difficult child had his physical today. He got two vaccines. Meningitis, and DPT. They were out of Chicken Pox(2nd dose). I was told they lowered the age for tetenas from 14 to 11, so he needed this. Only it wasn't just tetenas, it was DPT. I questioned this and they told me it is more effective than just the tetenas alone.
I was concerned about the meningitis also. I called prior to the appointment. to talk to the nurse about possible side effects. I didn't want to ask in front of difficult child. Doctor strongly suggests this vaccine. She said they have not had any reported side effects here. difficult child continuously asked the doctor if he is 100% sure that he won't get meningitis now. Dr. just nodded saying, that's right, you are protected now.

He is 12.5 years old. 58 1/4 inches and 92 pounds. He is at the "short" end of the growth charts. That worries me. Since I am 6' tall, my family is tall two that are 6'7". husband is not as tall. Someone told me that he hasn't grown because of the medication he takes. So, this prompts me to ask all you experts. I didn't see anything as far as growth listed for Lamictal or Topomax. Anyone else hear of such a thing?


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The comments of "he hasn't grown because of the medications he takes" comes from misunderstandings by the public between kids on stimulant medications, and kids on other medications. Given a choice between getting such info from doctors, especially if you ask, and from well-meaning but non-medically trained members of the public, I know who I'd be listening to.

As parents of difficult children we learn a lot more than the average Joe (or Josephine) Public. Always listen to the experts and weigh up what they say, but also listen to your own instincts and have faith in yourself and your increasingly detailed experience.

The reason stims are considered a potential concern for growth is because they are often linked to a reduction in appetite. A kid who doesn't eat enough will not be giving his body as much in the way of vital nutrients needed for full growth potential. He'll still grow, just maybe a fraction less than he would have otherwise. And not in every case - a lot of kids, it probably makes no difference. But it is something to watch out for, if your child is on stims. Just make sure your child eats a healthy, balanced diet with sufficient calories.

And if your child is not on stims - it's not an issue.

If in doubt, do what you already have done and do some digging and background reading - chances are, it's more than has been done by the person who made those remarks.



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Do you have your sons growth records from when he was measured at age 2? That should give you a calculated assessment of how tall he should be as an adult.

Now...he can lower that height if he is doing something to cause a reduction like his poor eating habits. From what you have written in the past, he has almost a phobia about gaining weight so I would be inclined to think that he isnt taking in enough calories to be growing properly. However...I would check out his height at age 2 and see what he should be as an adult to see if he is going to be tall, medium or what.

If you can find out what he was at his second birthday...just multiply that height by 2 and you should get his adult height within an inch or so.


I was just checking internet on growth. They had two different calculations for predicted adult height. One came out to 6'1"
and the other 5'7". lol.

Yes he does have issues with eating. Continues to lose weight each time we go in. Refuses breakfast. He snacks on breakfast bars and fruit snacks. I insist he eat dinner which always consists of meat, veggie and potatoe. (when I am home)

I will speak to him about healthier eating for growth reasons. That may be just what he needs to motivate him.
He doesn't eat well at school either. Tells me he just gets a bag of chips and a drink. He use to eat salad until one day it was warm and he just happened to get sick after school that day. He blames it on the salad. (they had last lunch)

Thanks everyone.


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My oldest was one of the shortest three boys in his class all through grade school. He didn't hit his "major" growth spurt until he was 15. From the time he got his temps (15 1/2) to license (16) he grew SIX INCHES!
His final height is 5'11". I'm 5'4" and his biodad is 5'7"!!!

My younger is going through his now. For the wedding last year, he tried his tux on during Thanksgiving weekend. When they picked them up (wedding was Dec 30th), they had to totally alter the pants - he had grown 2 inches!