for generosity. LOL! :smirk:

Also, he met a girl in the cafeteria one day and asked her to the dance (they have a dance with-a costume theme on the last night). Wow! He spent the whole evening with-her, danced, attended an exhibit, etc. and had a great time. AND he told me about it like it was perfectly normal. No giggling, no stupid kid comments.

He brought home two folders, one for ea class, and it's very cool stuff. He learned to take fingerprints and do DNA samples (although judging from his notes, he accidentally convicted an innocent man by misreading the DNA results, LOL! ) :shocked:

The nice part is that he didn't have a meltdown when I picked him up, especially because I was so late. :cool:
I'm sure that having my dad there helped (you know how our G'sfg are better behaved when there's a 3rd person present)... but difficult child opened doors for us, said please and thank you, smiled... I'm in shock.

He said he was homesick and wanted to come home. He stayed in his room and read for awhile, then decided to go to a friend's house. OMG--his feet stunk so badly, I don't think he showered the whole time he was there!!!!!
But if that's my only complaint, *I* am a very happy camper!!!
:grin: :grin: :grin: :grin:

I hate to sound cruel, but I am sending him away again the next chance I get. He was SO mature and he was SO happy to see me when he got back!

Everyone and Their Mother has told me to send him to a boarding school and this makes me think seriously about it. :whistle:



So glad it went well. I would of been worried the whole time. Sounds like he really enjoyed himself. And he missed home. Makes it all the better.


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Adding my woo hoos here ! :bravo:

So glad it went well. I know I would have been holding my breath the whole time he was gone, but it sounds like he had a great time! Good for him and good for you, too.

Hope you did something fun while he was gone!!!

Thanks for posting this !


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Thanks... but you will see my other post about the other shoe dropping...
Still, it was a good experience and we will definitely do it again next yr.