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    So I got a referrral from both dr and therapist for a neuropysch evaluation for difficult child. Finally get through and they are not taking new patients. What now? There are very few neuropyschologists in this area unless I can get into Riley Hospital which I'm told has a very long wait. I have found 2 groups that accept our insurance but I don't want to take him there(if they even do children) just because they are the only ones around! Is there anyplace on the internet that evaluates and recommends behavioral health professionals? I thought maybe I should start with a child pyschiatrist but same problem finding one of them.
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    Hey! Get difficult child on the list at the hospital so that you will at least have a placeholder. It's not unusual to have to wait 2 or 3 mos. to get these tests done. When you do, ask to be put on the cancellation list so that if someone cancels, they'll contact you. This doesn't always happen, but if it does, you'll be up front on the list.

    Don't try and cut corners with this evaluation. It's really intensive testing and is worth the wait.

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    Neuropsychologists don't generally have ongoing patients. They test a child and then move on to the next one. Furthermore, neuropsychologists aren't medical doctors or therapists; they are typically PhD psychologists with extra training in the brain-behavior connection. From your description, I'm not convinced you located the right professionals for a neuropsychological evaluation.

    Both children's and university teaching hospitals generally have neuropsycologists on staff. You might also want to call your local chapters of NAMI ( and Autism Society for referrals for recommended neuropsychologists in your area.

    Good luck.
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    I would get him on the list. NeuroPsychs are very popular because they are so good and most of us had to wait to see one. At the best places, the wait can be up to a year. I think university hospitals have the best NeuroPsychs. JMO
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    yes I was confused by their statement that they are not taking new patients because I thought they just evaluated and moved on.I was referred by pediatrican and therapist. I was told that he is very good. I was under the impression that he would evaluate difficult child and then we would have some idea of what we are dealing with and be able to go to a child pyschiatrist with the information. He is a a PHD with the extra training, I wonder if he's so backed up that they couldn't see us. We will see the therapist on Thursday and see what she says. Actually I think that I will call her right now and leave a message. I have to call dr tomorrow, I will ask her opinion as well. I have to get a referral from her in order for him to be seen at Riley. I'd love to get him in there as it is one of the best children's hospitals around. Beth, believe me, I have no intentions of cutting corners with this. We have wasted enough time already, first I wasted all those years believing it was all my fault and then all these therapists who are underqualified to deal with a child like B but can't bring themselves to tell me that and so instead waste our precious time and B gets older and things just get worse. Thank you all so much for all your help. It really means alot to me! I have felt so alone for so long
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    The idea that I might have to wait a year scares me to death. I've wasted so much time already
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    I know. So did I. I didn't wait the year. I called the Autism Society because I thought he may be on the spectrum. They referred me to somebody that they like a lot, so I didn't have to wait that long--maybe two months.