had a scare with youngest but he is okay

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  1. DammitJanet

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    I know I havent told anyone but youngest has gone back out of town to work. Finally. When he was getting his UA they did a sugar test too and told him that it appeared he had diabetes. They asked him all the normal questions about weight loss and being thirsty a lot. Well youngest has been losing weight for several years, or he cant pick up weight no matter how hard he tries, and he drinks almost constantly.

    His employer was very leery about letting him work under the conditions he works with uncontrolled diabetes so they got it arranged for him to do the fasting blood test this morning and while his sugar is a bit high, nothing to get freaked out about. They talked to him about eating better and cut out all the fast food. That will be hard considering he lives out of a motel room but he can make better choices.

    Whew... his Dad was ready to get in the car and bring him home...lol.
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    Well... having had a hubby on the road for a few years, he DOES have a couple of options...
    1) fruit doesn't require refrigeration... apples, bananas, etc. make better snacks.
    2) if he has a small fridge available, veggies are easy... get the pre-washed, pre-cut stuff, and munch on it.

    If he can fill more of his cavity with healthy stuff, he won't have room for so much of the other.

    If he has a micro in the room as well... let me know, and I'll PM you the "kitchen" I used to send with hubby.
  3. Hound dog

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    Did they even think to check him for hyperthyroidism??? That could explain his weight loss and would eventually start making him feel pretty sick because you're body is burning it up too fast.

    Glad his test came back ok.
  4. DammitJanet

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    He used to have hypothyroid but that was back when he was on lithium. And I doubt they checked much else because he only has Medicare right now when he is out of town and he doesnt have that card on him. While I know they can check it out easily enough, some places dont want to bother.
  5. SearchingForRainbows

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    Glad he doesn't have diabetes! Hope it was enough of a scare to get him to make healthier choices even if living out of a motel room. Too bad he can't have his thyroid checked too. I hate insurance!!
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    Glad to hear youngest doesn't have diabetes. There are healthy ways to eat while on the road, as others have said. It just takes planning and a bit more work than eating takeout.
    *Hugs to all.
  7. susiestar

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    While I am not generally a fan of the eat this not that books, for situations like he is in, a copy might not be a bad thing. Of course getting to a store to buy fresh fruits, veggies, and things is better, but for travelling and for times when all he can get to is fast food, they can be handy. Plus the photos can make it easier to choose.

    If they are truly worried about diabetes, the A1C test is far more reliable than testing sugar in urine, etc... Or this is what my doctor has explained. Sugar in urine can be caused by more than a few things, and is not the guaranteed diagnosis of diabetes it was once held to be. Not sureo f all the details because it is not my problem, but at some point he should get it done. Medicare WILL pay for hte A1C test quite happily.
  8. Hound dog

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    Since he had a medication mess up his thyroid function before as a side effect.............he really does need it checked asap.

    My biodad really didn't have too many problems..........until he did. Then he was on his death bed in ICU. He'd lost 50 lbs (he didn't have to lose) in a couple of weeks. My eldest bro has it.......but so far just eating like a horse seems to keep it not such a big deal..........still, he will have his moment too. Biodad had to have his removed before it killed him.

    It is extremely unusual for a family to genetically pass on both types, but we do. That and kidney disease. Both pretty dominant. You can almost count on one or the other or both.